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Written and Bound

Written and Bound: 20 cards
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9 Celaeno Fragments, Book of Books Support  search
12 Chauncey Swann, Eldritch Acquisitionist Character  search
1 Customs Agent Character  search
8 Dr. Laban Shrewsbury, Extra-dimensional Anthropologist Character  search
17 Elder Thing Scavenger Character  search
5 Elise Warren, Lady in Waiting Character  search
11 Feed Her Young Event  search
2 Flush them Out Event  search
16 Go Underground Event  search
20 Hall of Champions, Honoring Warriors Past and Present Support  search
15 Jon Pechon, Man with a Plan Character  search
19 Library of Alexandria, Repository of Philosophies Support  search
10 Lucas Corn, Scarecrow of a Man Character  search
13 Nathan Wick, Master of Initiation Character  search
4 Sibilant Cry Event  search
7 Sonje Olson, Truth Seeker Character  search
14 T'tka Halot, Umbral Codex Support  search
3 Uroborus, Fang of Yig Character  search
18 Walk the Path Event  search
6 Whisper in the Wind Event  search
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