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have list for user hansdracow

These are the cards of Star Trek that the user hansdracow has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
TATV 51 Bashir Founder, Imperturbable Infiltrator  Personnel: Dominion R 2 English  
TATV 58 Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer  Personnel: Federation R 1 English  
IAMD 23 Bigger Tattoo  Event R 1 English  
TATV 60 Chakotay, First Officer  Personnel: Federation R 1 English  
IAMD 4 Chula: The Dice  Dilemma R 1 English  
IAMD 99 Data, From the City of Rateg  Personnel: Romulan R 1 English  
TATV 116 Delta Flyer, Innovative Vessel  Ships: Federation R 1 English  
TATV 98 Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet  Personnel: Non-aligned R 1 English  
IAMD 53 Elim Garak, Crafty Underling  Personnel: Cardassian R 1 English  
TATV 37 Grav-Plating Trap  Interrupt R 1 English  
IAMD 122 I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran Flagship  Ships: Starfleet R 1 English  
IAMD 65 James T. Kirk, Brutal Barbarian  Personnel: Federation R 1 English  
TATV 89 Kang, Vigilant Commander  Personnel: Klingon R 1 English  
TATV 107 Keras, Creature of Duty  Personnel: Romulan R 1 English  
TATV 52 Krajensky Founder, Adversary  Personnel: Dominion R 1 English  
TATV 78 Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer  Personnel: Federation R 2 English  
IAMD 29 Necessary Evil  Event R 1 English  
IAMD 14 Paradan Replicant  Dilemma R 1 English  
IAMD 120 Phoenix, Risen From the Ashes  Ships: Non-aligned R 2 English  
IAMD 58 Pran, Thot  Personnel: Dominion R 1 English  
IAMD 32 Sabotaged Transporter  Event R 2 English  
IAMD 35 Temporal Flux Energy Ribbon  Event R 1 English  
TATV 47 Three of Nine, Tactician Drone  Personnel: Borg R 1 English  
TATV 119 U.S.S. Enterprise, Beautiful Lady  Ships: Federation R 1 English  
IAMD 118 U.S.S. Lakota, Modified Starship  Ships: Federation R 1 English  
IAMD 39 Unimatrix Zero  Event R 1 English  
TATV 20 Vian Test  Dilemma R 1 English  
IAMD 84 Worf, Defiant Commander  Personnel: Federation R 2 English  

Cards 1 to 28 of 28

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
1stC First Contact Expansion
2ndEdition Second Edition Base Set
AA Adversaries Anthology
AGT All Good Things
AU Alternate Universe Expansion
Anthology1 First Anthology
Anthology2 Second Anthology
BofG Blaze of Glory Expansion
C2A Call to Arms
CLog Captain's Log
DM Dangerous Missions
DS9 Deep Space Nine Expansion
Dominion The Dominion Expansion
E.1stC Enhanced First Contact
E.Premiere Enhanced Premiere
EC Enterprise Collection
FT Fractured Time
Fajo The Fajo Collection
Foil Promo Foil Promo Cards
Holodeck Holodeck Adventures Expansion
I2P Introductory Two-Player Game
IAMD In A Mirror, Darkly
Mirror Mirror Mirror Expansion
NE Necessary Evil
OTS Official Tournament Sealed Deck
Oversized Oversized Cards
Prem.Alpha Premiere Unlimited Alpha Edition (white-border)
Prem.Beta Premiere Unlimited Beta Edition (white-border)
Prem.Lim Premiere Limited Edition (black-border)
Prem.Spe Premiere Special Edition (silver-border)
Promo Promo Cards
Promo2 Second Edition Promos
Q-C Q-Continuum Expansion
Refl.2 Reflections 2.0
Refl:FFYM Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission
RofA Rules Of Acquisition Expansion
SNW Strange New Worlds
StarterII Starter Deck II
TATV These Are The Voyages
TBG To Boldly Go
TCCG Tribbles Customizable Card Game
TMP The Motion Pictures Expansion
TTWT The Trouble With Tribbles Expansion
TheBorg The Borg Expansion
TrbCrds Tribbled Cards
Uncut Premiere Unlimited Uncut Sheets (white-border)
Voyager Voyager Expansion
WYLB What You Leave Behind

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