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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
ABYR-EN ABYR-EN084 Abyss Dweller  Monster / Effect / Xyz Super Rare 1 English Everything is now for sale!
POTD POTD-EN028u Alien Mother  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 2 English Make offers of at least 5$!
PRO-II WCPP-EN007 Alligator's Sword  Monster Rare 1 English Will give discounts on larger orders in addition to a general savings!
SD10 SD10-EN001 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon  Monster / Effect Fixed 2 English Shoot me an offer and we can work something out! Thanks
PRO-II WCPP-EN018 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon  Monster / Effect Rare 2 English  
PRO SP2-EN001 Ancient Lamp (Sneak Preview Promo)  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
LODT LODT-EN016u Arcana Force XXI - The World  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 1 English  
STBL-EN STBL-EN000 Archfiend Empress  Monster / Effect Super Rare 1 English  
ANPR-EN ANPR-EN097 Beast Machine King Barbaros Ãœr  Monster / Effect Super Rare 2 English  
SOVR-EN SOVR-EN043 Black Brutdrago  Monster / Effect / Synchro Super Rare 2 English  
IOC IOC-075 Black Tyranno  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
RGBT-EN RGBT-EN013u Blackwing - Elphin the Raven  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 1 English  
CRMS CRMS-EN008 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind  Monster / Tuner Rare 2 English  
DP11-EN DP11-EN001 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind  Monster / Tuner Rare 1 English  
ORCS-EN ORCS-EN041 Blade Armor Ninja  Monster / Effect / Xyz Super Rare 1 English  
CT-EN CT1-EN002 Blade Knight (Collector Tin Set 3)  Monster / Effect Secret Rare 1 English  
CSOC-EN CSOC-EN099 Botanical Lion  Monster / Effect Super Rare 1 English  
CP08 CP08-EN010 Burial from a Different Dimension  Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Rare 1 English  
TLM TLM-EN037 Card of Sanctity  Spell/Magic Card Super Rare 5 English  
ABPF-EN ABPF-EN045 Cards of Consonance  Spell/Magic Card Super Rare 1 English  
PRO TLM-ENSE2 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End (The Lost Millennium - Special Edition)  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
DREV-EN DREV-EN079 Chivalry  Trap Card / Counter Ultra Rare 2 English  
MRL MRL-038 Confiscation  Spell/Magic Card Super Rare 1 English  
TLM TLM-EN013u Criosphinx  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 1 English  
PRO HL5-EN001 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (Hobby League)  Monster / Effect Parallel Rare 1 English  
LCGX-EN LC02-EN007 Cyber Larva  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 2 English  
EOJ EOJ-EN009 Cyber Phoenix  Monster / Effect Super Rare 2 English  
EOJ EOJ-EN007 Cyber Prima  Monster / Effect Super Rare 2 English  
EOJ EOJ-EN007u Cyber Prima  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 1 English  
PRO DBT-EN002 D.D. Assailant (Destiny Board Travler - GBA)  Monster / Effect Super Rare 1 English  
GLD1 GLD1-EN015 D.D. Warrior Lady  Monster / Effect Gold Ultra Rare 1 English  
LON LON-065 Dark Necrofear  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
PTDN PTDN-EN018 Dark Nephthys  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 2 English  
