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3 A Kill with No Honor Event  Common  search
7 Acid Splash Event  Common  search
12 Advantageous Terrain Event  Common  search
20 Alien Stealth Event  Common  search
23 Ambush Event  Common  search
29 Atmosphere Processor Location  Common  search
38 Block Event  Common  search
39 Body Slam Event  Common  search
41 Bottled Courage Human Item  Common  search
50 Cargo Bay Location  Common  search
55 Chemical Base Human Item  Common  search
58 Close Quarters Event  Common  search
66 Communications Center Location  Common  search
68 Computer Center Location  Common  search
69 Concentrated Fire Event  Common  search
73 Corridor Location  Common  search
75 Cover Formation Event  Common  search
77 Cower Event  Common  search
79 Cpl Brown Marine Main Character  Common  search
84 Crossfire Event  Common  search
85 Crude Explosives Human Item  Common  search
86 Cryonics Chamber Location  Common  search
87 Cunning Hunter Predator Main Character  Common  search
89 Darts Predator Item  Common  search
94 Desperate Leap Event  Common  search
95 Desperate Shot Event  Common  search
99 Disengaging Attack Event  Common  search
100 Dishonor Event  Common  search
105 Dodge Event  Common  search
106 Dodge and Roll Event  Common  search
107 Double-Packed Ammo Human Item  Common  search
109 Eager Youth Predator Main Character  Common  search
111 Eat Vacuum Event  Common  search
113 Electronics Tech Supporting Character  Common  search
132 Flanking Event  Common  search
136 Found 'Em Event  Common  search
141 Get Away from Her Event  Common  search
143 Good Shot Event  Common  search
144 Got It Event  Common  search
146 Gray Stripe Predator Main Character  Common  search
158 Hive Construction Event  Common  search
161 Hived Cryonics Location  Common  search
163 Hived Hall Location  Common  search
164 Hived Lounge Location  Common  search
166 Hived Passage Location  Common  search
167 Hived Plant Location  Common  search
169 Hived Quarters Location  Common  search
171 Hived Storage Location  Common  search
175 Hunting Kit Predator Item  Common  search
178 I Can't Lock In Event  Common  search
180 If It Bleeds Event  Common  search
181 Infirmary Location  Common  search
378 Infirmary Location  Common  search
183 Instinctive Escape Event  Common  search
185 It Was a Bad Call Event  Common  search
186 It's Just the Cat Event  Common  search
194 Landing Pad Location  Common  search
195 Laser Sight Predator Item  Common  search
201 Living Quarters Location  Common  search
203 Look Sharp Event  Common  search
209 M3 Body Armor Human Item  Common  search
210 M41A Pulse Rifle Human Item  Common  search
213 Machine Shop Location  Common  search
214 Main Corridor Location  Common  search
215 Makeshift Weapon Human Item  Common  search
218 Marine Private Marine Main Character  Common  search
223 Mechanic Supporting Character  Common  search
225 Medikit Human Item  Common  search
226 Meditation Event  Common  search
227 Meeting Hall Location  Common  search
232 Motion Scanner Human Item  Common  search
242 Oops Event  Common  search
245 Overconfidence Event  Common  search
246 Overkill Event  Common  search
247 Overwatch Event  Common  search
249 Panic Event  Common  search
254 Pet Supporting Character  Common  search
263 Predator Medikit Predator Item  Common  search
273 Pvt Masters Marine Main Character  Common  search
282 Ready for Trouble Event  Common  search
286 Remote Sensors Event  Common  search
288 Repair Event  Common  search
289 Rescue Event  Common  search
290 Retreat Event  Common  search
297 Royal Jelly Event  Common  search
303 Secure Position Event  Common  search
306 Security Doors Event  Common  search
311 Sensing Weakness Event  Common  search
314 Sgt Bass Marine Main Character  Common  search
317 Short, Controlled Bursts Event  Common  search
318 Shotgun Human Item  Common  search
319 Situational Awareness Event  Common  search
325 Sprint Event  Common  search
328 Stalking the Queen Event  Common  search
331 Structural Repairs Event  Common  search
336 Sweep the Area Event  Common  search
338 Tail Spear Event  Common  search
340 Take Cover Event  Common  search
