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Hero's Ascension

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Hero's Ascension: 132 cards
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HAN-1560 Zetsu Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1599 Zabuza Momochi Ninja  Rare  search
HAJ-1000 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken Jutsu  Starter  search
HAM-966 What Could Have Been Mission  Uncommon  search
HAJ-987 Water Prison Shark Dance Jutsu Jutsu  Super Rare  search
HAJ-990 Water Prison Jutsu Jutsu  Common  search
HAJ-991 Voracious Appetite Jutsu  Common  search
HAN-1597 Utakata Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAJ-984 Unlocking the Seal Jutsu  Common  search
HAM-956 Unlocking the Power Mission  Common  search
HAN-1616 Tsunade Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1556 Tofu Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1572 Tobi Ninja  Common  search
HAM-967 Tinker Mission  Rare  search
HAJ-977 Threaten Jutsu  Common  search
HAM-958 The Tailless Beast Mission  Rare  search
HAM-972 The Spiral of Pain Mission  Starter  search
HAM-945 The Power of the Trio Mission  Rare  search
HAJ-997 The Passion of Youth Jutsu  Common  search
HAJ-1001 The Mind of Pain Jutsu  Starter  search
HAM-970 The Lord's Convene Mission  Common  search
HAM-975 The Herald of Pain Mission  Starter  search
HAM-947 The Future Hokage? Mission  Uncommon  search
HAM-957 The Evil Within Mission  Uncommon  search
HAN-1590 The 4th Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1564 The 3rd Tsuchikage Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1555 Tenten Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1607 Temari Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1610 Temari Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAJ-989 Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation Jutsu  Super Rare  search
HAN-1594 Suigetsu Hozuki Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1567 Suguro Ninja  Common  search
HAJ-985 Special Kunai Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAM-971 Sparring Mission  Uncommon  search
HAN-1585 Sora Ninja  Rare  search
HAJ-988 Skeletal Control Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAJ-992 Simple Disguise Jutsu  Common  search
HAN-1614 Shizune Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1609 Shino Aburame Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1558 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAJ-996 Shark Skin Jutsu  Common  search
HAM-950 Shadow of the Leaf Mission  Uncommon  search
HAN-1570 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1574 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Rare  search
HAM-964 Sakura's Tears Mission  Rare  search
HAN-1605 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1611 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1587 Sai Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAM-973 Sage's Training Ground Mission  Starter  search
HAJ-981 Role Reversal Jutsu  Rare  search
HAN-1582 Rock Lee Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1608 Rin Ninja  Common  search
HAM-943 Rebuilding the Village Mission  Uncommon  search
HAJ-979 Reaper Death Seal Jutsu  Super Rare  search
HAJ-986 Rasengan Jutsu  Rare  search
HAJ-982 Pencil Toss Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAM-949 Path of the Avenger Mission  Rare  search
HAJ-994 Palm Healing Jutsu  Rare  search
HAN-1581 Pakkun Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1619 Pain (Deva Path) Ninja  STSR  search
HAJ-975 Overwhelming Hunger Jutsu  Common  search
HAM-969 Outcast Mission  Rare  search
HAM-948 Out of Control Curse Mark Mission  Common  search
HAN-1571 Obito Uchiha Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1562 Neji Hyuga Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1618 Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) Ninja  STSR  search
HAN-1580 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1586 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1568 Mr. Ostrich Ninja  Common  search
HAJ-972 Mind Transfer, Puppet Curse Jutsu Jutsu  Super Rare  search
HAN-1557 Mikage Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1578 Masked Man Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAC-060 Madara Uchiha Client  Starter  search
HAN-1583 Kushina Uzumaki Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1615 Kurenai Yuhi Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1579 Konohamaru Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1600 Kisame Hoshigaki Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1603 Kisame Hoshigaki Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1601 Kimimaro Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1589 Killer Bee (Version 2) Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1588 Killer Bee (Tailed Beast Form) Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1569 Kiba Inuzuka Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1593 Karin Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1606 Kankuro Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1617 Kakuzu Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1575 Kakashi Hatake (Boyhood) Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1576 Kakashi Hatake Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1598 Kabuto Yakushi Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1602 Kabuto Yakushi Ninja  Super Rare  search
HAN-1595 Jugo Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAM-951 Jonin's Intervention Mission  Rare  search
HAN-1592 Jirobo Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1620 Jiraiya Ninja  Starter  search
HAN-1584 Izumo Kamizuki Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1577 Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Rare  search
HAJ-974 Interrogation Jutsu  Rare  search
HAN-1554 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Common  search
HAM-965 Idle Comrades Mission  Common  search
HAN-1612 Hiruko Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1559 Hinata Hyuga Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1573 Hidan Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAN-1565 Hanabi Hyuga Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1596 Haku Ninja  Rare  search
HAM-944 Great Praise Mission  Common  search
HAJ-993 Gigantic Fan Jutsu  Common  search
HAN-1566 Gentleman Cat Ninja  Common  search
HAM-968 Gathering Herbs Mission  Rare  search
HAN-1591 Gamabunta Ninja  Rare  search
HAN-1604 Gaara of the Desert Ninja  Common  search
HAJ-995 Fungal Power Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAM-963 Forceful Persuasion Mission  Rare  search
HAJ-999 Eyes of the Sage Jutsu  Starter  search
HAM-974 Exhaustive Battle Mission  Starter  search
HAM-952 Exhaustion Mission  Uncommon  search
HAJ-983 Double Lariat Jutsu  Super Rare  search
HAM-954 Disaster of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Mission  Rare  search
HAN-1563 Deidara Ninja  Rare  search
HAM-960 Dark Aspirations Mission  Rare  search
HAN-1553 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Common  search
HAN-1613 Chiyo Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAJ-976 Chidori Jutsu  Rare  search
HAJ-978 Body Flicker Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAJ-973 Barrier Ninjutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAJ-980 Backstab Jutsu  Uncommon  search
HAN-1561 Asuma Sarutobi Ninja  Uncommon  search
HAJ-998 Almighty Push Jutsu  Starter  search
HAM-961 Alliance of Evil Mission  Uncommon  search
HAM-962 A Show of Power Mission  Uncommon  search
HAM-955 A Parent's Love Mission  Rare  search
HAM-959 A New Master Mission  Uncommon  search
HAM-953 A Master's Treat Mission  Uncommon  search
HAM-946 A Hard Bargain Mission  Rare  search

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