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Series 1

TIP Browse other people's trade binders displaying the images of all the cards they are offering for trade.
Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Series 1: 30 cards
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018b Trespasser (Alt Art) Chibi  Gold  search
018 Trespasser Chibi  Gold  search
p002 The Host Tentacle Chris  Purple  search
007 Tagger Dryden  Silver  search
002 Summoner Jsica  Yellow  search
025 Summon Trig  Gold  search
021 Spy Madison Valentine  Gold  search
p001 Sisters Jsica & KittyStar  Purple  search
022 Oiroke Ramu  Gold  search
024 Observer StellaChu  Gold  search
009 Number 3 Fauna  Silver  search
012 Nid Sub Panic  Silver  search
013 Naughty Ninja Quinn  Silver  search
023 Mystical River  Gold  search
014 Merc Amelia  Gold  search
027 Lost One KittyStar  Gold  search
004 Headless Kassandra  Yellow  search
026 Hare Aza  Gold  search
017 Demon Charm  Gold  search
011 Darkness Nova  Silver  search
020 Cowgirl Ichigo  Gold  search
001 Construct Freckle  Yellow  search
016 Boxer Black Ladybug  Gold  search
010 Bounty Hunter MJ  Silver  search
006 Bloodlust Aeryn  Silver  search
003 Beast Kandie  Yellow  search
005 Avenger Nana  Yellow  search
019 Assassin Envy  Gold  search
008 Anti-Spiral Erato  Silver  search
015 Android Ayasha Kitsune  Gold  search

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