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have list for user silverraven

These are the cards of Pokemon that the user silverraven has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments  Avg. price
HL 8 Jirachi  Psychic Rare Holo 1 English  
EX DS 109 Jolteon ex  Lightning Rare Holo EX 1 Japanese  
Base Set 31 Jynx  Psychic Uncommon 1 English  
EX SS 39 Kabuto  Water Uncommon 1 English  
Base Set 32 Kadabra  Psychic Uncommon 1 English  
Expedition 84 Kadabra  Psychic Uncommon 1 English  
N Discovry 41 Kakuna  Grass Uncommon 1 English  
HSTrium 36 Kangaskhan  Colorless Uncommon 2 English  
PLRR 67 Kecleon Lv.34  Colorless Common 1 English  
Expedition 114 Koffing  Grass Common 1 English  
Gym Chllng 25 Koga's Arbok  Grass Rare 1 English  
Gym Chllng 47 Koga's Kakuna  Grass Uncommon 1 English  
Fossil 51 Krabby  Water Common 1 English  
BWLT 85 Landorus  Fighting Rare Holo 1 English  
Fossil 10 Lapras (Holo)  Water Rare Holo 1 English  
BWPB 12 Larvesta  Fire Common 1 English  
EX-TK Latias-4 Latias  Colorless Common 1 English  
EX-TK Latios-2 Latios  Colorless Common 1 English  
EX DS 9 Latios δ Delta Species  Lightning / Metal Rare Holo 1 English  
Jungle 38 Lickitung  Colorless Uncommon 1 English not jungle but base 2
BWPF 14 Litwick  Fire Common 1 English  
BWBC 117 Lopunny  Colorless Uncommon 1 English  
POP9 9 Lopunny Lv.36  Colorless Uncommon 1 English  
D&PLA 33 Lopunny Lv.37  Colorless Rare 1 English  
CoL 80 Lost Remover  Trainer Uncommon 1 English  
Gym Chllng 85 Lt. Surge's Rattata  Colorless Common 1 English  
Gym Chllng 86 Lt. Surge's Voltorb  Lightning Common 1 English  
Gym Heroes 84 Lt. Surge's Voltorb  Lightning Common 1 English  
Base Set 8 Machamp  Fighting Rare Holo 1 English  
CoL 62 Magmar  Fire Common 1 English  
Team Rockt 60 Magnemite  Lightning Common 1 English 1st edition
Fossil 26 Magneton  Lightning Rare 1 English  
BWPF 62 Makuhita  Fighting Common 1 English reverse Holo
D&PMD 8 Manaphy Lv.32  Water Rare Holo 1 English  
EX-DPMT 29 Mantine Lv.25  Water Rare 1 English  
N Discovry 58 Mareep  Lightning Common 1 English  
CoL 63 Mareep  Lightning Common 1 English  
Jungle 39 Marowak  Fighting Uncommon 2 English  
BWDragonsE 61 Marowak  Fighting Rare 1 English  
EX UF 86 Mary's Request  Trainer Uncommon 1 English  
CoL 64 Mawile  Metal Common 1 English reverse holo
POP1 2 Metagross  Metal Rare 1 English  
EX-PK 88 Metal Energy  Special Energy Rare 1 English  
D&PSW 15 Mew Lv.40  Psychic Rare 1 English  
BWLT 104 Minccino  Colorless Common 1 English  
BWLT 48 Minun  Lightning Uncommon 1 English  
Gym Heroes 86 Misty's Horsea  Water Common 1 English  
Gym Chllng 90 Misty's Psyduck  Water Common 1 English  
WotC P 09 Misty's Seadra (Prerelease)  Water Promo 1 English  
Gym Heroes 88 Misty's Seel  Water Common 1 English  

Cards 101 to 150 of 280 - Pages: <<Previous     1 2 [3] 4 5 6     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Arceus Platinum Arceus
BKPromo Burger King Diamond and Pearl Promos
BW Black & White
BWBC Black & White Boundaries Crossed
BWDarkE Black & White Dark Explorers
BWDragonsE Black & White Dragons Exalted
BWEP Black & White Emerging Powers
BWLT Black & White Legendary Treasures
BWND Black & White Next Destinies
BWNV Black & White Noble Victories
BWP Black & White Promos
BWPB Black & White Plasma Blast
BWPF Black & White Plasma Freeze
BWPS Black & White Plasma Storm
BWTK Black & White Trainer Kit
Base 1st Base Set First Edition
Base Unl Base Set Unlimited Edition
Best Promo Best of Game Promo Series
Blck Promo Wizards Blackstar Promo
CoL Call of Legends
D&P Diamond & Pearl
D&PGE Diamond & Pearl Great Encounters
D&PLA Diamond & Pearl Legends Awakened
D&PMD Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn
D&PSF Diamond & Pearl Stormfront
D&PSW Diamond & Pearl Secret Wonders
D&PTK1 Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit
D.Vault Dragon Vault
DPBSP Diamond & Pearl Black Star Promos
DSe Dragon Selection
EX DS EX Delta Species
EX HP EX Holon Phantoms
EX LM EX Legend Maker
EX R&S EX Ruby & Sapphire
EX SS EX Sandstorm
EX UF EX Unseen Forces
EX-CG EX Crystal Guardians
EX-DF EX Dragon Frontiers
EX-DPMT Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures
EX-PK EX Power Keepers
EX-TK Ex Trainer Kit
EXTK2 Ex Trainer Kit (2006)
Emerald EX Emerald
FF XY Furious Fists
FR&LG EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Flashfr. XY Flashfire
Gym Chllng Gym Challenge
HG&SS HeartGold & SoulSilver
HL EX Hidden Legends
HS TK HS Trainer Kit (2010)
HSBSP HGSS Black Star Promos
HSTrium HS Triumphant
HSU HS Unleashed
HSUD HS Undaunted
JPromos Japanese Promos
Legendary Legendary Collection
McD2011 McDonald's Collection 2011
McD2012 McDonald's Collection 2012
McD2014 McDonald's Collection 2014
N Destiny Neo Destiny
N Discovry Neo Discovery
N Genesis Neo Genesis
N Revelatn Neo Revelation
Nintendo Nintendo Blackstar Promo
P-Promos P Promotional cards (Japanese)
PLRR Platinum Rising Rivals
POP1 POP Series 1
POP2 POP Series 2
POP3 POP Series 3
POP4 POP Series 4
POP5 POP Series 5
POP6 POP Series 6
POP7 POP Series 7
POP8 POP Series 8
POP9 POP Series 9
PSV Platinum Supreme Victors
PtMSR Collection Packs (Japanese)
RS Roaring Skies
Rumble Pokemon Rumble
SC Shiny Collection
Southern I Southern Islands Collection
T-Promo T Promotional (Trainer Magazine)
TMvsTA EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
TRR EX Team Rocket Returns
Team Rockt Team Rocket
VM1 Vending Machine Series 1 - Extended Sheet Blue (Japanese)
VM2R Vending Machine Series 2 - Extended Sheet Red (Japanese)
VS Pokemon VS (Japanese)
W Promos "W" Promos
Winners Winner Cards
WotC P WotC Promos
XY-P XY-P Promotional Cards
XYDC Double Crisis
XYKSS XY - Kalos Starter Set
XYPC Primal Clash
XYPF XY Phantom Forces
XYPromos XY Black Star Promos
XYTK:B&W XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff
XYTKit XY Trainer Kit

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