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Omens of Ruin

Omens of Ruin: 20 cards
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1 Ancient Longbeards Unit  search
5 Boar Pen Support  search
20 Bribery Tactic  search
16 Dark Elf Infiltrator Unit  search
14 Den of Iniquity Support  search
11 Eatine Harbour Support  search
7 Hidden Grove Support  search
9 Korhil Unit  search
17 Malekith's Throne Support  search
13 Mark of Chaos Support  search
19 Nimble Spearman Unit  search
3 Poisonous Wyvern Unit  search
4 River Troll Unit  search
6 Steam Tank Unit  search
10 Tiranoc Chariot Unit  search
18 Tree Kin Unit  search
2 Und Dokbar Support  search
12 Ungor Raiders Unit  search
8 Visit the Haunted City Quest  search
15 Witch Hag Unit  search
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