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Angel Beats! Extra Pack

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Angel Beats! Extra Pack: 39 cards
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AB-WE10-26 "Godfather" Yuri Character  search
AB-WE10-05 "Maradona" Yui Character  search
AB-WE10-04 "Messenger of God" Angel / “神の使い”天使 Character  search
AB-WE10-36 Battle Against Shadow Climax  search
AB-WE10-29 Handle Name Takeyama Character  search
AB-WE10-28 Hinata, Baseball Boy Character  search
AB-WE10-27 Hinata, Thinking of Allies Character  search
AB-WE10-17 Hisako, Prideful Guitarist Character  search
AB-WE10-02 Iwasawa & Hisako, A Good Understanding / よき理解者 岩沢&ひさ子 Character  search
AB-WE10-13 Iwasawa, Guitar Performer / ギターパフォーマー 岩沢 Character  search
AB-WE10-10 Kanade in Swimsuit Character  search
AB-WE10-03 Kanade, End of the Confrontation / 対立の終わり かなで Character  search
AB-WE10-03P Kanade, End of the Confrontation / 対立の終わり かなで Character  SP  search
AB-WE10-06 Kanade, Farewell Words Character  search
AB-WE10-12 Kanade, Former Strong Enemy Character  search
AB-WE10-18 Kanade, Normal Girl Character  search
AB-WE10-19 Naoi, Two-Faced Character  search
AB-WE10-21 Operation Tornado feat. Yui Climax  search
AB-WE10-25 Otonashi, Irregularity of the World Character  search
AB-WE10-09 Otonashi, Memories of the Beat / 鼓動の記憶 音無 Character  search
AB-WE10-08 Sekine & Irie, Good Pair Character  search
AB-WE10-32 Shiina, Arrogant Kunoichi Character  search
AB-WE10-23 Shiyusa, Talented Controller Character  search
AB-WE10-20 Somewhere, Some Other Time Climax  search
AB-WE10-33 Takamatsu, Unleashed Self Character  search
AB-WE10-35 TK, Sunny Dancer Character  search
AB-WE10-15 Yui & Hinata, Like Couples Character  search
AB-WE10-01 Yui's Sex Appeal? / お色気担当? ユイ Character  search
AB-WE10-14 Yui, Always Energetic Character  search
AB-WE10-11 Yui, Lowbrow Yet Hard-Working Character  search
AB-WE10-07 Yui, Passionate Girl / 情熱少女 ユイ Character  search
AB-WE10-07P Yui, Passionate Girl / 情熱少女 ユイ Character  SP  search
AB-WE10-16 Yui, Second Generation Vocalist Character  search
AB-WE10-30 Yuri, Antagonist Character  search
AB-WE10-34 Yuri, Can't Forgive God Character  search
AB-WE10-31 Yuri, Kanade's Friend Character  search
AB-WE10-22 Yuri, Resolved Conflict / 解けた葛藤 ゆり Character  search
AB-WE10-22P Yuri, Resolved Conflict / 解けた葛藤 ゆり Character  SP  search
AB-WE10-24 Yuri, Time to Depart Character  search

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