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Promotional Cards

Promotional Cards: 37 cards
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P08 A Turn for the Worse Event  search
15 Atrophy Event  search
P05 Book of Dzyan Support  search
GNK-1 Clover Club Torch Singer Character  search
P03 Come to a Ghastly End Event  search
16 Cruel Temptation Event  search
P02 Cthulhu for President Event  search
GNK-2 Cthulhu, Lord of R'lyeh Character  search
P01 Cthulhu, The Thing That Should Not Be Character  search
9 Dexter Asylum Support  search
P04 Dreams of the Great Old One Event  search
GNK-3 Eldritch Nexus Event  search
P06 Escaped the Portal! Event  search
5 Evil Awakens! Event  search
P09 Forgotten Place Support  search
GNK-4 Glaaki, The Inhabitant of the Lake Character  search
7 Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Scribe or the Unspeakable Character  search
P07 Irresistible Allure Event  search
GNK-5 Laboratory Assistant Character  search
P12 Man's Best Fiend Support  search
6 Mountains of Madness Support  search
13 Mr. Six, The Dweller in the Caverns Character  search
12 Nophru-Ka, The Forgotten Pharaoh Character  search
P11 Nuclear Chaos Event  search
1 Priest of the Desert Moon Character  search
14 Profane Messenger Character  search
3 Shadow over Cairo Event  search
4 Tentacular Spectacular Event  search
P13 The Black Man, Coven Master Character  search
2 The Cairo Connection Event  search
11 The Challenge from Beyond Story  search
P10 The Nameless City Story  search
10 The Opening of Every Gate Event  search
GNK-6 The Seventy Steps, Of Light Slumber Support  search
8 The Unfortunate Cat Klaus, Forsaken Feline Character  search
P06D Two-Player Demo Deck Rules  search
GNK-7 Y'Golonac, The Obscenity Character  search
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