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have list for user jordisorry

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These are the cards of Middle Earth that the user jordisorry has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
METD TD116 Black Breath  Hazard Event Rare2 1 English  
MEDM DM051 La Elección de Lúthien  Resource Event Rare2 1 Spanish  
TWU TW119 Dwarven Ring of Drúin's Tribe  Resource Item Rare 1 English  
TWU TW119 Anillo Enano de la Tribu de Drúín  Resource Item Rare 1 Spanish  
METD TD089 Eärcaraxë  Hazard Creature Rare2 1 Spanish  
METD TD131 Frenesí de la Locura  Hazard Event Rare3 1 Spanish  
METW TW042 Galva  Character Rare 1 German  
METW TW042 Galva  Character Rare 1 French  
MEDM DM069 Conocimiento de los Hobbits  Resource Event Rare3 1 Spanish  
MEDM DM129 In the Heart of his Realm  Hazard Event Rare3 1 German  
MEDM DM077 Mallorn  Resource Event Rare2 1 Spanish  
METW TW404 Minas Morgul  Site Rare 2 Spanish  
TWU TW404 Minas Morgul  Site Rare 1 English  
MEDM DM041 Mithril  Resource Item Rare2 1 Spanish  
MEDM DM081 Ordered to Kill  Resource Event Rare3 2 English  
TWU TW143 Palantír of Amon Sûl  Resource Item Rare 1 English  
METD TD149 Passion of Wrath  Hazard Event Rare3 1 English  
MEDM DM044 Phial of Galadriel  Resource Item Rare2 1 English  
MEAS AS156 Rhosgobel  Site Rare2 1 Spanish  
METD TD155 Scatha en Casa  Hazard Event Rare3 2 Spanish  
MEAS AS063 Spies Feared  Resource Event Rare2 1 English  
TWU TW230 Piedra de Erech  Resource Event Rare 1 Spanish  
METW TW420 Stone-circle  Site Rare 1 English  
TWU TW420 Círculo de Piedras  Site Rare 1 Spanish  
TWU TW296 El Gran Trasgo  Hazard Creature Rare 1 Spanish  
MEDM DM171 Los Subterráneos de Hierro  Site Rare2 1 Spanish  
METD TD073 Jugar a los Acertijos  Resource Event Rare2 1 Spanish  
MEDM DM156 Para Llevarte Conmigo  Hazard Event Rare3 1 Spanish  
MEAS AS135 Golpes Desgraciados  Hazard Event Rare2 1 Spanish  

Cards 1 to 29 of 29

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
MEAS Against the Shadow
MEBA The Balrog
MECD Challenge Deck
MEDM Dark Minions
MELE The Lidless Eye
METD The Dragons
METW The Wizards
MEWH The White Hand
TWU The Wizards: Unlimited

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