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want list for user redlotus

These are the cards of Fullmetal Alchemist TCG that the user redlotus wants (change to: )

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Cards 1 to 27 of 27 (30 total copies)

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
SDS 122-140 Aliens!  Advantage R 1 English  
SAC 1-9c Dante, Power Revealed  Leader X 1 English  
SAC 3-5e Dante, Seductress  Leader X 1 English  
SDS 49-140 Edward Elric, Defiant  Ally R 2 English  
SAC 5-5e Greed, Agile Fighter  Leader X 1 English  
HP 48-140 Kain Fuery, Master Sergeant  Ally R 1 English  
SAC 60-140 Liza Hawkeye, Personal Escort  Ally R 1 English  
SAC 3-18 Liza Hawkeye, Sniper  Leader PC 1 English  
FMA 3-10e Lust, Femme Fatale  Leader X 1 English  
HP 6-60 Lust, Femme Fatale  Leader PC 1 English  
SAC 28-140 Lust, Taking a Chance  Ally R 1 English  
FMA 143-240 Lyra's Pendant  Attachment R 1 English  
HP 4-5e Maes Hughes, Family Man  Leader X 1 English  
HP 51-140 Maes Hughes, Trusted Friend  Ally R 1 English  
SDS 111-140 My Turn for Fame  Event R 2 English  
AB FC-17 Pride, Commander in Chief  Ally FC 1 English  
SAC 132-140 Reception Hall  Location R 1 English  
SAC 81-140 Roy Mustang's Gloves  Attachment R 1 English  
AB FC-1 Roy Mustang, In His Footsteps  Leader FC 1 English  
SDS 56-140 Roy Mustang, Playing the Game  Ally R 1 English  
AB FC-8 Roy Mustang, Sarcastic  Ally FC 1 English  
AH 1-5a Roy Mustang, The Man Who Would Be King  Leader X 1 English  
SAC 67-140 Roy Mustang, To the Death  Ally R 1 English  
SAC 14-140 Sloth, Behind the Scenes  Leader R 1 English  
SDS 120-140 The Unexpected  Event U 2 English  
AG 42-140 Zolf J. Kimbly, Lunatic Prisoner  Ally R 1 English  
SDS 59-140 Zolf J. Kimbly, Master of Destruction  Ally R 1 English  

Cards 1 to 27 of 27

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AB Alchemists' Brotherhood
AG Alchemists' Gate
AH Artificial Human
BW Blood & Water
FMA Premier Edition
HP A Hero's Passing
PR Promo Cards
SAC Sacrifice
SDS Seven Deadly Sins

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