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have list for user lucifur66

These are the cards of Legend of the Five Rings that the user lucifur66 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
RB 141 Blood Command  Spell Rare 1 English  
RB 76 Blood-Soaked Ground  Region Rare 2 English  
RB 94 Ciphered Scroll  Action Rare 2 English  
W&D 94 Crude Trap  Action Rare 1 English  
RB 135 Curse  Spell Rare 1 English  
RB 139 Essence of Gaki-do  Spell Rare 1 English  
RB 106 Eye of Iuchiban  Follower Rare 1 English  
HC 95 From Nowhere  Action Rare 1 English  
RB 64 Hakai  Personality Rare 1 English  
RB 4 Harsh Crossing  Event Rare 2 English  
RB 149 Harvest of Death  Spell Rare 1 English  
RB 18 Horsemaster  Holding Rare 2 English  
RB 147 Inazuma Blade  Spell Rare 2 English  
RB 7 Jade Shortage  Event Rare 2 English  
RB 124 Jigoku's Rage  Kiho Rare 1 English  
RB 37 Kakita Matabei  Personality Rare 2 English  
RB 33 Omen (Experienced)  Personality Rare 4 English  
RB 3 Our Darkest Hour  Event Rare 2 English  
RB 22 Pit of Blood  Holding Rare 2 English  
RB 1 Purification (ROB)  Event Rare 1 English  
RB 96 Quarantined  Action Rare 1 English  
RB 150 Reflect the Spirit  Spell Rare 1 English  
RB 132 Sezaru's Gift  Kiho Rare 1 English  
RB 6 Silence the Future  Event Rare 2 English  
RB 118 Spirit Drums  Item Rare 1 English  
RB 88 Stymied  Action Rare 2 English  
RB 53 Yoritomo Kitao (Experienced 2)  Personality Rare 4 English  

Cards 1 to 27 of 27

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AD Ambition's Debt
ALitS A Line in the Sand
AOF An Oni's Fury
APC A Perfect Cut
Aftrmath Aftermath
Anvil Anvil of Despair
BB Broken Blades
Beiden Battle of Beiden Pass
BoKT Battle of Kyuden Tonbo
BtD Before the Dawn
CE Celestial Edition
CE15A Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary
CR Clan Rivals
CoM Coils of Madness
CofB Code of Bushido
Crim&Jade Crimson & Jade
DA Dark Allies
DE Dawn of the Empire
DOW Drums of War
DaK Death at Koten
Diamond Diamond Edition
E&JC Emerald And Jade Championships
EAW Empire at War
EE Emperor Edition
EEG Emperor Edition Gempukku
EP Evil Portents
Emerald Emerald Edition
EoW Embers of War
EomE Enemy of my Enemy
F&S Fire & Shadow
FL Forgotten Legacy
FOU The Fall of Otosan Uchi
Forbidden Forbidden Knowledge
GoC Gates of Chaos
Gold Gold Edition
GotE Glory of the Empire
H&E Heaven & Earth
HB Honor Bound
HC Hidden City
HE-DJH The Hidden Emperor. The Dark Journey Home
HE1 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 1
HE2 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 2
HE3 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 3
HE4 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 4
HE5 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 5
HE6 The Hidden Emperor, Episode 6
HV Honor's Veil
HaT Honor and Treachery
Heroes Heroes of Rokugan
Imperial Imperial Edition
Ivory Ivory Edition
Jade Jade Edition
KYD 1,000 Years of Darkness
KsD Khan's Defiance
L5RE L5R Experience
LE Lotus Edition
Matsu Storms Over Matsu Palace
Obsidian Obsidian Edition
Pearl Pearl Edition
PoH Path of Hope
PotD Path of the Destroyer
PrCWF Promotional: CWF
PrCel Promotional: Celestial
PrEmper Promotional: Emperor
PrLotus Promotional: Lotus
PrSamrai Promotional: Samurai
Pre-Impe Pre-Imperial
RB Reign of Blood
RoS Rise of the Shogun
S:CW Siege: Clan War
S:HoD Siege: Heart of Darkness
SC Second City
SCC1 Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 1
SCC2 Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 2
SCC3 Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 3
SE Samurai Edition
SEB Samurai Edition Banzai
SSM Siege of Sleeping Mountain
STS Stronger than Steel
Shdwlnds Shadowlands
SoD Seeds of Decay
SotE Soul of the Empire
SpiritWars The Spirit Wars
TA Torn Asunder
TCS The Coming Storm
TCoW The Currency of War
TDBP Top Deck Booster Pack
TDoW The Dead of Winter
TF Twenty Festivals
TG Training Grounds
TG2 Training Grounds 2
TH The Harbinger
THW The Heaven's Will
TIG The Imperial Gift
TIG2 The Imperial Gift 2
TIG3 The Imperial Gift 3
TNO The New Order
TPW The Plague War
TSE The Shadow's Embrace
TTT The Truest Test
ThAcc Thunderous Acclaim
TimeVoid Time of the Void
ToE Test of Enlightenment
UCP Ultimate Clan Packs
W&D Words and Deeds
WL Web of Lies
WOTE Wrath of the Emperor
Winds Winds of Change
WoH War of Honor

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