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have list for user mechfarlove

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These are the cards of Naruto that the user mechfarlove has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
ST STM-767 Orochimaru's Goal  Mission Uncommon 1 English  
POP POPN-1003 Pain (Animal Path)  Ninja Common 10 English  
TGS TGSN-1101 Pain (Asura Path)  Ninja Rare 1 English  
TGS TGSN-1100 Pain (Naraka Path)  Ninja Common 2 English  
ST STM-761 Passing Fates  Mission Common 3 English  
POP POPM-703 Past Lessons  Mission Common 2 English  
POP POPM-718 Perfect Chakra Control  Mission Common 1 English  
POP POPM-716 Pledge under a Setting Sun  Mission Starter 2 English  
BP BPJ-621 Power of the Clones  Jutsu Common 1 English  
LOL LOLM-US088 Power of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist  Mission Common 2 English  
BOD BODM-241 Predicament  Mission Common 1 English  
POP POPM-711 Promise to Return  Mission Uncommon 2 English  
LOL LOLN-355 Raiga Kurosuki  Ninja Super Rare 1 English  
ST STM-749 Raigo's Blessing  Mission Uncommon 1 English  
LOL LOLN-356 Ranmaru  Ninja Common 4 English  
ST STN-1130 Rashomon  Ninja Uncommon 3 English  
ST STM-764 Rashomon's Defense  Mission Uncommon 2 English  
BP BPM-590 Recollection  Mission Common 1 English  
BP BPM-620 Reconnoitering Party  Mission Common 1 English  
DL DLM-174 Research Tour  Mission Uncommon 1 English  
BP BPM-599 Retreat  Mission Common 1 English  
ANC ANCM-374 Revenge for My Son  Mission Common 1 English  
LOL LOLM-306 Right Guess  Mission Common 1 English  
WW WWM-809 Rite of Succession  Mission Super Rare 2 English  
ST STN-1117 Rock Lee  Ninja Common 3 English  
ST STN-1167 Rock Lee  Ninja Common 3 English  
WW WWN-1233 Rock Lee  Ninja Common 1 English  
I IN-1296 Rock Lee  Ninja Common 2 English  
I IN-1299 Rock Lee  Ninja Common 1 English  
TP2 TP2N-872 Rock Lee (Childhood)  Ninja Common 2 English  
CUS CUSM-093 Sacrifice  Mission Common 1 English  
TP2 TP2N-1022 Sai  Ninja Rare 1 English  
FotS FotSN-929 Sakon  Ninja Common 2 English  
ST STN-1127 Sakon (State 1)  Ninja Uncommon 4 English  
TP3 TP3N-1195 Sakura Haruno  Ninja Common 1 English  
SL SLN-1413 Sakura Haruno  Ninja Common 2 English  
POP POPN-991 Sakura Haruno  Ninja Common 5 English  
ST STN-1135 Sakura Haruno  Ninja Common 1 English  
I IN-1326 Sakura Haruno  Ninja Common 2 English  
WOF WOFN-796 Sakura Haruno (Childhood)  Ninja Common 3 English  
ST STN-1137 Salamander  Ninja Common 3 English  
I IN-1325 Salamander  Ninja Uncommon 1 English  
I IN-1306 Samidare  Ninja Common 7 English  
CUS CUSJ-100 Sand Burial  Jutsu Rare 1 English  
FotS FotSM-693 Sasori's Feelings  Mission Uncommon 2 English  
POP POPN-963 Sasuke Uchiha  Ninja Common 2 English  
WOF WOFN-795 Sasuke Uchiha (Childhood)  Ninja Common 1 English  
ST STM-765 Sasuke's Curse  Mission Common 3 English  
WOF WOFN-850 Sea Monster  Ninja Common 4 English  
ST STJ-826 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons  Jutsu Rare 2 English  

Cards 151 to 200 of 282 - Pages: <<Previous     1 2 3 [4] 5 6     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ANC A New Chronicle
AW Approaching Wind
AvW Avenger's Wrath
BOD Battle of Destiny
BP Broken Promise
COS Coils of the Snake
CUS Curse of the Sand
DL Dream Legacy
EA Emerging Alliance
ER Eternal Rivalry
FP Foretold Prophecy
FR Fateful Reunion
FotS Fangs of the Snake
HA Hero's Ascension
I Invasion
KS Kage Summit
LOL Lineage of the Legends
POP Path of Pain
PRO Promotional Cards
PTH The Path to Hokage
Plat Platinum Promos
QFP Quest for Power
RAR Revenge and Rebirth
SL Sage's Legacy
ST Shattered Truths
TC The Chosen
TGS Tales of the Gallant Sage
TP1 Tournament Pack 1
TP2 Tournament Pack 2
TP3 Tournament Pack 3
TP4 Tournament Pack 4
UNS3 Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
WOF Will of Fire
WW Weapons of War

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