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want list for user robwar38

These are the cards of Neopets that the user robwar38 wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
TDF 34 Altadorian Sword  Equipment R 1 English  
MI 79 Baby Blu  Equipment C 1 English  
CofM 55 Benny the Blade  Villain U 1 English Yarr!
HIC 56 Blue Bori  Basic Neopet U 1 English  
Base 158 Blue Kacheek  Basic Neopet C 1 English  
MI 71 Blue Peophin  Neopet C 1 English  
Base 32 Blue Shoyru  Basic Neopet R 1 English  
Base 160 Blue Wocky  Basic Neopet C 1 English  
Meridell 33 Blumaroo Court Jester  Experienced Neopet R 2 English  
MI 72 Brown Mynci  Neopet C 1 English  
CofM 27 Captain Scarblade  Villain R 1 English Yarr! (again!)
CofM 56 Chomby Genie  Neopet U 1 English  
HIC 6 Cloud Shoyru  Experienced Neopet H 1 English Holy Agility, Korbatman!
LD 51 Cobrall Dagger  Equipment U 1 English  
DrSloth 42 Cosmic Yellow Grundo  Neopet U 1 English  
Meridell 69 Count Boris  Hero U 1 English Awwww!
McPromo MP7 Count Von Roo  Villain P 2 English "I vant to play a game vith you. It is called 'Deadly Dice'! Ah hah hah!"
Meridell 73 Darigan Usul  Experienced Neopet U 1 English  
Meridell 4 Darigan, Redeemed  Hero H 1 English  
LD 81 Desert Scimitar  Equipment C 1 English  
MI 47 Engraved Boomerang  Equipment U 1 English I love the quote on this one, and it's a pretty good card too!
HIC 120 Fire and Ice Blade  Equipment C 1 English  
DrSloth 21 Galactic Green Grundo  Neopet R 1 English  
CofM 29 Garin the Foolish  Hero R 1 English Yarr.
TDF 63 Green Bori  Basic Neopet U 1 English  
DrSloth 43 Green Buzz  Neopet U 1 English  
TiN 42 Green Draik  Neopet R 1 English  
TiN 148 Green Kiko  Neopet C 1 English  
TiN 149 Green Lutari  Neopet C 2 English Lutari. You otter have noticed the resemblance to a certain aquatic mammal.
TDF 106 Green Nimmo  Basic Neopet C 1 English  
LD 72 Green Ruki  Neopet C 1 English Hey, it's a grasshopper!
Base 199 Harris  Equipment C 1 English  
HW 89 Hissi Oil  Item C 1 English It's literally Snake Oil. Apparently this version actually works though!
Base 55 How to Cheat  Item R 1 English How true.
Base 12 Hubrid Nox  Villain H 1 English  
Base 201 Ice Scimitar  Equipment C 1 English  
CofM 66 Jacques the Swift  Hero U 1 English Yarr.
HIC 44 Kauvara  Hero R 1 English  
Meridell 82 Kayla  Hero U 1 English  
LD 86 Khonsu  Equipment C 1 English That pun is awful, and I love it!
Base 207 Korbat Cape  Equipment C 1 English  
LD 58 Laziness  Fate U 1 English Me in a nutshell.
Base 214 Moon Charm  Item C 1 English  
HIC 84 Niptor  Equipment U 1 English  
CofM 113 Pirate Cutlass  Equipment C 1 English Yarr!
MI 10 Pirate Krawk  Neopet H 1 English Yarr- Pfffttt...
Base 133 Poogle Apprentice  Experienced Neopet U 1 English Gee, that Poogle looks familiar.
LD 32 Prince Jazan  Villain R 1 English Poor guy. Check his backstory. It's kinda sad.
HIC 31 Red Bori  Basic Neopet R 2 English  
Base S2 Red Korbat  Basic Neopet H 1 English It looks happy.

Cards 1 to 50 of 79 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Base Base Set
CofM Curse of Maraqua
DrSloth Return of Dr. Sloth
HIC Hannah and the Ice Caves
HW The Haunted Woods
LD Lost Desert
MI Mystery Island
McPromo McDonald's Promo Cards
Meridell Battle for Meridell
Promos Promo Cards
TDF The Darkest Faerie
TiN Travels in Neopia

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