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Curse of Anubis (Japanese)

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Curse of Anubis (Japanese): 52 cards
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20 World Peace Trap Card    search
23 Unfirom Angel Trap Card    search
2 Two-Headed Gila Monster    search
10 Truth's Eye Trap Card / Continuous    search
30 Treaty Trap Card    search
7 Time Seal Trap Card    search
29 Strong Panic Trap Card    search
1 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 Monster    search
13 Solomon's Law Trap Card  Rare  search
34 Silk Hat of Magic Trap Card    search
24 Share the Wealth Trap Card / Continuous    search
37 Shallow Grave Spell/Magic Card    search
28 Reserves Trap Card    search
16 Reflective Silver Wall Trap Card / Continuous    search
17 Raging Wind Trap Card    search
25 Pressured Collection Trap Card / Continuous    search
38 Premature Burial Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
32 Playing Fair Trap Card / Continuous    search
3 Parasite Paracide Monster / Effect    search
40 Order of Prohibiting Trap Card / Continuous    search
45 Mr. Volcano Monster    search
41 Morphing Jar #2 Monster / Effect    search
48 Mech Falcon Monster    search
21 Magical Runes Tablet Trap Card    search
6 Linked Destruction Trap Card    search
14 Land Shift Trap Card    search
47 Kiseitai Monster / Effect    search
42 Killer of the Flame Monster  Common  search
0 Jinzo Monster / Effect    search
39 Inspection Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
27 Imperial Law Trap Card / Continuous    search
33 Imperial Decree Trap Card / Continuous    search
5 Hand Stopping Sword of Light Trap Card    search
8 Grave Digger Trap Card    search
19 Glass Armor Trap Card    search
49 Flying Mantis Monster    search
46 Fire Duelist Monster    search
35 Emissary of Obliteration Spell/Magic Card    search
36 Emissary of Destruction Spell/Magic Card    search
9 Elf's Holy Blessing Trap Card    search
11 Dust Tornado Trap Card    search
26 DNA Surgery Trap Card / Continuous    search
31 Divine Light Trap Card / Continuous    search
15 Divine Javelin Trap Card    search
22 Divine Golden Rod Trap Card    search
12 Call of Undead Trap Card / Continuous    search
51 Buster Blader Monster / Effect    search
44 Burn Soldier Monster    search
18 Blizzard Trap Card    search
50 Birdman Monster    search
43 Big Bang Dragon Monster    search
4 7 Card Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search

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