348 The Strong Survive Event  Common  search
367 WO Kraver Marine Main Character  Common  search
368 You Want Some of This? Event  Common  search
11 Adrenaline Rush Event  Fixed  search
15 Airlock Location  Fixed  search
18 Alien Pursuit Event  Fixed  search
19 Alien Queen Alien Main Character  Fixed  search
21 Alien Warrior Alien Main Character  Fixed  search
22 Alien Wave Event  Fixed  search
31 Barracks Location  Fixed  search
43 Breeding Chamber Location  Fixed  search
46 Calculated Risk Event  Fixed  search
48 Camouflage Suit Predator Item  Fixed  search
49 Captured Event  Fixed  search
54 Ceremonial Armor Predator Item  Fixed  search
56 Chest Burster Alien Main Character  Fixed  search
57 Child Supporting Character  Fixed  search
67 Company Official Supporting Character  Fixed  search
72 Corporate Office Location  Fixed  search
78 Cpl Ackels Marine Main Character  Fixed  search
92 Defend the Hive Event  Fixed  search
103 Docking Bay Location  Fixed  search
110 Eat This Event  Fixed  search
118 Engineer Supporting Character  Fixed  search
119 Engineering Location  Fixed  search
120 Equipment Warehouse Location  Fixed  search
121 Evacuation Event  Fixed  search
123 Extra Ammo Human Item  Fixed  search
125 Face Hugger Attack Event  Fixed  search
133 Flesh Wound Event  Fixed  search
140 Garrison Pack Human Item  Fixed  search
145 Grapple Event  Fixed  search
162 Hived Engineering Location  Fixed  search
165 Hived Main Corridor Location  Fixed  search
168 Hived Processor Location  Fixed  search
170 Hived Shop Location  Fixed  search
189 Kill and Kill Again Event  Fixed  search
190 Kitchen Location  Fixed  search
202 Long Range Shot Event  Fixed  search
216 Malfunction Event  Fixed  search
220 Marines, We Are Leaving Event  Fixed  search
221 Mask Predator Item  Fixed  search
224 Medical Assistance Event  Fixed  search
228 Melee Claws Predator Item  Fixed  search
229 Mess Hall Location  Fixed  search
241 On the Move Event  Fixed  search
243 Operations Location  Fixed  search
379 Operations Location  Fixed  search
252 Perfect Organism Event  Fixed  search
266 Predator Shuttle Location  Fixed  search
270 Protect the Queen Event  Fixed  search
274 Pvt McIntyre Marine Main Character  Fixed  search
275 Pvt Rogers Marine Main Character  Fixed  search
276 Pvt Von Gries Marine Main Character  Fixed  search
287 Rend Event  Fixed  search
300 Scattergun Predator Item  Fixed  search
307 Security Guard Supporting Character  Fixed  search
380 Security Guard Supporting Character  Fixed  search
326 Staff Worker Supporting Character  Fixed  search
332 Study the Enemy Event  Fixed  search
341 Take Him with You Event  Fixed  search
344 Takedown Strike Event  Fixed  search
347 The Hunt Event  Fixed  search
363 Weapon Cache Event  Fixed  search
364 Weapons Locker Location  Fixed  search
366 Where There's One Event  Fixed  search
369 Young Queen Alien Main Character  Fixed  search
370 Young Tusk Predator Main Character  Fixed  search
371 Camouflage Suit Predator Item  Promo  search
372 Chest Burster Alien Main Character  Promo  search
373 Computer Center Location  Promo  search
375 Mechanic Supporting Character  Promo  search
376 Shotgun Human Item  Promo  search
377 Young Tusk Predator Main Character  Promo  search
14 Air Control Fans Event  Promotional  search
32 Battle Standard Human Item  Promotional  search
34 Berserk Event  Promotional  search
70 Conestoga Class Location  Promotional  search
71 Corporate Agent Supporting Character  Promotional  search
374 Cpl Ackels Marine Main Character  Promotional  search
83 Critical Hit Event  Promotional  search
182 Infrared Binoculars Human Item  Promotional  search
322 Small Arms Human Item  Promotional  search
360 Under Its Gaze Event  Promotional  search
1 2 by 2 Formation Event  Rare  search
2 A Bad Feeling Event  Rare  search
10 Adapt and Overcome Event  Rare  search
16 Alien Birth Event  Rare  search
24 Ambush Point Location  Rare  search
26 Ash Marine Main Character  Rare  search
27 At Any Price Event  Rare  search
28 At the Limit Event  Rare  search
35 Bishop Marine Main Character  Rare  search
36 Black Marketeer Supporting Character  Rare  search
