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want list for user kallarien

These are the cards of UFS (Universal Fighting System) that the user kallarien wants (change to: )

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Cards 1 to 16 of 16 (16 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
SC03 092 *****Taki*****  Character Rare 1 English  
SF04 055 ****Ryu****  Character Super Rare 1 English  
SF3P 18 ***Sakura***  Character Promo 1 English promo
SC1P 6 ***Zasalamel***  Character Promo 1 English promo
SF04 092 **Sakura**  Character Rare 1 English promo
SC02 052 Cold Blooded Demeanor  Foundation Uncommon 1 English  
SF04 027 Crossfire Barrage  Attack Rare 1 English  
SF04 006 Jaguar Assault  Attack Super Rare 1 English  
SF04 034 M.I.A.  Foundation Rare 1 English  
SF1P 7 Round 1 ... FIGHT!  Action Promo 1 English promo
SF1P 8 Round 2 ... FIGHT!  Action Promo 1 English promo
SF1P 9 Round 3 ... FIGHT!  Action Promo 1 English promo
SF04 104 Shunpu Kyaku  Attack Rare 1 English  
SF02 069 Sonic Boom  Attack Rare 1 English  
SF01 083 Tiger Genocide  Attack Super Rare 1 English  
SC03 086 Ultimate Volcano  Attack Rare 1 English  

Cards 1 to 16 of 16

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
2009P Champion Promos - 2009
2010P Champion Promos - 2010
2011P Champion Promos - 2011
2012P Champion Promos - 2012
2013P Champion Promos - 2013
BP01 King of Fighters XIII - Box Toppers
CG01 Red Horizon - GenCon Preview
CUFP Common/Uncommon Foil Promos
DS01 Darkstalkers
DS02 Darkstalkers Realm of Midnight
DS04 Darkstalkers - 2014 Tins
DS1P Darkstalkers Promos - Set 1
DS2P Darkstalkers Promos - Set 2
DS3P Darkstalkers Promos - Series 3
FP01 SNK 2012 Foil Promos
GC12 GenCon 2012 Promos
KOF01 King of Fighters XIII - Promo Pack
KOF02 King of Fighters XIII - Set 1
KOF03 King of Fighters XIII - Ruler of Time
KOF04 King of Fighters XIII - NeoMax
KOFGC King of Fighters XIII - GenCon
MM01 MegaMan
MMP01 Mega Man Promos - Series 1
PA Penny Arcade Battle Box
PA1P Penny Arcade Promos
RH01 Red Horizon - Set 1
RH02 Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance
RH1P Red Horizon Promos - Series 1
RH3P Red Horizon Promos - Series 3
SC01 Soulcalibur III Set 1
SC02 A Tale of Swords and Souls - SoulCalibur III Set 2
SC03 Soul Arena - SoulCalibur III Set 3
SC04 Blades of Fury - Soulcalibur III Set 4
SC05 Higher Calibur - Soulcalibur III Set 5
SC06 Flash of the Blades - Soulcalibur III Set 6
SC10P SoulCalibur III Set 10 Promos
SC1P Soulcalibur III Set 1 Promos
SC2P SoulCalibur III Set 2 Promos
SC3P SoulCalibur III Set 3 Promos
SC4P SoulCalibur III Set 4 Promos
SC5P SoulCalibur III Set 5 Promos
SC6P SoulCalibur III Set 6 Promos
SC7P SoulCalibur III Set 7 Promos
SC8P SoulCalibur III Set 8 Promos
SC9P SoulCalibur III Set 9 Promos
SCBP Soul Calibur Battle Box
SCFP Starter Character Foil Promos
SCIV01 Soul Calibur IV - Tower of Souls
SCIV02 Soul Calibur IV: Quest of Souls
SCIV1P SoulCalibur IV Promos Series 1
SCIV2P SoulCalibur IV Promos Series 2
SF01 Street Fighter Set 1
SF02 World Warriors - Street Fighter Set 2
SF03 The Next Level - Street Fighter Set 3
SF04 The Dark Path - Street Fighter Set 4
SF05 Extreme Rivals - Street Fighter Set 5
SF06 Fight for the Future - Street Fighter Set 6
SF07 Domination - Street Fighter Set 7
SF08 Deadly Ground - Street Fighter Set 8
SF09 Warriors Dream - Street Fighter Set 9
SF10P Street Fighter Set 10 Promos
SF11P Street Fighter Promos - Series 11
SF12P Street Fighter Set 12 Promos
SF1P Street Fighter Set 1 Promos
SF2P Street Fighter Set 2 Promos
SF3P Street Fighter Set 3 Promos
SF4P Street Fighter Set 4 Promos
SF5P Street Fighter Set 5 Promos
SF6P Street Fighter Promo Series 6
SF7P Street Fighter Set 7 Promos
SF8P Street Fighter Set 8 Promos
SF9P Street Fighter Set 9 Promos
SFBP Street Fighter Battle Pack Ryu/Akuma
SFXMAS Street Fighter Christmas Promo
SNK01 SNK Set 1
SNK02 Fortune and Glory - SNK Set 2
SNK03 Cutting Edge - SNK Set 3
SNK04 SNK King of Fighters
SNK05 SNK Flames of Fame
SNK1P SNK Promo Series 1
SNK2P SNK Promo Series 2
SNK3P SNK Promo Series 3
SNK4P SNK Promo Series 4
SNK5P SNK Promo Series 5
SNK6P SNK Promo Series 6
SNK7P SNK Promo Series 7
SNK8P SNK Promo Series 8
STAFF Sabertooth Staff Promos
SW01 ShadoWar
SW1P ShadoWar Promos Series 1
SW2P ShadoWar Promos Series 2
SW3P ShadoWar Promos Series 3
T601 Tekken 6
T6P1 Tekken 6 Promos Series 1
UF1P Universal Fighting System Promos Set 1
UFS2P Universal Fighting System Promos Set 2
UFS3P Universal Fighting System Promos Set 3 - Assets of Power
UFS5P Universal Fighting System Promos Series 5 - Injury Assets
UFS6P Universal Fighting System Promos Set 3 - Path of the Master
2006 Champion Promos - 2006
2007 Champion Promos - 2007
2008 Champion Promos - 2008

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