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have list for user leafsfan17

These are the cards of Star Wars that the user leafsfan17 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
Prem.Unl. 163 2X-3KPR (Tooex)  Character U 2 English  
Special 1 2X-7KPR (Tooex)  Character-droid C 1 English  
Dagobah 24 3,720 To 1  Effect C 5 English  
Dagobah 46 A Dangerous Time  Interrupt C 5 English  
Prem.Lim. 46 A Disturbance In The Force  Effect U 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 232 A Few Maneuvers  Interrupt C 5 English  
Prem.Lim. 232 A Few Maneuvers  Interrupt C 3 English  
JP 142 A Gift  Effect U 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 204 A Tremor In The Force  Effect U 1 English  
DStarII 153 A-wing  Starship C 4 English  
Cloud City 20 Ability, Ability, Ability  Effect C 3 English  
Cloud City 21 Abyss  Effect U 1 English  
JP 1 Abyssin  Character C 4 English  
JP 61 Abyssin Ornament  Interrupt U 1 English  
Endor 44 Accelerate  Interrupt C 1 English  
Cloud City 105 Access Denied  Effect C 4 English  
ANH 124 Advance Preparation  Interrupt U 1 English  
ANH 1 Advosze  Character C 3 English  
Special 313 Air-2 Racing Swoop  Transport Vehicle C 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 283 Alderaan  Location U 3 English  
Special 163 Alderaan Operative  Character-alien C 1 English  
Special 58 Alert My Star Destroyer!  Immediate Effect C 1 English  
Cloud City 107 All My Urchins  Effect R 1 English  
JP 51 All Wrapped Up  Effect U 1 English  
JP 3 Amanin  Character C 3 English  
Endor 26 An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops  Effect U 1 English  
Dagobah 64 Anoat  Location U 1 English  
Special 164 Anoat Operative  Character-alien C 1 English  
Special 3 Anoat Operative  Character-alien C 1 English  
JP 84 Antipersonnel Laser Cannon  Weapon U 1 English  
Dagobah 47 Apology Accepted  Interrupt C 5 English  
JP 4 Aqualish  Character C 1 English  
DStarII 147 Aquaris  Location C 1 English  
JP 139 Arc Welder  Device U 1 English  
ANH 82 Arcona  Character C 2 English  
JP 150 Artoo, I Have A Bad Feeling About This  Interrupt U 1 English  
Cloud City 124 As Good As Gone  Interrupt C 3 English  
Special 165 ASP-707 (Ayesspee)  Character-droid F 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 149 Assault Rifle  Weapon R 1 English  
Dagobah 65 Asteroid Field  Location C 3 English  
ANH 35 Astromech Shortage  Effect U 2 English  
Hoth 1 AT-AT Driver  Character C 2 English  
Endor 1 AT-ST Pilot  Character C 3 English  
Dagobah 25 Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship Out  Effect C 5 English  
JP 96 B'omarr Monk  Character C 3 English  
DStarII 155 B-wing Bomber  Starship C 2 English  
Dagobah 26 Bad Feeling Have I  Effect R 1 English  
Special 246 Balanced Attack  Used Interrupt U 1 English  
JP 5 Bane Malar  Character R 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 47 Baniss Keeg  Effect C 5 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 994 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ...>>     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ANH A New Hope
Anthology1 First Anthology Preview Cards
Anthology2 Second Anthology Preview Cards
Anthology3 Third Anthology
DStarII Death Star II
E.CC Enhanced Cloud City
E.JP Enhanced Jabba's Palace Packs
E.Premier Enhanced Premier
JP Jabba's Palace
JPSealed Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck
OTSDP Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Cards
P2PISP Premiere Two-Player Introductory Set Premium Cards
Prem.Lim. Premiere Set (Limited black-border)
Prem.Unl. Premiere Set (Unlimited white-border version)
Preview Preview and Premium Cards
R.ANH Revised A New Hope
R.Dagobah Revised Dagobah (white border)
R.Hoth Revised Hoth
Refl. Reflections
Refl.II Reflections II
Refl.III Reflections III
Special Special Edition
TESBI2P The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player Game
Theed Theed Palace

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