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Dream Cards for the game MegaMan TCG

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MegaMan TCG

List of Dream Cards for MegaMan TCG

It may become our Dream Card of the Week!

Our current Dream Card of the Week is "Reborn as Star-vader, "Transcending" Glendios", created by  Premium Member  for the game Cardfight!! Vanguard
Select the dream card you want to see by clicking on its name. You will be able to rate it and add your comments.
You can sort the list by any of its columns; just click on their headers.
Name  Type  Author  Date  Comments  Votes  Score 
HubStyle BattleChip  rjxjackson  August 11, 2005 0 2
yiu NetNavi  poop  September 1, 2005 0 4
Fighterman2 NetNavi  bob1234557  January 24, 2006 0 2
Fusion Chip BattleChip  bob1234557  January 24, 2006 0 2
Nightman NetNavi  bob1234557  January 24, 2006 0 1
Free Style Protoman NetNavi  rickey  August 3, 2006 0 1
Megaman, Customized NetNavi NetNavi  jayceraynav  January 24, 2011 0 0
Roll, Best Friend Resource  jayceraynav  January 24, 2011 0 1
Megaman, Friendly Navi NetNavi  jayceraynavq  March 27, 2012 0 0
transformation chip BattleChip  darth_rickey  July 18, 2005 1 5
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