PTDN PTDN-EN018u Dark Nephthys  Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare 1 English  
SDDC-EN SDDC-EN002 Darkflare Dragon  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
LCGX-EN LC02-EN004 Darklord Asmodeus  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 2 English  
PRO YG05-EN001 Darklord Desire  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
LCGX-EN LC02-EN006 Darklord Edeh Arae  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 2 English  
LCGX-EN LC02-EN005 Darklord Superbia  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 2 English  
GLD2-EN GLD2-EN002 Des Volstgalph  Monster / Effect Gold Ultra Rare 1 English  
TAEV TAEV-EN034 Desert Twister  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
PRO WC07-EN003 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander (World Championship Series)  Monster / Effect Super Rare 2 English  
CRV CRV-EN059u Dimension Wall  Trap Card Ultimate Rare 1 English  
SDMM-EN SDMM-EN032 Dimensional Prison  Trap Card Common 2 English  
PTDN PTDN-EN022 Doomsday Horror  Monster / Effect Super Rare 1 English  
PRO JUMP-EN026 Dragonic Knight  Monster / Effect Ultra Rare 1 English  
HA03-EN HA03-EN031 Dragunity Dux  Monster / Effect Secret Rare 3 English  
HA04-EN HA04-EN059 Dragunity Knight - Barcha  Monster / Effect / Synchro Secret Rare 1 English  
HA03-EN HA03-EN032 Dragunity Legionnaire  Monster / Effect Super Rare 3 English  
ABPF-EN ABPF-EN041 Drill Warrior  Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultra Rare 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 227 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4 5     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
15AY-JPA Memories of the Duel King: Duelist Kingdom Arc
5DS1 Starter Deck: 5D's
5DS2-EN Starter Deck 2009
5DS3-EN Starter Deck: Duelist Toolbox
ABPF-EN Absolute Powerforce
ABPF-JP Absolute Powerforce (Japanese)
ABYR-EN Abyss Rising
ABYR-JP Abyss Rising (Japanese)
ANPR-EN Ancient Prophecy
ANPR-JP Ancient Prophecy (Japanese)
AP01-EN Astral Pack: Booster One
AP02-EN Astral Pack Two
AP03 Astral Pack Three
AP04-EN Astral Pack Four
AST Ancient Sanctuary
BP01-EN Battle Pack: Epic Dawn
BP02-EN Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants
BPW2-EN Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants - Round 2
CA Curse of Anubis (Japanese)
CBLZ-EN Cosmo Blazer
CDIP Cyberdark Impact
CP01 Champion Pack 1
CP02 Champion Pack 2
CP03 Champion Pack 3
CP05 Champion Pack 5
CP06 Champion Pack 6
CP07 Champion Pack 7
CP08 Champion Pack 8
CP4 Champion Pack 4
CRMS Crimson Crisis
CRV Cybernetic Revolution
CSOC-EN Crossroads of Chaos
CSOC-JP Crossroads of Chaos (Japanese)
CT-EN Collector's Tins
DB1 Dark Beginnings 1
DB1-TC Dark Beginnings 1 Tip Cards
DB12-JP Duelist Box 2012 (Japanese)
DB2 Dark Beginnings 2
DB2-TC Dark Beginnings 2 Tip Cards
DCR Dark Crisis
DL09-EN Duelist League 2010 Prize Cards
DL11-EN Duelist League 2011
DL12-EN Duelist League 3
DL13-EN Duelist League 13
DL14-EN Duelist League 14
DL15-EN Duelist League 15
DL16-EN Duelist League 16
DL17-EN Duelist League 17
DL2 Duelist Legacy Volume.2 (Japanese)
DLG1 Dark Legends
DP03 GX Duelist Pack 3 - Jaden Yuki (vol.2)
DP04 GX Duelist Pack 4 - Zane Truesdale
DP05 GX Duelist Pack 5 - Aster Phoenix
DP06 GX Duelist Pack 6 - Jaden Yuki (Vol.3)
DP07 GX Duelist Pack 7 - Jesse Anderson
