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have list for user clayster

These are the cards of Star Trek that the user clayster has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
DS9 248 Bajoran Freighter  Ships: Bajoran C 2 English  
DS9 252 Cardassian Shuttle  Ships: Cardassian C 2 English  
AU 13 Empathic Echo  Dilemma C 1 English  
AU 38 Engage Shuttle Operations  Event U 2 English  
RofA 32 Ferengi Outpost  Facilities: Outposts C 1 English  
Prem.Spe 347 I.K.C. K'Vort  Ships: Klingon Common 2 English  
Q-C 62 K'chiQ  Personnel: Klingon C 2 English  
Holodeck 103 Madam Pulaski  Personnel: Non-aligned U 1 English  
Holodeck 112 Regina Barthalomew  Personnel: Non-aligned U 1 English  
Q-C 46 Space  Mission C 2 English  
C2A 58 Stir Crazy  Event C 1 English  
C2A 78 The Founder Is Wise  Interrupt C 1 English  
Mirror 25 Treaty: Federation/Dominion  Event C 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 339 U.S.S. Nebula  Ships: Federation C 2 English  
Prem.Unl. 340 U.S.S. Oberth  Ships: Federation C 2 English  

Cards 1 to 15 of 15

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
1stC First Contact Expansion
2ndEdition Second Edition Base Set
AA Archive
AGT All Good Things
AU Alternate Universe Expansion
Anthology1 First Anthology
Anthology2 Second Anthology
BofG Blaze of Glory Expansion
C2A Call to Arms
CLog Captain's Log
DM Dangerous Missions
DS9 Deep Space Nine Expansion
Dominion The Dominion Expansion
E.1stC Enhanced First Contact
E.Premiere Enhanced Premiere
EC Enterprise Collection
FT Fractured Time
Fajo The Fajo Collection
Foil Promo Foil Promo Cards
Holodeck Holodeck Adventures Expansion
I2P Introductory Two-Player Game
IAMD In A Mirror, Darkly
Mirror Mirror Mirror Expansion
NE Necessary Evil
OTS Official Tournament Sealed Deck
Oversized Oversized Cards
PSD2 Premier Starter Deck 2 (1998)
Prem.Lim. Premiere Limited Edition (black-bordered)
Prem.Spe Premiere Special Edition (silver-border)
Prem.Unl. Premiere Unlimited Beta Edition (white-bordered)
PremAlph Premiere Unlimited Alpha Edition (white-bordered)
Promo Promo Cards
Promo2 Second Edition Promos
Q-C Q-Continuum Expansion
Refl.2 Reflections 2.0
Refl:FFYM Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission
RofA Rules Of Acquisition Expansion
SNW Strange New Worlds
StarterII Starter Deck II
TATV These Are The Voyages
TBG To Boldly Go
TMP The Motion Pictures Expansion
TTWT The Trouble With Tribbles Expansion
TheBorg The Borg Expansion
Uncut Premiere Unlimited Cut "Uncut" Edition (white-bordered)
Voyager Voyager Expansion
WYLB What You Leave Behind

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