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Starfleet Maneuvers

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Starfleet Maneuvers: 160 cards
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122 "Amok Time" Mission  Uncommon  search
123 "Amok Time" Plot  Rare  search
124 "Amok Time" Discovery  Uncommon  search
125 "Catspaw" Mission  Very Rare  search
126 "Catspaw" Plot  Uncommon  search
127 "Catspaw" Discovery  Very Rare  search
128 "Friday's Child" Mission  Uncommon  search
129 "Friday's Child" Plot  Very Rare  search
130 "Friday's Child" Discovery  Very Rare  search
131 "I, Mudd" Mission  Very Rare  search
132 "I, Mudd" Plot  Uncommon  search
133 "I, Mudd" Discovery  Very Rare  search
134 "Metamorphosis" Mission  Uncommon  search
135 "Metamorphosis" Plot  Rare  search
136 "Metamorphosis" Discovery  Very Rare  search
137 "Mirror, Mirror" Mission  Common  search
138 "Mirror, Mirror" Plot  Very Rare  search
139 "Mirror, Mirror" Discovery  Uncommon  search
140 "The Apple" Mission  Uncommon  search
141 "The Apple" Plot  Common  search
142 "The Apple" Discovery  Very Rare  search
143 "The Changeling" Mission  Uncommon  search
144 "The Changeling" Plot  Very Rare  search
145 "The Changeling" Discovery  Rare  search
146 "The Deadly Years" Mission  Common  search
147 "The Deadly Years" Plot  Very Rare  search
148 "The Deadly Years" Discovery  Rare  search
149 "The Doomsday Machine" Mission  Very Rare  search
150 "The Doomsday Machine" Plot  Uncommon  search
151 "The Doomsday Machine" Discovery  Very Rare  search
152 "The Trouble With Tribbles" Mission  Uncommon  search
153 "The Trouble With Tribbles" Plot  Very Rare  search
154 "The Trouble With Tribbles" Discovery  Common  search
155 "Who Mourns For Adonais?" Mission  Very Rare  search
156 "Who Mourns For Adonais?" Plot  Uncommon  search
157 "Who Mourns For Adonais?" Discovery  Common  search
158 "Wolf In The Fold" Mission  Rare  search
159 "Wolf In The Fold" Plot  Uncommon  search
160 "Wolf In The Fold" Discovery  Common  search
1 Admiral Komack Crew  Rare  search
59 Adrenaline Effect  Rare  search
99 Advanced Aging Wild  Very Rare  search
60 Agonizer Effect  Rare  search
74 Agony Booth Permanent Wild  Common  search
61 Ahn-Woon Effect  Common  search
26 Akuta Challenge  Common  search
27 Alice Series Android Challenge  Common  search
100 Android Overload Wild  Uncommon  search
101 Antigrav Units Wild  Rare  search
28 Apollo Challenge  Rare  search
75 Apollo's Shrine Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
102 Argelian Empathic Contact Wild  Rare  search
29 Arne Darvin Challenge  Common  search
76 Asteroid Yonada Permanent Wild  Common  search
77 Aurora Permanent Wild  Rare  search
78 Botany Bay Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
103 Bows and Arrows Wild  Rare  search
30 Captain Koloth Challenge  Common  search
2 Captain Pike Crew  Very Rare  search
3 Captain Ramart Crew  Rare  search
79 Captain's Chair Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
104 Cavalry Arrives Wild  Rare  search
80 Central Control Permanent Wild  Rare  search
105 Clean Slate Wild  Very Rare  search
106 Code 2 Wild  Uncommon  search
31 Colonel Fellini Challenge  Common  search
32 Commodore Matt Decker Challenge  Uncommon  search
4 Commodore Stocker Crew  Very Rare  search
33 Companion Challenge  Common  search
107 Competency Hearing Wild  Rare  search
108 Cultural Taboo Wild  Rare  search
34 Deadly Flora Challenge  Uncommon  search
81 DEEP SPACE STATION K-7 Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
35 Eleen Challenge  Common  search
82 Engineering Room Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
5 Ensign Freeman Crew  Common  search
6 Ensign Hendorf Crew  Uncommon  search
