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want list for user cbox

These are the cards of Battle Spirits TCG that the user cbox wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
BS17 83 Abrakadabra  Magic/Burst Common 1 English  
Promos 26 Arch-Arms  Brave Promo 1 English  
BS13 84 Argo Attack  Spell Uncommon 1 English  
BS07 84 Arms Impact  Spell Common 1 English  
BS15 60 Bandit-Arms  Brave Common 1 English  
BS10 76 Bazooka Arms  Brave Common 1 English  
BS10 53 Bertram the Guardian Deity  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS08 48 BlackUgarurum  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS09 83 Blessing Cores  Spell Common 1 English  
SB 143 Blitz  Spell Common 1 English  
DotA 116 Block-Golem  Spirit Common 1 English  
SD3FDS 17 Blue Splash  Spell Common 1 English  
BS08 50 Bokrugar  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS08 83 Break Burst  Spell Common 1 English  
AoD 100 Bronze-Golem  Spirit Common 1 English  
SB 141 Build Up  Spell Common 1 English  
BS15 84 Burst Fist  Magic/Burst Rare 1 English  
BS07 49 Cannon-Golem  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS12 48 Captain-Orcard  Spirit Rare 1 English  
SD3FDS 13 Carpenter Chief Mccoy  Spirit Uncommon 1 English  
BS11 48 Centaurus-Golem  Spirit Rare 1 English  
BS14 56 Chacopecca  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS08 84 Chimera Assault  Spell Uncommon 1 English  
BS13 41 Chootah  Spirit Common 1 English  
DotA 164 CircularSaw Arm  Spell Common 1 English  
BS16 83 Clash-the-Babylon  Magic/Burst Uncommon 1 English  
BS11 41 Clay-Golem  Spirit Common 1 English  
Promos 3k Colonel-Golem  Spirit Promo KFC 1 English  
SB 148 Construction  Spell Uncommon 1 English  
BS14 63 Cuelebrei  Spirit Common 1 English  
Promos 46 Daioh-hydra  Spirit Promo 1 English  
BS10 57 Dear'd the Stagman  Spirit Common 1 English  
SB 89 Deep-Arnold  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS14 57 Deepfisher  Spirit Common 1 English  
SB 149 Delta Crash  Spell Uncommon 1 English  
DotA 196 Demolish  Spell Rare 1 English  
Promos 14a Dirty Forbid  Spell Anime 1 English  
DotA 112 Dolphino  Spirit Common 1 English  
AoD 67 Dra-Golem  Spirit Uncommon 1 English  
BS09 84 Dragonic Howling  Spell Uncommon 1 English  
BS16 52 Enkidu-Golem  Spirit Uncommon 1 English  
BS10 114 Eridanus Flood  Spell Rare 1 English  
BS14 113 Exclusion Horn  Magic/Burst Uncommon 1 English  
BS14 111 Execution Destroy  Spell Common 1 English  
BS16 84 Exhausted Guard  Spell Common 1 English  
BS13 59 Forbbid-Vulture  Brave Common 1 English  
BS09 52 Forest-Golem  Spirit Common 1 English  
BS10 59 Fort Golem  Spirit Uncommon 1 English  
BS07 50 Galadolg  Spirit Uncommon 1 English  
Promos 27a Galaxy Burst  Magic/Burst Anime 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 100 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AoD Ascension of Dragons
BS07 Awakening of the Heavens
BS08 The Storms of War
BS09 Supernova Supremacy
BS10 Descent of the Astral Dragons Eight
BS11 Scorching Sun
BS12 Roar of the Moon
BS13 King of the Starlit Sky
BS14 Legend of Dragon Heroes
BS15 The Golden Earth
BS16 Bakuretsu no Hadou
BS17 Ken Mau Sekai
BS18 Great Clash of Heroes
BS19 Seiken Jidai
BS20 Set 20
BS21 Set 21
BS22 Set 22
BS23 Set 23
BS24 Set 24
BS27 Set 27
BS28 Set 28
BSC05 Solar Brave Pack
BSC15 BSC15: Dream Booster (Burst Impact)
BSC16 BSC16: Diva Booster (Tunes of Goddesses)
BSC17 BSC17: Dazzling Ultimate King
BSC28 Diva Booster Diva Academy
BSM BS Memorial set (Spirit Ver).
BSM2 BS Memorial set (Hero Ver).
CB02 Digimon Booster 01
CB03 Digimon Booster 1.5
CB08 Collab Booster: Kamen Rider - Desires, Ace Cards and the Birth of the King
CC Call of the Core
Cb05 CB05
DotA Dawn of the Ancients
PB17 Battle Spirits 10th Anniversary Celebration: Premium Pentan BOX
PB18 Battle Spirits Premium BOX: The Divas' School Festival
Promos Promotional Cards
RA Rise of the Angels
SB Scars of Battle
SD02 Starter Deck 2: Roaring Heaven's Door
SD06 Starter Deck 6: Burst Heroes.
SD10 Starter Deck 10: Shining Charge.
SD11 Starter Deck 11: Dark Rush.
SD13 Starter Deck 13: Purple Rush
SD14 Starter Deck 14: Green Rush
SD15 Starter Deck 15: Yellow Charge
SD16 Starter Deck 16: Blue Charge
SD17 Starter Deck 17: Darkness Fang
SD19 Starter Deck 19
SD20 Starter Deck 20
SD22 Starter Deck 22: Zero the Hurricane
SD23 Starter Deck 23: Eris the Morning Star
SD24 Starter Deck 24: Full Throttle Acceleration Deck
SD25 Starter Deck 25: Ultimate Full Throttle
SD26 Starter Deck 26: New Sun
SD29 Starter Deck 29
SD3FDS Starter Deck 3: Fusion Dragon of the Sun
Sd36 SD36
UM18 Ultraman Mega Deck

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