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Shana Booster Pack

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Shana Booster Pack: 116 cards
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SS-W14-081 "Beautiful Whim" Pheles Character  search
SS-W14-041 "Chanter of Elegies" Margery Daw Character  search
SS-W14-41SP "Chanter of Elegies" Margery Daw Character  SP  search
SS-W14-074 "Corpse Retriever" Lamis Character  search
SS-W14-075 "Destructive Blade" Sabrac Character  search
SS-W14-047 "Flame Haze" Margery Character  search
SS-W14-039 "Flame Haze" Wilhelmina Character  search
SS-W14-039S "Flame Haze" Wilhelmina Character  SR  search
SS-W14-089 "He who Loves Himself" Sorath & "Engulfed in Love for Others" Tiriel Character  search
SS-W14-087 "Hunter" Friagne Character  search
SS-W14-058 "Improvisational Poem of Slaughter" Margery Character  search
SS-W14-083 "Judge of Paradoxes" Bel Peol Character  search
SS-W14-038 "Lovely Goblet" Margery Character  search
SS-W14-038S "Lovely Goblet" Margery Character  SR  search
SS-W14-057 "Manipulator of Objects" Wilhelmina Carmel Character  search
SS-W14-072 "Master Throne" Hecate Character  RR  search
SS-W14-72SP "Master Throne" Hecate Character  SP  search
SS-W14-061 "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w Character  search
SS-W14-086 "Rainbow Wings" Merihim Character  search
SS-W14-088 "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion Character  search
SS-W14-079 "Thousand Changes" Sydonay Character  search
SS-W14-080 "Three-Eyed Female Monster" Bel Peol Character  search
SS-W14-094 "Trinity" Hecate Character  search
SS-W14-093 "Trinity" Sydonay Character  search
SS-W14-091 "Village of Jestful Slumber" Mea Character  search
SS-W14-026 Alast Tooru Event  search
SS-W14-068 Anything Is Possible Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-066 Battle at the Tendoukyuu Climax  CR  search
SS-W14-028 Battle Declaration in the School Climax  CR  search
SS-W14-099 Birth of Denizens in This World Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-065 Challenge of Homemade Cooking Event  search
SS-W14-018 Chigusa Sakai Character  search
SS-W14-005 Clumsy Shana Character  search
SS-W14-071 Crimson-Colored Struggle Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-097 Devouring City Event  search
SS-W14-098 Direct Confrontation! Climax  CR  search
SS-W14-025 Eita Tanaka Character  search
SS-W14-084 Friagne & Marianne Character  search
SS-W14-076 Friagne, Flame Haze Murderer Character  search
SS-W14-013 Fumina Konoe Character  search
SS-W14-030 Go to Midnight Lost Child Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-019 Hayato Ike Character  search
SS-W14-067 Heaven-and-Earth Sundering Climax  CR  search
SS-W14-090 Hecate in Yukata Character  search
SS-W14-082 Hecate, Empty Existence Character  search
SS-W14-078 Hecate, Great Priestess Character  search
SS-W14-073 Hecate, Maiden of Oracle Character  RR  search
SS-W14-073R Hecate, Maiden of Oracle Character  RRR  search
SS-W14-077 Hecate, Moment of Confrontation Character  search
SS-W14-077S Hecate, Moment of Confrontation Character  SR  search
SS-W14-085 Hecate, Opened Vessel Character  search
SS-W14-016 Kazumi as Juliet Character  search
SS-W14-002 Kazumi in A Dress Character  RR  search
SS-W14-02SP Kazumi in A Dress Character  SP  search
SS-W14-021 Kazumi in Maid Outfit Character  search
SS-W14-007 Kazumi Yoshida Character  search
SS-W14-004 Kazumi, A Step Forward Character  search
SS-W14-023 Kazumi, Student of Misaki High SChool Character  search
SS-W14-009 Keisaku Satou Character  search
SS-W14-003 Konoe in Maid Outfit Character  search
SS-W14-024 Konoe, Transfer Student with Suspicions Character  search
SS-W14-049 Margery & Marchosias Character  search
SS-W14-052 Margery Daw Character  search
SS-W14-055 Margery in Swimsuits Character  search
SS-W14-022 Matake Oagata Character  search
SS-W14-044 Mathilde Saint-Omer Character  search
SS-W14-092 Pheles, Wheeler of Wind Character  search
SS-W14-070 Power of Will Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-100 Retrival of Vessels Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-063 Seal Event  search
SS-W14-069 Seized Lead Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-031 Shana & Alastor Character  RR  search
SS-W14-031S Shana & Alastor Character  SR  search
SS-W14-050 Shana & Alastor, Go to Yuji Character  search
SS-W14-042 Shana & Yuji Character  search
SS-W14-042R Shana & Yuji Character  RRR  search
SS-W14-048 Shana as Dorothy Character  search
SS-W14-012 Shana in Swimsuits Character  search
SS-W14-011 Shana who Loves Melon Bread Character  search
SS-W14-035 Shana, Apostle of Extermination Character  search
SS-W14-035R Shana, Apostle of Extermination Character  RRR  search
SS-W14-020 Shana, Confused Character  search
SS-W14-045 Shana, Contractor of Alastor Character  search
SS-W14-001 Shana, Development of the Town Character  RR  search
SS-W14-01SP Shana, Development of the Town Character  SP  search
SS-W14-008 Shana, First Time Feeling This Character  search
SS-W14-008S Shana, First Time Feeling This Character  SR  search
SS-W14-040 Shana, Flame Sword Flash Character  search
SS-W14-054 Shana, Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter Character  search
SS-W14-034 Shana, Great Vessel Character  RR  search
SS-W14-34SP Shana, Great Vessel Character  SP  search
SS-W14-037 Shana, Moment of Confrontation Character  search
SS-W14-037S Shana, Moment of Confrontation Character  SR  search
SS-W14-033 Shana, Prideful Character  RR  search
SS-W14-033R Shana, Prideful Character  RRR  search
SS-W14-056 Shana, Something to Protect Character  search
SS-W14-059 Shana, Staring into the Futre Character  search
SS-W14-046 Shana, Wings of Crimson Character  search
SS-W14-053 Shana, Wish And Mission Character  search
SS-W14-064 Silver Flame Event  search
SS-W14-027 Start of Seishuu Festival Event  search
SS-W14-096 Statue of Pride Event  search
SS-W14-095 Tenmoku Ikko Character  search
SS-W14-029 The Feeling that Nothing Can Be Done Climax  CC  search
SS-W14-062 Torch And Flame Haze Event  search
SS-W14-060 Wilhelmina & Tiamat Character  search
SS-W14-051 Wilhelmina Carmel Character  search
SS-W14-043 Wilhelmina, 3 Minute Cooking Character  search
SS-W14-032 Wilhelmina, Beautiful Princess of "Unrivaled Battle Techniques" Character  RR  search
SS-W14-32SP Wilhelmina, Beautiful Princess of "Unrivaled Battle Techniques" Character  SP  search
SS-W14-036 Wilhelmina, Contractor to Tiamat Character  search
SS-W14-017 Yuji as Romeo Character  search
SS-W14-014 Yuji Sakai Character  search
SS-W14-006 Yuji, Changed "Torch" Character  search
SS-W14-015 Yuji, Mystes of Midnight Lost Child Character  search
SS-W14-010 Yukari Hirai Character  search

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