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Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds: 140 cards
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0AP01 Seven Of Nine, Reclaimed Drone Personnel: Federation  AP  search
0AP02 T'Pol, Austere Commander Personnel: Starfleet  AP  search
97 Aikido Personnel: Non-aligned  search
73 Borts Personnel: Ferengi  search
63 Bruce Maddox, Chair of Robotics Personnel: Federation  search
37 Clandestine Agent Interrupt  search
38 Clear Ultimatum Interrupt  search
3 Coordinated Effort Dilemma  search
117 D'kora Marauder Ships: Ferengi  search
19 Delicate Negotiations Event  search
65 Dr. Leah Brahms, Holographic Representation Personnel: Federation  search
66 E.M.H. Program Personnel: Federation  search
17 Ferengi Whip Equipment  search
100 Flink Personnel: Non-aligned  search
75 Goss, Direct Negotiator Personnel: Ferengi  search
76 Gozar Personnel: Ferengi  search
6 Heart to Heart Dilemma  search
41 Impromptu Prison Interrupt  search
22 In the Pah-wraith's Wake Event  search
80 Krunk Personnel: Ferengi  search
82 Letek Personnel: Ferengi  search
7 Meaningless Modifications Dilemma  search
68 Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader Personnel: Federation  search
103 Minuet, Jazz Lover Personnel: Non-aligned  search
86 Mordoc Personnel: Ferengi  search
9 Outmatched Dilemma  search
105 Palor Toff, Trader Personnel: Non-aligned  search
119 Personal Transport Ships: Ferengi  search
24 Recover Components Event  search
106 Ruk, One Old Servitor Personnel: Non-aligned  search
26 Rule of Acquisition #22 Event  search
27 Rule of Acquisition #76 Event  search
30 Seeing Double Event  search
107 Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis Personnel: Non-aligned  search
91 Skron Personnel: Ferengi  search
31 Sonchi Event  search
108 Soong-type Android Personnel: Non-aligned  search
43 Swagger Interrupt  search
114 Tebok, Posturing Commander Personnel: Romulan  search
110 Varria, Lavishly Rewarded Aide Personnel: Non-aligned  search
35 Worth the Price Event  search
6A Ascertain Interrupt  PF  search
16A Aurulent Ships: Ferengi  PF  search
1A Code of Honor Dilemma  PF  search
18A Devoras Ships: Romulan  PF  search
4A Exceed Engine Output Event  PF  search
10A Ishka, Moogie Personnel: Ferengi  PF  search
12A Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's cha'Dich Personnel: Klingon  PF  search
13A Kivas Fajo, Collector Personnel: Non-aligned  PF  search
17A Kurdon Ships: Ferengi  PF  search
9A Montgomery Scott, Relic Personnel: Federation  PF  search
8A Omet'iklan, Steely Disciplinarian Personnel: Dominion  PF  search
2A Proximity-Actuated Field Dilemma  PF  search
11A Sovak, Treasure Hunter Personnel: Ferengi  PF  search
15A Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Personnel: Romulan  PF  search
7A Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official Personnel: Cardassian  PF  search
5A Temporal Incursion Event  PF  search
14A Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner Personnel: Non-aligned  PF  search
3A Where No One Has Gone Before Dilemma  PF  search
70 Arridor, "Great Sage" Personnel: Ferengi  search
36 Ascertain Interrupt  search
116 Aurulent Ships: Ferengi  search
98 B-4, Dangerous Simpleton Personnel: Non-aligned  search
18 Brinkmanship Event  search
74 Brunt, FCA Liquidator Personnel: Ferengi  search
2 Code of Honor Dilemma  search
40 Delegated Assignment Interrupt  search
120 Devoras Ships: Romulan  search
4 Entanglement Dilemma  search
20 Exceed Engine Output Event  search
61 Goran'Agar, Trusted Companion Personnel: Dominion  search
101 Ira Graves, Noted Molecular Cyberneticist Personnel: Non-aligned  search
77 Ishka, Moogie Personnel: Ferengi  search
95 Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's cha'Dich Personnel: Klingon  search
78 Kazago, First Officer Personnel: Ferengi  search
102 Kivas Fajo, Collector Personnel: Non-aligned  search
118 Kurdon Ships: Ferengi  search
81 Leck, Eliminator Personnel: Ferengi  search
67 Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man Personnel: Federation  search
83 Lurin, Renegade DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
8 Molecular Reversion Field Dilemma  search
69 Montgomery Scott, Relic Personnel: Federation  search
104 Noonien Soong, Often-Wrong Personnel: Non-aligned  search
62 Omet'iklan, Steely Disciplinarian Personnel: Dominion  search
23 Provoked Attack Event  search
10 Proximity-Actuated Field Dilemma  search
89 Quark, True Personnel: Ferengi  search
28 Rule of Acquisition #141 Event  search
29 Rule Of Acquisition #144 Event  search
25 Rule of Acquisition #6 Event  search
92 Sovak, Treasure Hunter Personnel: Ferengi  search
113 Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Personnel: Romulan  search
93 Taar, Bristling DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
59 Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official Personnel: Cardassian  search
32 Temporal Incursion Event  search
109 Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist Personnel: Non-aligned  search
111 Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner Personnel: Non-aligned  search
15 Where No One Has Gone Before Dilemma  search
94 Zek, The Grand Negus Personnel: Ferengi  search
45 Advanced Battle Simulation Mission  search
46 Advanced Combat Training Mission  search
115 Audit's Spoils Ships: Ferengi  search
71 Birta, "Helpful" DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
72 Bok, Vengeful DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
99 Calisthenics Opponent Personnel: Non-aligned  search
1 Charged-Particle Precipitation Dilemma  search
39 Cluttering Irrelevancies Interrupt  search
64 Daneeka, Reassuring Physician Personnel: Federation  search
58 Dejar, Cunning Saboteur Personnel: Cardassian  search
47 Deliver Prisoners Mission  search
60 Duran'Adar, Attentive Sixth Personnel: Dominion  search
48 Fereginar, Financial Hub Mission  search
16 Ferengi Computer Equipment  search
5 Financial Pitfall Dilemma  search
21 Holodeck Grid Event  search
49 Investigate Destruction Mission  search
96 K'Ehleyr, Diplomatic Advisor Personnel: Klingon  search
112 Kassem, Stern Operative Personnel: Romulan  search
54 Kira Nerys, Pious Major Personnel: Bajoran  search
79 Kol Personnel: Ferengi  search
55 Lenaris Holem, Bold Veteran Personnel: Bajoran  search
84 Lwaxana Troi, Telepathic Asset Personnel: Ferengi  search
85 Maihar'du, Silent Servant Personnel: Ferengi  search
42 Means of Control Interrupt  search
87 Nava Personnel: Ferengi  search
56 Observation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
50 Obtain Vaccine Mission  search
88 Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary Personnel: Ferengi  search
51 Protect the Escapees Mission  search
11 Psych Test Dilemma  search
12 Quarrel Dilemma  search
57 Reinforcement Drone Personnel: Borg  search
90 Rom, Younger Brother Personnel: Ferengi  search
13 Small Problems Dilemma  search
14 Stay Where Thou Art Dilemma  search
53 The Last Outpost Mission  search
33 Tongo: Confront Event  search
52 Transport Delegations Mission  search
34 Vedek Assembly Event  search
44 Veiled Threat Interrupt  search
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