40 Booby Trap Event  Rare  search
45 Burst Pipe Event  Rare  search
47 Camouflage Human Item  Rare  search
52 Carter Burke Marine Main Character  Rare  search
59 CN-20 Nerve Gas Human Item  Rare  search
60 Cocooned Victim Supporting Character  Rare  search
63 Combat Mastery Event  Rare  search
64 Committed Posture Event  Rare  search
80 Cpl Hicks Marine Main Character  Rare  search
88 Dallas Marine Main Character  Rare  search
90 Dead End Event  Rare  search
91 Death from Above Event  Rare  search
101 Display of Skill Event  Rare  search
112 Egg Sack Detachment Event  Rare  search
115 Emergency Escape Vessel Event  Rare  search
117 End of the Line Event  Rare  search
122 Experimental Rifle Human Item  Rare  search
124 Extremely Agitated Event  Rare  search
126 Facing Bad Luck Event  Rare  search
129 Field Promotion Event  Rare  search
131 Fire Alarm Event  Rare  search
135 Fortify Event  Rare  search
137 Frenzy Event  Rare  search
138 Friendly Fire Event  Rare  search
150 Hardpoint Location  Rare  search
155 Heroic Stand Event  Rare  search
156 Hidden Event  Rare  search
157 Hidey Hole Event  Rare  search
172 Honored Elder Predator Main Character  Rare  search
173 Hull Breach Event  Rare  search
176 Huntmaster Predator Main Character  Rare  search
179 I Work Best Alone Event  Rare  search
187 Juggernaut Event  Rare  search
188 Kane Marine Main Character  Rare  search
191 Know Your Enemy Event  Rare  search
193 Lambert Marine Main Character  Rare  search
196 Lay of the Land Event  Rare  search
197 Learning Experience Event  Rare  search
207 Lucky Break Event  Rare  search
211 M42A Scope Rifle Human Item  Rare  search
219 Marine Short Course Event  Rare  search
222 Masterful Shot Event  Rare  search
231 Mk 50 Compression Suit Human Item  Rare  search
233 Naginata Predator Item  Rare  search
234 Natural Selection Event  Rare  search
235 New Era in Science Event  Rare  search
236 Nobody's Home Event  Rare  search
237 Not So Fast Event  Rare  search
240 On a Roll Event  Rare  search
244 Outcast Predator Main Character  Rare  search
250 Parker Marine Main Character  Rare  search
253 Personal Data Locator Human Item  Rare  search
260 Power Outage Event  Rare  search
262 Predator Hybrid Alien Main Character  Rare  search
264 Predator Mothership Location  Rare  search
267 Prepare Yourself Event  Rare  search
268 Primal Force Event  Rare  search
272 Pvt Hudson Marine Main Character  Rare  search
278 Quartermaster Supporting Character  Rare  search
281 Ravaged Chamber Event  Rare  search
285 Regroup Event  Rare  search
291 Right to the Wall Event  Rare  search
293 Ripley Marine Main Character  Rare  search
294 Rivalry Event  Rare  search
298 Sacrifice Event  Rare  search
302 Second Chance Event  Rare  search
305 Security Chief Supporting Character  Rare  search
308 Security Station Location  Rare  search
310 Self Destruct Sequence Event  Rare  search
312 Sentry Gun Control Human Item  Rare  search
323 Snapshot Event  Rare  search
324 Somebody Wake Up Hicks Event  Rare  search
329 Standoff Event  Rare  search
330 Structural Damage Event  Rare  search
333 Success Breeds Success Event  Rare  search
337 Tail Lash Event  Rare  search
346 The Area Is Secure Event  Rare  search
349 The Will to Live Event  Rare  search
350 There's Something in Here Event  Rare  search
351 This Changes Everything Event  Rare  search
352 Throwing Disk Predator Item  Rare  search
354 Tighten the Perimeter Event  Rare  search
355 Trick of the Light? Event  Rare  search
357 Twice As Deadly Event  Rare  search
358 Twitchy Artificial Person Event  Rare  search
359 UA 571C Sentry Gun Human Item  Rare  search
361 Warrior Queen Alien Main Character  Rare  search
365 Welcome to the War Event  Rare  search
4 Access Space Location  Uncommon  search
5 Access Tunnel Event  Uncommon  search
6 Acid Resistant Claws Predator Item  Uncommon  search
8 Acid Spray Event  Uncommon  search
9 Activate Self Destruct Event  Uncommon  search
13 Aggravated Wound Event  Uncommon  search
17 Alien Hunter Event  Uncommon  search
25 Armory Location  Uncommon  search
30 Baptism of Fire Event  Uncommon  search
33 Battlefield Chaos Event  Uncommon  search
