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These are the cards of Vs. System (Marvel & DC) that the user mailman1 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
DLS DLS-172 31st Century Metropolis, Team-Up  Location C 3 English  
JLA DJL-076 Abra Kadabra, Citizen Abra  Character U 1 English  
MOR MOR-174 Advanced Hardware  Equipment C 1 English  
DWF DWF-077 Aerie One  Equipment U 1 English  
MUN MUN-297 Agents of H.A.T.E.  Plot Twist C 4 English  
MCG MCG-019 Air-Walker, Herald  Character U 3 English  
DOR DOR-143 Airborne Assault  Plot Twist U 3 English  
DLS DLS-199 Alan Scott, White King  Character U 3 English  
DLS DLS-216 Alexander Luthor, Earth 3  Shadow Character U 3 English  
DWF DWF-159 Alexandra Allston as Parasite, Power Drain  Character C 2 English  
DLS DLS-113 All Hail Darkseid!  Plot Twist U 2 English  
DWF DWF-151 All Locked Up  Plot Twist C 1 English  
JLA DJL-102 All Too Easy  Plot Twist C 1 English  
DSM DSM-001 Alpha Centurion, Marcus Aelius  Character C 2 English  
DWF DWF-122 Anarky, Lonnie Machin  Shadow Character U 1 English  
DLS DLS-115 Ancient Throne  Location U 2 English  
DLS DLS-001 Andromeda, Laurel Gand  Character C 4 English  
XMen MXM-028 Angel of Mercy  Plot Twist U 1 English  
XMen MXM-043 Annalee, Mother Hen  Character C 2 English  
MUN MUN-206 Annihilus, Anti-Matter Master  Character C 4 English  
MVL MVL-151 Ant-Man, King of the Hill  Concealed Character C 5 English  
DLS DLS-088 Apokoliptian Zealots, Army  Character C 3 English  
DLS DLS-002 Apparition, Tinya Wazzo  Shadow Character C 3 English  
JLA DJL-001 Aquaman, Arthur Curry  Character C 1 English  
MVL MVL-001 Archangel, Aeroballistic  Character C 6 English  
DOR DOR-086 Arkham Asylum  Location U 2 English  
DSM DSM-120 Armagetto  Location U 1 English  
MUN MUN-295 Asgard  Location C 2 English  
DOR DOR-096 Assassin Initiate, Army  Character C 1 English  
DLS DLS-073 Asteroid JS-1967  Location U 3 English  
MVL MVL-085 Asteroid M  Location U 5 English  
MUN MUN-250 Atlantean Warriors, Army  Character U 1 English  
MUN MUN-036 Atlantis Attacks!  Plot Twist C 5 English  
DSM DSM-061 Atomic Skull, Joe Martin  Character U 2 English  
DLS DLS-045 Atrophos, Chief Blight Scientist  Character U 3 English  
MXS MXS-016 Avalanche, Seismic Shockwave  Character C 10 English  
MVL MVL-089 Avalanched!  Plot Twist C 8 English  
DLS DLS-173 Awestruck  Plot Twist C 3 English  
DSM DSM-150 Back to Back  Plot Twist C 1 English  
MOR MOR-175 Backfire  Plot Twist C 1 English  
MAV MAV-165 Baltag, Hand of the Conqueror  Character C 1 English  
DOR DOR-064 Bane, The Man Who Broke the Bat  Character C 1 English  
DOR DOR-097 Bane, Ubu  Character C 3 English  
MOR MOR-002 Banshee, Sean Cassidy  Character C 2 English  
DBM DBM-001 Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Bird of Prey  Character C 2 English  
DWF DWF-065 Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Hacker Elite  Shadow Character C 2 English  
DWF DWF-066 Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Inside Information  Shadow Character U 1 English  
MUN MUN-140 Baron Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker - HYDRA  Character C 5 English  
DLS DLS-128 Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Heir to the Mantle  Character U 2 English  
DOR DOR-034 Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Speedster  Character C 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 1,082 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ...>>     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
DBM Batman
DCL DC: Legends
DCR Infinity Crisis
DCX DC Exclusives
DGL Green Lantern Corps.
DLS Legion of Super Heroes
DOR DC Origins
DSM Superman: Man of Steel
DWF World's Finest
HoG Heralds of Galactus
JLA Justice League of America
MAA Marvel Age of Apocalypse
MAV Avengers
MCG Marvel: Coming of Galactus
MEQ Marvel: Equipment
MEV Marvel Evolution
MFF Fantastic Four
MMK Marvel Knights
MOR Marvel Origins
MSM Web of Spidey
MTU Marvel Team-Up
MUL Marvel: Ultimates
MUN Marvel Universe
MVL Marvel Legends
MXS X-Men Starter Deck
Promo Promotional Cards
XMen X-Men

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