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have list for user abbas_12

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These are the cards of Chaotic TCG that the user abbas_12 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
TotT 36 Academy Strike  Attack Rare 1 English  
RotO 30 Aer'dak  Creature Rare 1 English  
RotO 22 Appelai  Creature Uncommon 1 English  
MInv. 132 Aspect Amplifier: Wit  Battlegear Common 1 English  
RotO 16 Aureban  Creature Super Rare 1 English  
MInv. 156 Ballad of the Belittled  Mugic Rare 1 English  
ZotH 17 Bierk  Creature Rare 1 English  
FU 67 Bodal's Dagger  Battlegear Rare 1 English  
RotO 48 Caustic Cascade  Attack Uncommon 1 English  
MInv. 69 Confusion  Attack Common 1 English  
DoP 138 Diamond of Vlaric  Battlegear Rare 1 English  
AU 193 Dranakis Threshold, Portal to the Past  Location Super Rare 1 English  
TotT 30 Dreg'ora  Creature Rare 1 English  
SSands 78 Echoes of Empty Hands  Mugic Uncommon 1 English  
MInv. 176 Ecstatic Fanfare  Mugic Uncommon 1 English  
MInv. 58 Erak'tabb  Creature Rare 1 English  
AU 59 Fasseph  Creature Rare 1 English  
FU 46 Fire Ring  Attack Rare 1 English  
AU 143 Flameblade of Seeryn  Battlegear Super Rare 1 English  
AU 104 Flood Force  Attack Common 1 English  
RotO 52 Force Balls  Attack Uncommon 1 English  
TotT 32 Gal'drad  Creature Common 1 English  
ZotH 6 Geltod  Creature Common 1 English  
AU 195 Gigantempopolis, Chamber of the Oraklon  Location Rare 1 English  
TotT 62 Girgeth Tar  Battlegear Super Rare 1 English  
FU 91 Glacier Plains, M'arrillian Heat Cannon  Location Ultra Rare 1 English  
MInv. 201 Gloom-mire Night  Location Common 1 English  
MInv. 202 Hall of Fatigue  Location Common 1 English  
AU 62 Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art  Creature Super Rare 1 English  
SSands 69 Heptadd's Crown  Battlegear Rare 1 English  
AU 197 Herken's Feast  Location Rare 1 English  
ZotH 58 Ice Cloak  Battlegear Rare 1 English Weathered condition & an bend in the middle
TotT 88 Intimidating Melody of M'arr  Mugic Rare 1 English  
MInv. 48 Jumbad  Creature Common 1 English  
RotO 37 Jus'hebban  Creature Common 1 English  
RotO 70 Kha'rall Chime Shard  Battlegear Uncommon 1 English  
AU 65 Khenti  Creature Common 1 English  
RotO 38 Lam'inkal  Creature Common 1 English  
MInv. 210 Lava Pond, Milla'iin's Foothold  Location Rare 1 English  
DoP 107 Lightning Burst  Attack Uncommon 1 English  
DoP 66 Lore  Creature Super Rare 1 English  
SSands 19 Makrabon  Creature Common 1 English  
ZotH 84 Melodic Might  Mugic Super Rare 1 English  
MInv. 166 Melody of Mirrored Actions  Mugic Rare 1 English  
RotO 39 Mik'banin  Creature Uncommon 1 English  
ZotH 48 Muge's Edge  Attack Rare 1 English  
SSands 30 Na-inna  Creature Common 1 English  
TotT 26 Neekwin  Creature Rare 1 English  
ZotH 96 Oipont's Lookout  Location Rare 1 English  
RotO 26 Otinee  Creature Common 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 79 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AU Alliances Unraveled
DoP Dawn of Perim
FU Forged Unity
LR League Rewards
MInv. M'arrillian Invasion
OrgPlay1 Organized Play 1
PP Premium Packs
Promos Promotional Cards
RotO Rise of the Oligarch
SSands Silent Sands
TotT Turn of the Tide
ZotH Zenith of the Hive

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