DP08 GX Duelist Pack 8 - Yusei Fudo
DP08-JP GX Duelist Pack 8 - Yusei (Japanese)
DP09-EN Duelist Pack 9: Yusei Fudo 2
DP09-JP Duelist Pack 9: Yusei Fudo 2 (Japanese)
DP1 GX Duelist Pack 1 - Yuki Jaden
DP10-EN Duelist Pack: Yusei 3
DP10-JP Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3 (Japanese)
DP11-EN Duelist Pack 11: Crow
DP11-JP Duelist Pack 11: Crow (Japanese)
DP12-JP Duelist Pack 12: Yuma Tsukumo (Japanese)
DP13-JP Duelist Pack 13: Kite Tenjo (Japanese)
DP1T GX Duelist Pack 1 Tip Cards
DP2 GX Duelist Pack 2 - Chazz Princeton
DP2T GX Duelist Pack 2 Tip Cards
DPKB-EN Duelist Pack: Kaiba
DPXX-EN Strategy Cards
DPYG-EN Duelist Pack: Yugi
DR04 Dark Revelations 4
DR1 Dark Revelations 1
DR1-TC Dark Revelations Tip Cards
DR2 Dark Revelations 2
DR3 Dark Revelations 3
DREV-EN Duelist Revolution
DREV-JP Duelist Revolution (Japanese)
DT01-EN Duel Terminal
DT01-JP Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!! (Japanese)
DT02-EN Duel Terminal 2
DT02-JP Duel Terminal - Invasion of Worms!! (Japanese)
DT03-EN Duel Terminal 3
DT03-JP Duel Terminal - Justice Strikes Back!! (Japanese)
DT04-EN Duel Terminal 4
DT04-JP Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!! (Japanese)
DT05-EN Duel Terminal 5
DT05-JP Duel Terminal - Champion of Chaos!! (Japanese)
DT06-EN Duel Terminal 6
DT06-JP Duel Terminal - Dragunity of the Hurricane (Japanese)
DT07-EN Duel Terminal 7
DT07-JP Duel Terminal - Charge of the Genex (Japanese)
DT08-JP Duel Terminal - Pulse of the Trishula (Japanese)
DT09-JP Duel Terminal - Vairon Descends!! (Japanese)
DT10-JP Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!! (Japanese)
DT11-JP Duel Terminal - Judgment of Omega!! (Japanese)
DT12-JP Duel Terminal - Exceed Startup (Japanese)
DT13-JP Duel Terminal - Sacred Star Knights!! (Japanese)
DT14-JP Duel Terminal - Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!! (Japanese)
DTC1-JP Duel Terminal Chronicle 1 - Chapter of Awakening
DTP1-EN Duel Terminal - Preview
EE04-JP Expert Edition Volume.4 (Japanese)
EE1-JP Expert Edition Volume.1 (Japanese)
EE2-JP Expert Edition Volume.2 (Japanese)
EE3-JP Expert Edition Volume.3 (Japanese)
EEN Elemental Energy
EOJ Enemy of Justice
EP13-JP Extra Pack: Sword of Knights (Japanese)
EXP1-JP Extra Pack (Japanese)
EXP2-JP Extra Pack Volume 2 (Japanese)
EXP3-JP Extra Pack Volume 3 (Japanese)
EXP4-JP Extra Pack Volume 4 (Japanese)
EXVC-EN Extreme Victory
EXVC-JP Extreme Victory (Japanese)
FET Flaming Eternity
FOTB Force of the Breaker
FOTB-JP Force of the Breaker (Japanese)
GAOV-EN Galactic Overlord
GAOV-JP Galactic Overlord (Japanese)
GENF-EN Generation Force
GENF-JP Generation Force (Japanese)
GLAS Gladiator's Assault
GLAS-JP Gladiator's Assault (Japanese)
GLD1 Gold Series 1
GLD2-EN Gold Series 2
GLD3-EN Gold Series 3
GLD4-EN Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition
GLD5-EN Gold Series 5: Haunted Mine
GS01-JP Gold Series (Japanese)
GS02-JP Gold Series 2010 (Japanese)
GS03-JP Gold Series 2011 (Japanese)
GS04-JP Gold Series 2012 (Japanese)
GS05-JP Gold Series 2013 (Japanese)
GS06-JP Gold Series 2014 (Japanese)
HA01-EN Hidden Arsenal
HA02-EN Hidden Arsenal 2
HA03-EN Hidden Arsenal 3
HA04-EN Hidden Arsenal 4
HA05-EN Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
HA06-EN Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz
HA07-EN Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars
