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Soul Arena - SoulCalibur III Set 3

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Soul Arena - SoulCalibur III Set 3: 144 cards
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056 *****Mitsurugi***** Character  Rare  search
092 *****Taki***** Character  Rare  search
055 ****Mitsurugi**** Character  Super Rare  search
091 ****Taki**** Character  Super Rare  search
002 **Abyss** Character  Starter Rare  search
020 **Cervantes** Character  Starter Rare  search
038 **Lizardman** Character  Starter Rare  search
074 **Rock** Character  Rare  search
110 **Talim** Character  Rare  search
128 **Yoshimitsu** Character  Starter Rare  search
001 *Abyss* Character  Rare  search
019 *Cervantes* Character  Rare  search
037 *Lizardman* Character  Super Rare  search
073 *Rock* Character  Super Rare  search
109 *Talim* Character  Super Rare  search
127 *Yoshimitsu* Character  Rare  search
060 8th Bill of Punishment Attack  Uncommon  search
006 Abyss's Nergal's Poison Sting Attack  Common  search
015 Achieving Your Goals Foundation  Uncommon  search
007 Apsu's Fury Attack  Common  search
078 Atomic Drop Maximum Attack  Rare  search
079 Avalanche Press Attack  Uncommon  search
051 Awakening Foundation  Uncommon  search
114 Blue Sky Attack  Uncommon  search
069 Calm but Deadly Foundation  Rare  search
061 Cannon Divide Attack  Rare  search
141 Chivalrous Thievery Foundation  Common  search
008 Cosmic Embryo Attack  Uncommon  search
080 Crack Divider Attack  Common  search
059 Damascus Sword Asset  Super Rare  search
123 Deceptive Look Foundation  Uncommon  search
105 Demon Hunting Foundation  Rare  search
062 Double Reaver Attack  Rare  search
096 Dragon Wheel Attack  Rare  search
143 Dragonfly Foundation  Uncommon  search
033 Dread Charge Foundation  Common  search
024 Dread Slash Attack  Starter Rare  search
081 Earth Lifter Attack  Common  search
003 Echoing Roar Action  Uncommon  search
009 Enkidu's Grief Attack  Common  search
025 Eternal Curse Attack  Uncommon  search
016 Eternity of Lifetimes Foundation  Common  search
097 Executioner's Curse Attack  Rare  search
039 Experiments Action  Uncommon  search
010 Fatal Gravity Attack  Starter Rare  search
087 Father Figure Foundation  Common  search
132 Firmiana Solor Kick Attack  Common  search
115 Flowing Gale Hook Attack  Uncommon  search
026 Flying Dutchman Attack  Common  search
052 Forsaken Foundation  Uncommon  search
095 Fuma Kugi Asset  Super Rare  search
027 Galleon Sinker Attack  Uncommon  search
041 Grudge Ax & Aya Shield Asset  Super Rare  search
063 Hell Flash Attack  Rare  search
075 Hesitation Action  Common  search
142 Hidden Base Foundation  Uncommon  search
082 Hyper Dynamite Slam Attack  Common  search
116 Icewind Combo Attack  Common  search
088 Immense Strength Foundation  Uncommon  search
021 Immortality Action  Uncommon  search
129 Infiltrating Action  Super Rare  search
017 Inhuman Power Foundation  Starter Rare  search
106 Intuitive Observation Foundation  Rare  search
005 Irkalla Asset  Super Rare  search
133 Jaw Smash Attack  Uncommon  search
028 Jolly Roger Hoist Attack  Common  search
083 Jumping Tomahawk Attack  Common  search
098 Jute Burial Attack  Rare  search
042 Killing Bite Attack  Uncommon  search
064 Lantern Divide Attack  Rare  search
107 Leave at Dawn Foundation  Uncommon  search
011 Lilitu's Needle Attack  Common  search
012 Lunatic Sin Attack  Rare  search
130 Manji Ninjitsu Action  Starter Rare  search
093 Melding Action  Uncommon  search
043 Mezentius Desert Threat Attack  Starter Rare  search
044 Mezentius Head Butt Attack  Common  search
045 Mezentius Sand Revenger Attack  Rare  search
046 Mezentius Shield Cannon Attack  Uncommon  search
047 Mezentius Style Reptile Rumble Attack  Common  search
070 Mist Foundation / Attack  Uncommon  search
065 Mitsurugi's Phoenix Tail Attack  Rare  search
117 Monsoon Season Attack  Common  search
134 Moon Sault Slayer Attack  Common  search
029 Night Raid Attack  Common  search
099 Ninja Cannon Attack  Uncommon  search
034 No Quarter Foundation  Starter Rare  search
124 Not the Strongest Foundation  Common  search
013 Nova's Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
077 Onslaught Asset  Super Rare  search
118 Parabolic Sipa Attack  Rare  search
030 Phantasm Fleet Attack  Common  search
119 Piggyback Tulison Attack  Common  search
022 Pirate Raid Action  Uncommon  search
089 Proven Manhood Foundation  Uncommon  search
040 Punishing Onslaught Action  Common  search
057 Quest to Defeat the Rifle Action  Rare  search
135 Rainbow Drop Attack  Common  search
053 Raise the Shield Foundation  Common  search
076 Remember the Past Action  Uncommon  search
066 Rising Knee Attack  Rare  search
084 Rock Knuckle Attack  Uncommon  search
085 Rock Stomp Kick Attack  Common  search
120 Rolling Storm Attack  Uncommon  search
048 Sandland Predator Attack  Common  search
100 Seal of the Fire Dragon Attack  Rare  search
125 Searching for Fragments Foundation  Uncommon  search
101 Shadow Cannon Attack  Rare  search
126 Shaman Training Foundation  Uncommon  search
058 Shogyusha Action  Rare  search
071 Silent Step Foundation  Rare  search
108 Skilled Ninja Foundation  Rare  search
054 Soldier of Sparta Foundation  Common  search
144 Sole Survivor Foundation  Uncommon  search
072 Son of a Farmer Foundation  Rare  search
023 Soul Edge & Nirvana Asset  Super Rare  search
136 Soul Harvest Action  Rare  search
035 Soul of Cervantes Foundation / Attack  Common  search
137 Spinning Fall Pogo Attack  Uncommon  search
138 Spinning Sword Attack  Common  search
102 Stalker Drop Attack  Rare  search
067 Star Fall Eve Attack  Rare  search
139 Steel Wind Attack  Common  search
031 Surprise Wave Attack  Uncommon  search
113 Syi Salika & Loka Luha Asset  Super Rare  search
090 Taking the Bait Foundation  Uncommon  search
036 The Merchant's Message Foundation  Common  search
032 Tornado Swell Attack  Uncommon  search
018 True Death Foundation  Uncommon  search
121 Turning Kali Strikes Attack  Common  search
140 Turning Suicide Attack  Starter Rare  search
049 Turnus Dune Comet Attack  Common  search
050 Turnus Nether Blast Attack  Starter Rare  search
004 Twisting Hearts of Men Action  Common  search
086 Ultimate Volcano Attack  Rare  search
111 Unparalleled Potential Action  Uncommon  search
068 Upper Arch Attack  Rare  search
112 Virtue of the Small Action  Uncommon  search
014 Void Nova Attack  Common  search
103 Weaving Blades Attack  Rare  search
094 Wind Roll Action  Rare  search
104 Windfall Attack  Rare  search
122 Witik Stomp Attack  Common  search
131 Yoshimitsu Asset  Super Rare  search

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