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Clash of Sagas

Clash of Sagas: 102 cards
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COSEV-085 ASCENDING TO A NEW LEVEL Event  Rare  search
COSEV-086 STRENGTH FROM LOSS Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-087 A HERO'S ARRIVAL Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-088 WEIGHTED TRAINING Event  Common  search
COSEV-089 BACKUP HAS ARRIVED Event  Common  search
COSEV-090 ROLL CALL Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-091 BASE OF OPERATIONS Event  Rare  search
COSEV-092 FADING RICHES Event  Common  search
COSEV-093 COLD LEGACY Event  Rare  search
COSEV-094 PAIN AND POWER Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-095 UFO LANDING Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-096 POWER STRUGGLE Event  Rare  search
COSEV-097 PREPARATION FOR BATTLE Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-098 UNEXPECTED STRENGTH Event  Common  search
COSEV-099 ALTERNATE FUTURE Event  Super Rare  search
COSEV-100 MYSTERY POTS Event  Common  search
COSEV-101 AWAKENING OF POWER Event  Uncommon  search
COSEV-102 THREAT MULTIPLIED Event  Rare  search
COSEV-103 NAMEKIAN FUSION Event  Rare  search
COSEV-104 CONFLICT AVERTED Event  Common  search
COSTE-145 SUPER DRAGON FIST Technique  Super Rare  search
COSTE-146 KAMEHAMEHA Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-147 DESTRUCTO DISK Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-148 BURNING ATTACK Technique  Common  search
COSTE-149 SPIRIT BOMB Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-150 ENERGY SHIELD Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-151 ELECTRIC ATTACK Technique  Common  search
COSTE-152 GREED IS GOOD Technique  Common  search
COSTE-153 EXPLOITING THE WEAK Technique  Common  search
COSTE-154 DIRTY TRICK Technique  Common  search
COSTE-155 POWER SURGE Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-156 SYPHON OF ENERGY Technique  Common  search
COSTE-157 BETRAYAL OF ALLIEGENCE Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-158 POWERFUL HERITAGE Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-159 ENERGY SWORD Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-160 SHOCK WAVE Technique  Common  search
COSTE-161 ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION Technique  Super Rare  search
COSTE-162 ULTIMATE SACRIFICE Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-163 TRI-BEAM Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-164 WILL OF THE PEOPLE Technique  Common  search
COSTE-165 KATANA SLICE Technique  Common  search
COSTE-166 SPARRING MATCH Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-167 SHOUTS OF SUPPORT Technique  Common  search
COSTE-168 STRATEGY SESSION Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-169 SPECIAL BEAM CANNON Technique  Common  search
COSTE-170 MOUTH BEAM Technique  Common  search
COSTE-171 ARM STRETCH Technique  Common  search
COSTE-172 LASER SHOT Technique  Rare  search
COSTE-173 HYPER TORNADO Technique  Uncommon  search
COSTE-174 REGENARATION OF LOST LIMBS Technique  Common  search
COSWA-190 GOHAN [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-191 GOKU Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-192 FUTURE TRUNKS [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-193 PICCOLO Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-194 TIEN Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-195 TRUNKS Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-196 GOTEN Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-197 CHIATZU Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-198 YAMCHA Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-199 KRILLIN Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-200 GOGETA Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-201 DR. GERO Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-202 EMPEROR PILAF Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-203 JANEMBA Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-204 KOGU Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-205 BIDO Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-206 BIUJIN Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-207 ZANGYA Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-208 BOJACK Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-209 DR. WHEELO Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-210 SUPER 17 Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-211 VEGETA [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-212 NAPPA Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-213 DAIZU Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-214 TURLES Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-215 GRAND KAI Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-216 OLD KAI Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-217 BROLY Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-218 KIBITO KAI Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-219 COOLER [THE 3rd FORM] Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-220 KING COLD Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-221 ARALE Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-222 DR. BRIEF Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-223 MASTER ROSHI Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-224 VIDEL Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-225 YAJIROBE Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-226 MR. POPO Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-227 18 Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-228 HERCULE Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-229 PAPAYA MAN Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-230 PAN Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-231 GOKULE Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-232 DRUM Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-233 DR. "MYU" Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-234 BABY Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-235 KAMI Warrior  Common  search
COSWA-236 RHILDO Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-237 RHILDO [MECHA] Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-238 KID BUU Warrior  Super Rare  search
COSWA-239 PIKKON Warrior  Rare  search
COSWA-240 BUU Warrior  Uncommon  search
COSWA-241 KING PICCOLO Warrior  Rare  search
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