37 Blaze the Path Event  Uncommon  search
42 Breakthrough Event  Uncommon  search
44 Bug Hunt Event  Uncommon  search
51 Carpe Corpus Event  Uncommon  search
53 Ceiling Highway Event  Uncommon  search
61 Collapsible Spear Predator Item  Uncommon  search
62 Combat Knife Human Item  Uncommon  search
65 Communications Array Human Item  Uncommon  search
74 Counter Event  Uncommon  search
76 Covering Fire Event  Uncommon  search
81 Cpl Myler Marine Main Character  Uncommon  search
82 Crazed Civilian Event  Uncommon  search
93 Demolition Charge Human Item  Uncommon  search
96 Deteriorating Situation Event  Uncommon  search
97 Dire Straits Event  Uncommon  search
98 Disarmament Event  Uncommon  search
102 Dissection Event  Uncommon  search
104 Dockworker Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
108 Dwindling Options Event  Uncommon  search
114 Elevator Location  Uncommon  search
116 Empty Event  Uncommon  search
127 Fast Claw Predator Main Character  Uncommon  search
128 Field Pack Human Item  Uncommon  search
130 Fiery Defense Event  Uncommon  search
134 Fog of War Event  Uncommon  search
139 From Behind Event  Uncommon  search
142 Ghost Image Event  Uncommon  search
147 Grenade Launcher Human Item  Uncommon  search
148 Hacker Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
149 Hand Welder Human Item  Uncommon  search
151 Have Me Some Fun Event  Uncommon  search
152 Head Shot Event  Uncommon  search
153 Heat Exchanger Location  Uncommon  search
154 Heat of Battle Event  Uncommon  search
159 Hived Airlock Location  Uncommon  search
160 Hived Corridor Location  Uncommon  search
174 Hunter's Mask Predator Item  Uncommon  search
177 I Can Take It Event  Uncommon  search
184 Isolated Corridor Location  Uncommon  search
192 Lab Worker Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
198 Let's Rock Event  Uncommon  search
199 Like a Ghost Event  Uncommon  search
200 Limb from Limb Event  Uncommon  search
204 Loose Formation Event  Uncommon  search
205 Loss of Command Event  Uncommon  search
206 Lt Campbell Marine Main Character  Uncommon  search
208 M240 Flame Thrower Human Item  Uncommon  search
212 M56 Smart Gun Human Item  Uncommon  search
217 March of Time Event  Uncommon  search
230 Mk 35 Pressure Suit Human Item  Uncommon  search
238 Nowhere to Hide Event  Uncommon  search
239 Observe the Prey Event  Uncommon  search
248 P-5000 Powerloader Human Item  Uncommon  search
251 Passed By Event  Uncommon  search
255 Pet Hybrid Alien Main Character  Uncommon  search
256 Physician Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
257 Pincer Grab Event  Uncommon  search
258 Plasma Caster Predator Item  Uncommon  search
259 Pour It On Event  Uncommon  search
261 Power Plant Location  Uncommon  search
265 Predator Ship Location  Uncommon  search
269 Programmer Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
271 Pvt Hewitt Marine Main Character  Uncommon  search
277 Quarantine Location  Uncommon  search
279 Ransack Event  Uncommon  search
280 Rapid Fire Event  Uncommon  search
283 Recon Event  Uncommon  search
284 Reflexive Action Event  Uncommon  search
292 Rip Asunder Event  Uncommon  search
295 Roll with It Event  Uncommon  search
296 Royal Guard Alien Main Character  Uncommon  search
299 Saturation Fire Event  Uncommon  search
301 Science Lab Location  Uncommon  search
304 Security Checkpoint Location  Uncommon  search
309 Self Destruct Predator Item  Uncommon  search
313 Settle the Score Event  Uncommon  search
315 Sgt Hart Marine Main Character  Uncommon  search
316 Sharp Eye Predator Main Character  Uncommon  search
320 Sleeper Supporting Character  Uncommon  search
321 Slow Motion Event  Uncommon  search
327 Stairwell Location  Uncommon  search
334 Superior Analysis Event  Uncommon  search
335 Superior Species Event  Uncommon  search
339 Take Aim Event  Uncommon  search
342 Take Names Event  Uncommon  search
343 Take the Initiative Event  Uncommon  search
345 Tavern Location  Uncommon  search
353 Tight Formation Event  Uncommon  search
356 Trip Event  Uncommon  search
362 Water Processing Location  Uncommon  search

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