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want list for user vennominaga633

These are the cards of Cardfight!! Vanguard that the user vennominaga633 wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
VG-BT03 BT03-024 Alluring Succubus  Dark Irregulars R 3 English  
BT08 BT08-064 Arboros Dragon, Branch  Neo Nectar C 4 English  
BT08 BT08-029 Arboros Dragon, Ratoon  Neo Nectar R 1 English  
BT08 BT08-003 Arboros Dragon, Sephirot  Neo Nectar RRR 4 English  
BT08 BT08-028 Arboros Dragon, Timber  Neo Nectar R 4 English  
VG-BT04 BT04-038 Armored Fairy, Shubiela  Nova Grappler R 2 English  
VG-BT03 BT03-026 Barking Manticore  Pale Moon R 1 English  
VG-BT06 BT06-008 Beast Deity, Azure Dragon  Nova Grappler RRR 3 English  
BT07 BT07-081 Beast in Hand  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  
BT07 BT07-084 Beautiful Harpuia  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  
BT07 BT07-003 Binoculus Tiger  Great Nature RRR 3 English  
BT07 BT07-017 Blade Wing Reijy  Dark Irregulars RR 2 English  
BT07 BT07-031 Bull's Eye, Mia  Pale Moon R 4 English  
VG-BT06 BT06-047 Burst Shot, Bethnael  Angel Feather C 3 English  
VG-BT02 BT02-013 Captain Nightmist  Granblue RR 2 English  
VG-BT01 BT01-006 CEO Amaterasu  Oracle Think Tank RRR 2 English  
BT07 BT07-091 Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  
VG-BT06 BT06-001 Circular Saw, Kiriel  Angel Feather RRR 1 English  
VG-BT01 BT01-038 Commodore Blueblood  Granblue R 3 English  
BT08 BT08-041 Compass Lion  Great Nature R 2 English  
EB02 EB02-028 Cooking Caspian  Bermuda Delta C 2 English  
BT07 BT07-036 Courting Succubus  Dark Irregulars R 4 English  
BT07 BT07-077 Cracker Musician  Pale Moon C 4 English  
VG-BT03 BT03-014 Crimson Beast Tamer  Pale Moon RR 3 English  
BT07 BT07-030 Dancing Princess of the Night Sky  Pale Moon R 4 English  
VG-BT01 BT01-077 Dandy Guy, Romario  Granblue C 1 English  
BT07 BT07-092 Dark Knight of Nightmareland  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  
BT07 BT07-005 Dark Lord of Abyss  Dark Irregulars RRR 2 English  
VG-BT03 BT03-002 Demon World Marquis, Amon  Dark Irregulars RRR 2 English  
EB03 EB03-001 Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor  Spike Brothers RRR 1 English  
VG-BT03 BT03-012 Doreen the Thruster  Dark Irregulars RR 4 English  
BT07 BT07-018 Emblem Master  Dark Irregulars RR 1 English  
VG-BT04 BT04-078 Grapple Mania  Nova Grappler C 4 English  
VG-BT02 BT02-014 Gust Jinn  Granblue RR 1 English  
BT07 BT07-034 Hades Carriage of the Witching Hour  Dark Irregulars R 4 English  
VG-BT03 BT03-016 Hades Hypnotist  Pale Moon RR 1 English  
VG-BT06 BT06-049 Heavenly Injector  Angel Feather C 2 English  
VG-BT01 BT01-074 Highspeed, Brakki  Spike Brothers C 1 English  
BT07 BT07-090 Hungry Egg of Nightmareland  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  
Promos PR-0021 Immortal Dragon Skull Dragon  Granblue Promo 1 English  
VG-BT04 BT04-060 Ironcutter Beetle  Megacolony C 2 English  
VG-BT01 BT01-020 Juggernaut Maximum  Spike Brothers RR 1 English  
BT07 BT07-070 Jumping Glenn  Pale Moon C 4 English  
Promos PR-0022 King Seahorse  Granblue Promo 1 English  
Promos PR-0035 Knowledge Drunkard  Dark Irregulars Promo 2 English  
VG-BT06 BT06-053 Lightning Charger  Angel Feather C 3 English  
EB01 EB01-030 Machining Hornet  Megacolony C 2 English  
EB01 EB01-029 Machining Mantis  Megacolony C 2 English  
EB01 EB01-005 Machining Stag Beetle  Megacolony RR 2 English  
BT07 BT07-089 Mad Hatter of Nightmareland  Dark Irregulars C 4 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 82 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
BT05 Booster Set 5: Awakening of Twin Blades
BT07 Booster Set 7: Rampage of the Beast King
BT08 Booster Set 8: Blue Storm Armada
BT09 Booster Set 9: Clash of the Knights & Dragons
BT10 Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights
BT11 Booster Set 11: Seal Dragons Unleashed
BT12 Booster Set 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings
BT13 Booster Set 13: Catastrophic Outbreak
BT14 Booster Set 14: Brilliant Strike
BT15 Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth
CG01 Daikengo Deck
DG01 DAIGO Special Set
EB01 Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol.1
EB02 Extra Booster: Diva Festival
EB03 Extra Booster: Cavalry of Black Steel
EB04 Extra Booster: Infinite Phantom Legion
EB05 Extra Booster: Celestial Valkyries
EB06 Extra Booster: Dazzling Divas
EB07 Extra Booster: Mystical Magus
EB08 Extra Booster: Champions of the Cosmos
EB09 Extra Booster: Divine Dragon Progression
EB10 Extra Booster: Divas Duet
FC01 Fighter's Collection 2013
KAD01 KAD01: Star Drive Deck
KAD02 KAD02: Crested Deck
KAD03 KAD03: Dinas Deck
KAD04 KAD04: Joker Deck
KAD05 KAD05: Lucan Deck
MBD2 Monthly Bushiroad Deck 2
MT01 Mega Trial Deck 1: Rise to Royalty
Promos Promotional Cards
TD01 Trial Deck 1: Blaster Blade
TD02 Trial Deck 2: Dragonic Overlord
TD03 Trial Deck 3: Golden Mecha Soldier
TD04 Trial Deck 4: Cherry Blossom Princess
TD05 Trial Deck 5: Slash of the Silver Wolf
TD06 Trial Deck 6: Resonance of Thunder Dragon
TD07 Trial Deck 7: Descendants of the Marine Emperor
TD08 Trial Deck 8: Liberator of the Sanctuary
TD09 Trial Deck 9: Eradicator of the Empire
TD10 Trial Deck 10: Purgatory Revenger
TD11 Trial Deck 11: Star-Vader Invasion
TD12 Trial Deck 12: Dimensional Brave Kaiser
TD13 Trial Deck 13: Successor of the Sacred Regalia
VG-BT01 Booster Set 1: Descent Of The King of Knights
VG-BT02 Booster Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls
VG-BT03 Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion
VG-BT04 Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows
VG-BT06 Booster Set 6: Breaker of Limits
VZ Burst Deck

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