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A Poisoned Spear

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A Poisoned Spear: 20 cards
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120 Across the Summer Sea Plot  search
104 Andal Charger Attachment  search
112 Dothraki Stallion Attachment  search
105 Dragonstone Convert Character  search
108 Drowned Crewman Character  search
116 Heavy Taxes Attachment  search
106 Highgarden Destrier Attachment  search
103 House Clegane Outlaw Character  search
109 Isle Garron Attachment  search
118 Isle of Faces Location  search
102 Northern Courser Attachment  search
115 Poisoned Spear Attachment  search
114 Rhoynish Steed Attachment  search
117 Seal of the Crown Attachment  search
101 Ser Kyle Condon Character  search
110 Sorrowful Man Character  search
113 The Red Viper Character  search
107 The Sparr Character  search
111 True Queen's Loyalist Attachment  search
119 Twist of Fate Plot  search

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