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have list for user duff6551

These are the cards of Star Wars that the user duff6551 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
Refl. 15 2-1B  VRF 1 English  
DStarII 61 Accuser  Starship R 1 English  
Refl. 16 All Wings Report In  VRF 1 English  
Refl. 38 Avenger  VRF 1 English  
JP 5 Bane Malar  Character R 1 English  
Refl. 52 Bane Malar  VRF 1 English  
DStarII 1 Battle Deployment  Admiral's Orders R 1 English  
Refl. 76 Black 2  VRF 1 English  
Refl. 81 Bossk  VRF 1 English  
ANH 83 Brainiac  Character R 1 English  
Refl. 21 Braniac  VRF 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 235 Cantina Brawl  Interrupt R 1 English  
DStarII 92 Capital Support  Admiral's Orders R 1 English  
R.Hoth 4 Captain Piett  Character R 1 English  
Refl.II 65 Chimaera  Capital Starship SRF 1 English  
DStarII 99 Colonel Cracken  Character R 1 English  
DStarII 15 Commander Merrejk  Character R 1 English  
Special 174 Commander Wedge Antilles  Character-rebel R 1 English  
Refl. 25 Coruscant Celebration  VRF 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 77 Dark Collaboration  Interrupt R 1 English  
ANH 62 Death Star  Location R 1 English  
Dagobah 10 Dengar  Character R 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 11 Djas Puhr  Character R 1 English  
Dagobah 77 Executor  Starship R 1 English  
Dagobah 73 Executor: Meditation Chamber  Location R 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 53 Expand The Empire  Effect R 1 English  
Refl.II 123 Gift Of The Mentor  SRF 1 English  
Refl. 90 Greedo  VRF 1 English  
Special 298 Hidden Base / Systems Will Slip Through Your Fingers  Objective R 1 English  
Dagobah 11 IG-88  Character R 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 252 Into The Garbage Chute, Flyboy  Interrupt R 1 Japanese  
Dagobah 168 It Is The Future You See  Jedi Test R 1 English  
Refl. 102 Jabba's Sail Barge  VRF 1 English  
DStarII 19 Janus Greejatus  Character R 1 English  
JP 158 Jedi Mind Trick  Interrupt R 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 215 Kessel Run  Effect R 1 English  
Refl.II 129 Kessel Run  SRF 1 English  
Endor 12 Lieutenant Grond  Character U 1 English  
Prem.Unl. 159 Luke Seeker  Weapon R 1 English  
Refl. 59 Oola  Character-alien VRF 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 64 Organa's Ceremonial Necklace  Effect R 1 English  
Tatooine 92 Padmé Naberrie (AI)  Republic Character R 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 65 Presence Of The Force  Effect R 1 English  
Refl.II 9 Prince Xizor  Character PM 1 English  
Dagobah 81 Punishing One  Starship R 1 English  
Refl. 12 R2-D2  SRF 1 English  
Refl. 43 Red Leader  VRF 1 English  
Refl. 48 Rogue 1  VRF 1 English  
Refl.III 193 Seeking An Audience  VRF 1 English  
Prem.Lim. 67 Send A Detachment Down  Effect R 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 64 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ANH A New Hope
Anthology1 First Anthology Preview Cards
Anthology2 Second Anthology Preview Cards
Anthology3 Third Anthology
DStarII Death Star II
E.CC Enhanced Cloud City
E.JP Enhanced Jabba's Palace Packs
E.Premier Enhanced Premier
JP Jabba's Palace
JPSealed Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck
OTSDP Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Cards
P2PISP Premiere Two-Player Introductory Set Premium Cards
Prem.Lim. Premiere Set (Limited black-border)
Prem.Unl. Premiere Set (Unlimited white-border version)
Preview Preview and Premium Cards
R.ANH Revised A New Hope
R.Dagobah Revised Dagobah (white border)
R.Hoth Revised Hoth
Refl. Reflections
Refl.II Reflections II
Refl.III Reflections III
Special Special Edition
TESBI2P The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player Game
Theed Theed Palace

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