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want list for user bl0chu

These are the cards of Star Wars TCG that the user bl0chu wants (change to: )

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Cards 1 to 38 of 38 (90 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
RAS 1 Admiral Firmus Piett (C)  Character R 3 English  
RAS 38 Bespin Cloud Car Squad  Ground U 3 English  
ESB 83 Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car  Ground U 4 English  
ESB 9 Carbon-Freezing Chamber  Location R 3 English  
JG 51 Coruscant Air Bus  Ground U 2 English  
ROTS 9 Darth Vader (R)  Character R 2 English  
ROTS 10 Darth Vader (S)  Character R 2 English  
PM 67 Delta Six Jedi Starfighter  Space C 4 English  
RJ 47 Desperate Bluff  Battle U 1 English  
ROTS 11 Dismiss  Battle R 2 English  
ROTS 50 Droid Missiles  Space U 3 English  
RJ 10 Endor Imperial Fleet  Space R 4 English  
ESB 160 Explore the Swamps  Mission C 2 English  
ESB 163 Gallofree Medium Transport  Space C 2 English  
ROTS 61 GH-7 Medical Droid  Character U 3 English  
RAS 51 Human Shield  Battle U 2 English  
ESB 105 Imperial Misdirection  Battle U 3 English  
RAS 54 Lando's Trickery  Battle U 3 English  
ROTS 19 Lightsaber Quick Draw  Battle R 3 English  
ESB 37 Lobot (A)  Character R 2 English  
ROTS 21 Mas Amedda (A)  Character R 3 English  
ESB 45 Millennium Falcon (E)  Space R 2 English  
ESB 46 Millennium Falcon (F)  Space R 2 English  
ESB 47 Millennium Falcon (G)  Space R 1 English  
RAS 57 Millennium Falcon (H)  Space U 1 English  
PM 22 Nute Gunray (C)  Character R 1 English  
ROTS 59 Padmé Amidala (H)  Character U 2 English  
BOY 29 R2-Q5 (A)  Character R 2 English  
JG 36 Rapid Recovery  Battle R 3 English  
ESB 123 Redemption (A)  Space U 2 English  
ESB 57 Sacrifice  Battle R 1 English  
AOTC 42 San Hill (A)  Character U 2 English  
RJ 35 Sarlacc (A)  Ground R 2 English  
ESB 58 Search for the Rebels  Mission R 3 English  
SithRising 22 Sio Bibble (A)  Character R 2 English  
RJ 38 Trap Door!  Battle R 3 English  
RAS 68 Vendetta  Battle U 3 English  
RAS 105 X-wing Escort  Space C 2 English  

Cards 1 to 38 of 38

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ANH A New Hope
AOTC Attack of the Clones
BOY Battle Of Yavin
ESB The Empire Strikes Back
Hasbro Hasbro Unleashed Promo Cards
JG Jedi Guardians
PM Phantom Menace
Promo Promotional cards
RAS Rogues And Scoundrels
RJ Return of the Jedi
ROTS Revenge of the Sith
SithRising Sith Rising

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