IOC Invasion of Chaos
JF09-JP Jump Festa 2009 - Special Pack (Japanese)
JF13-JP Jump Festa 2013 - Special Card Pack (Japanese)
JOTL-EN Judgment of the Light
JOTL-JP Judgment of the Light (Japanese)
JY Structure Deck: Jounouchi (Japanese)
KA Structure Deck: Kaiba (Japanese)
LCGX-EN Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years
LCJW-EN Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World
LCYW-EN Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World
LE-J Limited Editions (Japanese)
LE-JP Limited Edition Packs (Japanese)
LE10 Limited Edition 10 (Japanese)
LE11 Limited Edition 11 (Japanese)
LE12-14 Limited Edition 12-14 (Japanese)
LE15-16 Limited Edition 15-16 (Japanese)
LN Labyrinth of Nightmare (Japanese)
LOB Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon
LOD Legacy of Darkness
LODT Light of Destruction
LON Labyrinth of Nightmare
LTGY-EN Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy
LTGY-JP Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy (Japanese)
LVAL-EN Legacy of the Valiant
LVAL-JP Legacy of the Valiant (Japanese)
MA Mythological Age (Japanese)
MFC Magician's Force
MR Magic Ruler (Japanese)
MRD Metal Raiders
MRL Magic Ruler
NUMH-EN Number Hunters
ORCS-EN Order of Chaos
ORCS-JP Order of Chaos (Japanese)
PE Structure Deck: Pegasus (Japanese)
PGD Pharaonic Guardian
PGLD-EN Premium Gold Booster Pack
PH Pharaonic Guardian (Japanese)
PHSW-EN Photon Shockwave
PHSW-JP Photon Shockwave (Japanese)
POTD Power of the Duelist
PP-J Premium Packs (Japanese)
PP01 Premium Pack 1
PP02 Premium Pack 2
PRC1-EN 2012 Premium Collection Tin
PRIO-JP Primal Origin (Japanese)
PRO Promotional Cards (English)
PRO-II Promotional Cards II (English)
PROMJN Promotional Cards (Japanese)
PS Pharaoh's Servant (Japanese)
PSV Pharaoh's Servant
PTDN Phantom Darkness
RDS Rise of Destiny
REDU-EN Return of the Duelist
REDU-JP Return of the Duelist (Japanese)
RGBT-EN Raging Battle
RGBT-JP Raging Battle (Japanese)
RP01 Retro Pack 1
RP02-EN Retro Pack 2
RYMP-EN Ra Yellow Mega-Pack
SC Struggle of Chaos (Japanese)
SD09 Structure Deck: Dinosaur's Rage
SD1 Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar
SD10 Structure Deck: Machine Re-volt
SD11-JP Structure Deck 11: Surge of Radiance (Japanese)
SD12-JP Structure Deck 12: Curse of Darkness (Japanese)
SD13-JP Structure Deck 13: Revival of the Great Dragon (Japanese)
SD14 Structure Deck: Advent of the Emperor (Japanese)
SD15-JP Structure Deck: Zombie World (Japanese)
SD16-JP Structure Deck: Lord of the Magicians (Japanese)
SD17-JP Structure Deck: Warrior's Strike (Japanese)
SD18-JP Structure Deck 18: Machiners Comando (Japanese)
SD19-JP Structure Deck 19: Dragunity Drive (Japanese)
SD2 Structure Deck: Zombie Madness
SD20-JP Structure Deck 20: Lost Sanctuary (Japanese)
SD21-JP Structure Deck 21: Devil's Gate (Japanese)
SD22-JP Structure Deck 22: Dragonic Legion (Japanese)
SD23-JP Structure Deck 23: Roar of the Sea Emperor (Japanese)
SD24-JP Structure Deck 24: Onslaught of the Fire Kings (Japanese)
SD25-JP Structure Deck 25: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent (Japanese)
SD26-JP Structure Deck 26: Blitzkrieg of the Mechlight Dragons (Japanese)
SD3 Structure Deck: Blaze of Destruction
SD4 Structure Deck: Fury From The Deep
SD5 Structure Deck: Warrior's Triumph
SD6 Structure Deck: Spellcaster's Judgement
SD7 Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress
