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These are the cards of Lord Of The Rings that the user lamar70 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
MD 108 A Light in His Mind  Condition U 1 English  
MD 78 Advance Scout  Minion U 1 English  
SofG 1 Aggression  Condition C 1 English  
FOTR 69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer From Bree  Ally . Home 1 R 2 English  
FOTR 88 An Able Guide  Event R 1 English  
TROTK 80 Andúril, King's Blade  Artifact R 1 English  
TTT 3 Anger  Dunland Event C 1 English  
FOTR 89 Aragorn, Ranger Of The North  Companion R 1 English  
TTT 59 Arrow and Blade  Elven Event U 1 English  
FOTR 93 Arwen's Fate  Event R 1 English  
FOTR 30 Arwen, Daughter of Elrond  Companion R 1 English  
BL 158 Assault Commander  Minion R 1 English  
BOHD 10 Balglin, Elven Warrior  Elven Companion U 1 English  
BR 82 Barrage  Event R 1 English  
FOTR 205 Beauty Is Fading  Event R 2 English  
TTT 140 Beyond All Hope  Isengard Event R 1 English  
MofM 39 Beyond the Height of Men  Event R 2 English  
TTT 112 Boromir's Gauntlets  Gondor Possession C 1 English  
TTT 111 Boromir, My Brother  Gondor Condition R 1 English  
FOTR 328 Bree Streets  Site 2 U 1 English  
BL 63 Brego, Loyal Steed  Possession R 2 English  
MofM 53 Cave Troll's Chain  Possession R 2 English  
BL 104 Chamber Patrol  Minion R 2 English  
FOTR 99 Change of Plans  Event R 3 English  
MD 81 Cirith Ungol Guard  Minion C 1 English  
BR 37 Come Away  Condition R 3 English  
MofM 97 Consorting With Wizards  Condition R 1 English  
TTT 44 Courtesy of My Hall  Dwarven Condition C 1 English  
FOTR 124 Cruel Caradhras  Event R 1 English  
BR 162 Dark Approach  Event R 1 English  
BL 178 Dark Fell About Him  Event R 2 English  
TTT 7 Dark Fury  Dunland Event C 1 English  
MofM 55 Dark Places  Condition C 1 English  
FOTR 210 Dark Whispers  Event R 1 English  
TROTK 20 Defiance  Event C 1 English  
TROTK 222 Déor  Ally C 1 English  
TROTK 137 Desert Spearman  Minion C 1 English  
FOTR 243 Despair  Event R 3 English  
BR 26 Discoveries  Event R 1 English  
BR 120 Diversion  Event R 2 English  
EOF 39 Don't Look at Them  Condition R 1 English  
SofG 86 Doom Drove Them  Condition U 1 English  
TTT 148 Down to the Last Child  Isengard Condition U 1 English  
MD 29 Drawing His Eye  Event R 2 English  
MofM 3 Dwarven Bracers  Possession U 1 English  
TTT 224 Easterling Axeman  Raider Minion C 1 English  
MD 40 Easterling Berserker  Minion R 1 English  
TROTK 142 Easterling Blademaster  Minion C 1 English  
FOTR 247 Enheartened Foe  Event R 1 English  
TTT 266 Éomer, Sister-son of Théoden  Rohan Companion C 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 274 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4 5 6     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AE Age's End
BL Bloodlines
BOHD Battle of Helm's Deep
BR Black Rider
EOF Ents of Fangorn
ExME Expanded Middle-earth Deluxe
FOTR The Fellowship of the Ring
FOTRA The Fellowship of the Ring Anthology
L/LM Legends/Legends Masterworks
MD Mount Doom
MofM Mines of Moria
Oversized Oversized Cards
Promo Promotional Cards
ROTEL Realms of the Elf-lords
ROTKA The Return of the King Anthology
RS Rise of Saruman
Refl. Reflections
SofG Siege of Gondor
T&D Treachery & Deceit
TH The Hunters
TROTK The Return of the King
TTT The Two Towers
TTTAnth The Two Towers Anthology
TWC The Wraith Collection
WRAnth War of the Ring Anthology

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