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101361: 125 cards
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XF97-0385x1 2shy Adversary  Common  search
XF97-0451x1 A Near Death Experience Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF97-0396x1 Agent Bill Patterson Agent  Rare  search
XF97-0477x1 Agent Dan Kazanjian Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0397x1 Agent Danny Pendrell Agent  Rare  search
XF97-0398x1 Agent Fred Nemhauser Agent  Common  search
XF97-0399x1 Agent Kreski Agent  Common  search
XF97-0424x1 Alien Autopsy Video Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0441x1 Alien Stiletto Equipment  Ultra-Rare  search
XF97-0445x1 Amaru Urn Event  Rare  search
XF97-0425x1 Ambulance Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0403x1 Angry Townspeople Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0446x1 Avatar Event  Rare  search
XF97-0404x1 Big Blue Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0468x1 Braddock Heights, Maryland Site  Common  search
XF97-0447x1 Captive Hybrid Event  Common  search
XF97-0478x1 Carina Maywald Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0456x1 Ceremony Event  Rare  search
XF97-0406x1 Cerulean Blue Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0469x1 Chinatown, San Francisco, CA Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0448x1 Circuit Board Implant Event  Rare  search
XF97-0443x1 Classified Ad Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0427x1 Classified Photos Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0400x1 Clyde Bruckman Agent  Rare  search
XF97-0479x1 Coast Guard Lieutenant Witness  Common  search
XF97-0386x1 Darin Peter Oswald Adversary  Rare  search
XF97-0407x1 Darkened Forest Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0409x1 Deceiving The Flock Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0431x1 Decomposing Victim Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0428x1 Dental X-ray Plate Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0429x1 Desktop Computer Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0480x1 Detective Alan Cross Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0401x1 Detective Angela White Agent  Common  search
XF97-0481x1 Detective Cline Witness  Common  search
XF97-0482x1 Detective Havez Witness  Common  search
XF97-0402x1 Detective Manners Agent  Common  search
XF97-0483x1 Detective Walter Eubanks Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0449x1 Disbelief Event  Common  search
XF97-0408x1 Dissolving Evidence Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0484x1 Dr. Alexander Ivanov Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0485x1 Dr. Bambi Berenbaum Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0486x1 Dr. Bugger Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0487x1 Dr. Jeff Eckerle Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0488x1 Dr. Rick Newton Witness  Common  search
XF97-0430x1 Dried Frog Equipment  Common  search
XF97-0450x1 Eliminating The Source Event  Rare  search
XF97-0489x1 Ellen Kaminski Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0490x1 Eric Hosteen Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0491x1 Escalante Witness  Common  search
XF97-0410x1 Festival Of The Hungry Ghosts Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0415x1 Final Repose Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0411x1 Flesh Sculpting Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0444x1 Foo Fighter Event  Rare  search
XF97-0432x1 Garrote Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0492x1 General Thomas Callahan Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0413x1 Heads Up Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0433x1 Helicopter Spotter Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0452x1 Hell Money Event  Rare  search
XF97-0470x1 Jerusalem, Ohio Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0493x1 Jim Ullrich Witness  Common  search
XF97-0387x1 John Mostow Adversary  Common  search
XF97-0453x1 Jose Chung's "from Outer Space" Event  Rare  search
XF97-0395x1 Joseph Patnik Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF97-0454x1 Krycek Possessed Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF97-0434x1 Laser Targeter Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0494x1 Lottie Holoway Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0495x1 Lt. Colonel Victor Stans Witness  Common  search
XF97-0496x1 Lucy Householder Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0426x1 M.R.I. Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0388x1 Margi Kleinjan Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF97-0414x1 Mass Grave Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0459x1 Men In Black Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF97-0497x1 Michael Kryder Witness  Common  search
XF97-0471x1 Miller's Grove, Massachusetts Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0455x1 Mostow's Sketches Event  Rare  search
XF97-0467x1 Mostow's Studio, Washington, D.C. Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0435x1 Murder Weapon Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0498x1 Navajo Elder Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0416x1 No One Believes You Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0417x1 Oubliette Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0499x1 Owen Jarvis Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0500x1 Parmelly Witness  Common  search
XF97-0501x1 Penny Northern Witness  Common  search
XF97-0405x1 Philosophical Question Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0472x1 Positron Emission Tomography Lab, Allentown, Pennsylvania Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0389x1 Puppet Adversary  Common  search
XF97-0437x1 Queequeg Equipment  Rare  search
XF97-0390x1 Red-haired Man Adversary  Rare  search
XF97-0502x1 Sammon Roque Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0438x1 Satellite Photos Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0439x1 Secret Government Files Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0440x1 Secret Passage Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0503x1 Sharon Kiveat Witness  Common  search
XF97-0504x1 Sharon Skinner Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0505x1 Sheriff John Teller Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0391x1 Simon Gates a.k.a. Ferreau Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF97-0457x1 Skinner Intervenes Event  Common  search
XF97-0458x1 Skinner's Wedding Ring Event  Common  search
XF97-0506x1 Stan Buxton Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0436x1 Stationery Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0418x1 Stoner, Chick, And Dude Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0473x1 Strikers Cove, Heuvalman's Lake, Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia Site  Common  search
XF97-0474x1 Strughold Mining Company, Rural West Virginia Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0442x1 Tape Recorder Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF97-0392x1 Terri Roberts Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF97-0475x1 Tesos Dos Bichos Excavation, Ecquadorian Highlands, South America Site  Uncommon  search
XF97-0393x1 The List Adversary  Rare  search
XF97-0419x1 The Mailman Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0507x1 The Stupendous Yappi Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0460x1 The Video Trap Event  Common  search
XF97-0394x1 The Walk Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF97-0420x1 This Is Not Happening Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0461x1 Tong Lottery Jar Event  Rare  search
XF97-0423x1 Two Lux Video Camera Equipment  Rare  search
XF97-0465x1 Unexpected Call Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF97-0412x1 Veracity In Question Bluff  Common  search
XF97-0508x1 Victor Klemper Witness  Rare  search
XF97-0476x1 Virgil Incanto's Apartment, Cleveland, Ohio Site  Common  search
XF97-0421x1 Visions Of A Madman Bluff  Rare  search
XF97-0462x1 Visit From The First Elder Event  Rare  search
XF97-0463x1 War Of The Coprophages Event  Rare  search
XF97-0509x1 Warden Leo Brodeur Witness  Uncommon  search
XF97-0464x1 White Buffalo Event  Rare  search
XF97-0466x1 Work A Deal Event  Common  search
XF97-0422x1 You're A Dead Man Bluff  Rare  search
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