SD8 Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm
SDBE-EN Structure Deck: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon
SDCR-EN Structure Deck: Cyber Dragon Revolution
SDDC-EN Structure Deck: Dragons Collide
SDDE Structure Deck: The Dark Emperor
SDDL-EN Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion
SDGU-EN Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld
SDJ Starter Deck: Joey
SDK Starter Deck: Kaiba
SDLS-EN Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary
SDM Structure Deck: Marik (Japanese)
SDMA-EN Structure Deck: Marik
SDMM-EN Structure Deck: Machina Mayhem
SDOK-EN Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings
SDP Starter Deck: Pegasus
SDRE-EN Structure Deck: Realm of the Sea Emperor
SDRL Structure Deck: Rise of the Dragon Lords
SDSC-EN Structure Deck: Spellcaster's Command
SDWA-EN Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords
SDWS-EN Structure Deck: Warrior's Strike
SDY Starter Deck: Yugi
SDZW Structure Deck: Zombie World
SHSP-EN Shadow Specters
SHSP-JP Shadow Specters (Japanese)
SKE Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution
SM Spell of Mask (Japanese)
SOD Soul Of The Duelist
SOI Shadow of Infinity
SOVR-EN Stardust Overdrive
SOVR-JP Stardust Overdrive (Japanese)
SP13-EN Star Pack 2013
SP14-EN Star Pack 2014
SRL-EN Spell Ruler
ST12-JP0 Starter Deck 2012 (Japanese)
ST13-JP Starter Deck 2013 (Japanese)
ST13-JPV Starter Deck 2013 Enhancement Pack (Japanese)
STBL-EN Starstrike Blast
STBL-JP Starstrike Blast (Japanese)
STON Strike of Neos
STOR-EN Storm of Ragnarok
STOR-JP Storm of Ragnarok (Japanese)
SYE Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution
TAEV Tactical Evolution
TAEV-JP Tactical Evolution (Japanese)
TB Thousand Eyes Bible (Japanese)
TDGS The Duelist Genesis
TLM The Lost Millennium
TP1 Tournament Pack 1
TP15-JP Tournament Pack 2010 Vol.3 (Japanese)
TP2 Tournament Pack 2
TP3 Tournament Pack 3
TP4 Tournament Pack 4
TP5 Tournament Pack 5
TP6 Tournament Pack 6
TP7 Tournament Pack 7
TP8 Tournament Pack 8
TSHD-EN The Shining Darkness
TSHD-JP The Shining Darkness (Japanese)
TU01-EN Turbo Pack
TU02-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 2
TU03-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 3
TU04-EN Turbo Pack: Booster Four
TU05-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 5
TU06-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 6
TU07-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 7
TU08-EN Turbo Pack: Booster 8
YAP1 5Ds Anniversary Pack
YAP1-JP 5Ds Anniversary Pack (Japanese)
YMP1-EN 3D Bonds Beyond Time Movie Pack
YS11-EN Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz
YS12-EN Starter Deck: Xyz Symphony
YS13-EN Super Starter Deck: V for Victory
YS13-ENV Super Starter Power-Up Pack
YSD Yugioh Starter Deck - Special Edition
YSD2-JP Starter Deck 2007 (Japanese)
YSD3-JP Starter Deck 2008 (Japanese)
YSD4-JP Starter Deck 2009 (Japanese)
YSD5-JP Starter Deck 2010 (Japanese)
YSD6-JP Starter Deck 2011 (Japanese)
YSDJ Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki
YSDS Starter Deck: Syrus Truesdale
YSKR-EN Starter Deck: Kaiba Reloaded
YSYR-EN Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded
YU Structure Deck: Yugi (Japanese)
ZTIN-EN 2013 Zexal Collection Tin
301 New Ruler (Japanese)

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