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Strange New Worlds

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Strange New Worlds: 140 cards
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45 Advanced Battle Simulation Mission  search
46 Advanced Combat Training Mission  search
97 Aikido Personnel: Non-aligned  search
70 Arridor, "Great Sage" Personnel: Ferengi  search
36 Ascertain Interrupt  search
6A Ascertain Interrupt  PF  search
115 Audit's Spoils Ships: Ferengi  search
116 Aurulent Ships: Ferengi  search
16A Aurulent Ships: Ferengi  PF  search
98 B-4, Dangerous Simpleton Personnel: Non-aligned  search
71 Birta, "Helpful" DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
72 Bok, Vengeful DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
73 Borts Personnel: Ferengi  search
18 Brinkmanship Event  search
63 Bruce Maddox, Chair of Robotics Personnel: Federation  search
74 Brunt, FCA Liquidator Personnel: Ferengi  search
99 Calisthenics Opponent Personnel: Non-aligned  search
1 Charged-Particle Precipitation Dilemma  search
37 Clandestine Agent Interrupt  search
38 Clear Ultimatum Interrupt  search
39 Cluttering Irrelevancies Interrupt  search
1A Code of Honor Dilemma  PF  search
2 Code of Honor Dilemma  search
3 Coordinated Effort Dilemma  search
117 D'kora Marauder Ships: Ferengi  search
64 Daneeka, Reassuring Physician Personnel: Federation  search
58 Dejar, Cunning Saboteur Personnel: Cardassian  search
40 Delegated Assignment Interrupt  search
19 Delicate Negotiations Event  search
47 Deliver Prisoners Mission  search
120 Devoras Ships: Romulan  search
18A Devoras Ships: Romulan  PF  search
65 Dr. Leah Brahms, Holographic Representation Personnel: Federation  search
60 Duran'Adar, Attentive Sixth Personnel: Dominion  search
66 E.M.H. Program Personnel: Federation  search
4 Entanglement Dilemma  search
20 Exceed Engine Output Event  search
4A Exceed Engine Output Event  PF  search
48 Fereginar, Financial Hub Mission  search
16 Ferengi Computer Equipment  search
17 Ferengi Whip Equipment  search
5 Financial Pitfall Dilemma  search
100 Flink Personnel: Non-aligned  search
61 Goran'Agar, Trusted Companion Personnel: Dominion  search
75 Goss, Direct Negotiator Personnel: Ferengi  search
76 Gozar Personnel: Ferengi  search
6 Heart to Heart Dilemma  search
21 Holodeck Grid Event  search
41 Impromptu Prison Interrupt  search
22 In the Pah-wraith's Wake Event  search
49 Investigate Destruction Mission  search
101 Ira Graves, Noted Molecular Cyberneticist Personnel: Non-aligned  search
10A Ishka, Moogie Personnel: Ferengi  PF  search
77 Ishka, Moogie Personnel: Ferengi  search
12A Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's cha'Dich Personnel: Klingon  PF  search
95 Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's cha'Dich Personnel: Klingon  search
96 K'Ehleyr, Diplomatic Advisor Personnel: Klingon  search
112 Kassem, Stern Operative Personnel: Romulan  search
78 Kazago, First Officer Personnel: Ferengi  search
54 Kira Nerys, Pious Major Personnel: Bajoran  search
102 Kivas Fajo, Collector Personnel: Non-aligned  search
13A Kivas Fajo, Collector Personnel: Non-aligned  PF  search
79 Kol Personnel: Ferengi  search
80 Krunk Personnel: Ferengi  search
118 Kurdon Ships: Ferengi  search
17A Kurdon Ships: Ferengi  PF  search
81 Leck, Eliminator Personnel: Ferengi  search
55 Lenaris Holem, Bold Veteran Personnel: Bajoran  search
67 Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man Personnel: Federation  search
82 Letek Personnel: Ferengi  search
83 Lurin, Renegade DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
84 Lwaxana Troi, Telepathic Asset Personnel: Ferengi  search
85 Maihar'du, Silent Servant Personnel: Ferengi  search
7 Meaningless Modifications Dilemma  search
42 Means of Control Interrupt  search
68 Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader Personnel: Federation  search
103 Minuet, Jazz Lover Personnel: Non-aligned  search
8 Molecular Reversion Field Dilemma  search
69 Montgomery Scott, Relic Personnel: Federation  search
9A Montgomery Scott, Relic Personnel: Federation  PF  search
86 Mordoc Personnel: Ferengi  search
87 Nava Personnel: Ferengi  search
104 Noonien Soong, Often-Wrong Personnel: Non-aligned  search
56 Observation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
50 Obtain Vaccine Mission  search
62 Omet'iklan, Steely Disciplinarian Personnel: Dominion  search
8A Omet'iklan, Steely Disciplinarian Personnel: Dominion  PF  search
9 Outmatched Dilemma  search
105 Palor Toff, Trader Personnel: Non-aligned  search
88 Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary Personnel: Ferengi  search
119 Personal Transport Ships: Ferengi  search
51 Protect the Escapees Mission  search
23 Provoked Attack Event  search
10 Proximity-Actuated Field Dilemma  search
2A Proximity-Actuated Field Dilemma  PF  search
11 Psych Test Dilemma  search
89 Quark, True Personnel: Ferengi  search
12 Quarrel Dilemma  search
24 Recover Components Event  search
57 Reinforcement Drone Personnel: Borg  search
90 Rom, Younger Brother Personnel: Ferengi  search
106 Ruk, One Old Servitor Personnel: Non-aligned  search
28 Rule of Acquisition #141 Event  search
29 Rule Of Acquisition #144 Event  search
26 Rule of Acquisition #22 Event  search
25 Rule of Acquisition #6 Event  search
27 Rule of Acquisition #76 Event  search
30 Seeing Double Event  search
0AP01 Seven Of Nine, Reclaimed Drone Personnel: Federation  AP  search
107 Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis Personnel: Non-aligned  search
91 Skron Personnel: Ferengi  search
13 Small Problems Dilemma  search
31 Sonchi Event  search
108 Soong-type Android Personnel: Non-aligned  search
11A Sovak, Treasure Hunter Personnel: Ferengi  PF  search
92 Sovak, Treasure Hunter Personnel: Ferengi  search
113 Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Personnel: Romulan  search
15A Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Personnel: Romulan  PF  search
14 Stay Where Thou Art Dilemma  search
43 Swagger Interrupt  search
0AP02 T'Pol, Austere Commander Personnel: Starfleet  AP  search
93 Taar, Bristling DaiMon Personnel: Ferengi  search
114 Tebok, Posturing Commander Personnel: Romulan  search
59 Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official Personnel: Cardassian  search
7A Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official Personnel: Cardassian  PF  search
32 Temporal Incursion Event  search
5A Temporal Incursion Event  PF  search
53 The Last Outpost Mission  search
109 Tolian Soran, Renegade Scientist Personnel: Non-aligned  search
33 Tongo: Confront Event  search
52 Transport Delegations Mission  search
110 Varria, Lavishly Rewarded Aide Personnel: Non-aligned  search
34 Vedek Assembly Event  search
44 Veiled Threat Interrupt  search
111 Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner Personnel: Non-aligned  search
14A Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner Personnel: Non-aligned  PF  search
15 Where No One Has Gone Before Dilemma  search
3A Where No One Has Gone Before Dilemma  PF  search
35 Worth the Price Event  search
94 Zek, The Grand Negus Personnel: Ferengi  search

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