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have list for user ack3

These are the cards of World of Warcraft TCG that the user ack3 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments  Avg. price
TDP 177 "Lowdown" Luppo Shadefizzle  Ally Rare 2 English  
TDP 115 Anger Management  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 312 Annihilator  Weapon Uncommon 2 English  
TDP 44 Arcane Power  Ability Rare 1 English  
OL 1 Arcane Revelation  Ability Uncommon 1 English  
HoA 313 Arcanite Reaper  Weapon Rare 1 English  
HoA 346 Are We There, Yeti?  Quest Uncommon 1 English  
TDP 31 Aspect of the Viper  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 177 Augustus Corpsemonger  Ally Rare 1 English  
HoA 91 Backstab  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 315 Barman Shanker  Weapon Uncommon 2 English  
HoA 136 Berserker Stance  Ability Rare 3 English  
MCT 17 Blastershot Launcher  Weapon Rare 3 English  
TDP 56 Blessing of Sacrifice  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 64 Blessing of Wisdom  Ability Rare 4 English  
TDP 138 Boat to Booty Bay  Ability Epic 1 English  
MCT 18 Bonereaver's Edge  Weapon Rare 1 English  
TDP 250 Bracers of the Eclipse  Armor Rare 2 English  
HoA 49 Brain Freeze  Ability Rare 3 English  
HoA 316 Brain Hacker  Weapon Uncommon 1 English  
TDP 67 Brainwash  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 282 Chromatic Cloak  Armor Uncommon 1 English  
HoA 92 Cold Blood  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 50 Cold Snap  Ability Rare 1 English  
OL 2 Coordinated Attack  Ability Uncommon 3 English  
HoA 343 Counterattack!  Quest Uncommon 1 English  
TDP 252 Crown of Destruction  Armor Rare 2 English  
TDP 119 Cruelty  Ability Rare 1 English  
OL 3 Cull the Weak  Ability Uncommon 1 English  
HoA 122 Dark Pact  Ability Rare 2 English  
HoA 139 Defensive Stance  Ability Rare 1 English  
MotL 258 Demonfang Ritual Helm  Armor Rare 1 English  
HoA 66 Devotion Aura  Ability Rare 3 English  
FoO 39 Dragon's Breath  Ability Rare 1 English  
HoA 341 Dragonkin Menace  Quest Uncommon 2 English  
TDP 207 Dramla Lifebender  Ally Rare 1 English  
HoA 319 Dwarven Hand Cannon  Weapon Epic 1 English  
HoA 286 Edgemaster's Handguards  Armor Uncommon 2 English  
FoO 66 Envenom  Ability Rare 1 English  
OL 22 Eskhandar's Collar  Item Rare 1 English  
HoA 287 Eye of Flame  Armor Rare 3 English  
HoA 288 Eye of Rend  Armor Uncommon 1 English  
FoO 197 Faith Healer's Boots  Armor Epic 1 English  
HoA 320 Fang of the Crystal Spider  Weapon Rare 2 English  
MotL 23 Feral Instinct  Ability Rare 1 English  
FoO 67 Filthy Tricks  Ability Rare 1 English  
MCT 22 Finkle's Lava Dredger  Weapon Rare 1 English  
HoA 321 Flame Wrath  Weapon Rare 2 English  
HoA 54 Flamestrike  Ability Rare 2 English  
HoA 344 For the Horde!  Quest Uncommon 2 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 150 - Pages:     [1] 2 3     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AD Class Starter 2011: Alliance Druid
ADKCS11 Class Starter 2011: Alliance Death Knight
AGM Arena Grand Melee
AH Class Starter 2011: Alliance Hunter
ALCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Alliance Warlock
AM Class Starter 2011: Alliance Mage
AP Class Starter 2011: Alliance Paladin
APr Class Starter 2011: Alliance Priest
ARCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Alliance Rogue
ASCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Alliance Shaman
AWCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Alliance Warrior
BT Black Temple Raid Deck
BTT Black Temple Treasure
BoG Blood of Gladiators
BotA Battle of the Aspects
BotG Betrayal of the Guardian
CRP Crafting Rewards Program
CS13ADK Class Starter 2013: Alliance Death Knight
CS13AH Class Starter 2013: Alliance Hunter
CS13APr Class Starter 2013: Alliance Priest
CS13AR Class Starter 2013: Alliance Rogue
CS13AS Class Starter 2013: Alliance Shaman
CS13AW Class Starter 2013: Alliance Warlock
CS13HD Class Starter 2013: Horde Druid
CS13HDK Class Starter 2013: Horde Death Knight
CS13HM Class Starter 2013: Horde Mage
CS13HP Class Starter 2013: Horde Paladin
CS13HW Class Starter 2013: Horde Warrior
CSD Class Starter Decks 2010
CoT Caverns of Time
CotH Crown of the Heavens
DD2011 2011 Dungeon Deck
DKS Death Knight Starter
DoW Drums of War
DoWS Drums of War Starter
FoH Fields of Honor
FoO Fires of Outland
FoW Feast of Winter
HACS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Mage
HDCS201 Class Starter 2011: Horde Death Knight
HDCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Druid
HFI The Hunt for Illidan
HHCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Hunter
HKCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Paladin
HLCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Warlock
HPCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Priest
HR Class Starter 2011: Horde Rogue
HSCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Shaman
HWCS2011 Class Starter 2011: Horde Warrior
HoA Heroes of Azeroth
IC Assault on Icecrown Citadel
ICT Assault on Icecrown Citadel Treasure
Ice Icecrown
MC Molten Core
MCT Molten Core Treasure
MLR Magtheridon's Lair Raid Deck
MLT Magtheridon's Lair Treasure
MotL March of the Legion
NAXT Naxxramas Treasure
OL Onyxia's Lair
OLD Onyxia's Lair Deck
RoF Timewalkers: Reign of Fire
SOB Servants of the Betrayer
SW Scourgewar
TDP Through the Dark Portal
ToD Twilight of the Dragons
ToT Throne of the Tides
TotF Tomb of the Forgotten
WB Worldbreaker
WoE War of the Elements
WotA War of the Ancients
WrathG Wrathgate

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