7 Ensign Montgomery Crew  Uncommon  search
36 Feeders of Vaal Challenge  Common  search
109 Friendly Welcome Wild  Rare  search
37 Giant Black Cat Challenge  Common  search
62 Highly Illogical Behavior Effect  Rare  search
83 I.S.S. ENTERPRISE Permanent Wild  Rare  search
38 Jarvis Challenge  Common  search
110 Kal-If-Fee Wild  Rare  search
63 Kligat Effect  Common  search
84 Klingon Battle Cruiser Permanent Wild  Very Rare  search
39 Korax Challenge  Common  search
40 Korob Challenge  Common  search
8 Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas Crew  Uncommon  search
9 Lieutenant Chip Carter Crew  Very Rare  search
10 Lieutenant Hanson Crew  Uncommon  search
11 Lieutenant Jackson Crew  Common  search
12 Lieutenant Jose' Tyler Crew  Uncommon  search
13 Lieutenant Kaplan Crew  Rare  search
14 Lieutenant Karen Tracy Crew  Uncommon  search
15 Lieutenant Marlena Moreau Crew  Rare  search
16 Lieutenant Palmer Crew  Common  search
17 Lieutenant Ron Perazza Crew  Very Rare  search
18 Lieutenant Rowe Crew  Uncommon  search
19 Lieutenant Singh Crew  Common  search
20 Lieutenant Steve Domzalski Crew  Very Rare  search
21 Lieutenant Tonia Barrows Crew  Very Rare  search
22 Lieutenant Washburn Crew  Rare  search
64 Lirpa Effect  Common  search
41 Maab Challenge  Common  search
111 Magnesite-Nitron Tablet Wild  Rare  search
85 Magnetic Storm Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
112 Manual Override Wild  Rare  search
113 Masiform D Wild  Uncommon  search
42 Mirror Chekov Challenge  Rare  search
43 Mirror Marlena Challenge  Common  search
44 Mirror Spock Challenge  Rare  search
45 Mirror Sulu Challenge  Rare  search
65 Native Club Effect  Common  search
114 Neural Paralyzer Wild  Rare  search
46 Nilz Baris Challenge  Common  search
47 Norman Challenge  Common  search
23 Number One Crew  Common  search
24 Nurse Cheryl Thomas Crew  Very Rare  search
86 Orion Smugglers Permanent Wild  Very Rare  search
115 Plak-Tow Wild  Rare  search
87 Planet Killer Permanent Wild  Rare  search
66 Plate of Gems Effect  Common  search
67 Plomeek Soup Effect  Common  search
116 Pon farr Wild  Rare  search
68 Quadrotriticale Effect  Common  search
48 Redjac Challenge  Common  search
69 Redjak's Knife Effect  Common  search
117 Reeducation Wild  Very Rare  search
88 Romulan Neutral Zone Permanent Wild  Very Rare  search
89 Science Station Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
90 Shuttlecraft Columbus Permanent Wild  Common  search
91 Sick Bay Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
70 Sonic Pulse Effect  Common  search
92 Star Charts Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
49 Stella Challenge  Common  search
118 Suicide Mission Wild  Rare  search
50 Sylvia Challenge  Common  search
119 Sympathetic Magic Wild  Uncommon  search
52 T'Pau Challenge  Uncommon  search
53 T'Pring Challenge  Very Rare  search
93 Tantalus Field Permanent Wild  Rare  search
71 Taunt Effect  Common  search
51 Teer Akaar Challenge  Common  search
94 Tholian Web Permanent Wild  Uncommon  search
95 Top Security Brig Permanent Wild  Very Rare  search
120 Transmuter Wild  Uncommon  search
121 Transporter Swap Wild  Rare  search
55 Tribbles (C) Challenge  Common  search
54 Tribbles (H) Challenge  Uncommon  search
56 Tribbles (L) Challenge  Uncommon  search
96 U.S.S. CONSTELLATION Permanent Wild  Common  search
97 U.S.S. LEXINGTON Permanent Wild  Common  search
72 Universal Translator Effect  Rare  search
57 Vaal Challenge  Rare  search
73 Verifier Effect  Rare  search
98 Warning Beacon Permanent Wild  Common  search
25 Yeoman Colt Crew  Common  search
58 Zombie Crew Challenge  Common  search

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