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want list for user sydnelson

These are the cards of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle that the user sydnelson wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
Third 368 On the Qui Vive  Reaction C/PB2/PM2/PTr2 10 Any language  
KoT 326 On the Qui Vive  Reaction C/PB3/PM3/PT2 10 Any language  
HttB 237 On the Qui Vive  Reaction PKia3/PSam4 10 Any language  
KMW 114 Ossian  Ally R 2 Any language  
KoT 327 Ossian  Ally R 2 Any language  
BH 183 Owain Evans, The Wanderer  Vampire U2 2 English  
DS 117 Pentex Subversion  Master U 4 English  
FN 279 Pentex Subversion  Master U 4 English  
KoT 330 Perfect Paragon  Action Modifier U 4 Any language  
LoB 302 Powerbase: Cape Verde  Master R 1 English  
LoB 329 Regenerative Blood  Master R 1 English  
KoT 356 Rego Motus  Combat C 2 Any language  
DS 148 Sensory Deprivation  Action U 4 Any language  
FN 318 Sensory Deprivation  Action U 4 Any language  
FN 337 Spectral Divination  Action Modifier/Reaction C 4 English  
LotN 237 Spectral Divination  Action Modifier/Reaction PG4 8 English  
Infern 39 Swallowed by the Demonic Night  Action Modifier/Combat F 6 English  
LoB 405 Tangle Atropos' Hand  Action Modifier R 2 Any language  
LoB 122 The Eldest Are Kholo  Action Modifier/Reaction R 10 Any language  
Gehenna 141 The New Inquisition  Event R 1 English  
KoT 428 Touch of Clarity  Action Modifier/Reaction R 4 English  
HttB 313 Veneficti (Mage)  Ally R 14 Any language  
KoT 440 Villein  Master U 3 Any language  
LoB 452 Withering  Combat C 4 English  

Cards 51 to 74 of 74 - Pages: <<Previous     1 [2]    

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
10th Tenth Anniversary
A&A Anarchs and Alastors Storyline
AH Ancient Hearts
BH Black Hand
CE The Camarilla Edition
Cultist Cultist's Storyline
DS Dark Sovereigns
Demo Demonstration decks
EK Ebony Kingdom
FN Final Nights
HttB Heirs to the Blood
Infern Infernal Storyline
Jyhad Jyhad (limited base set)
KMW Kindred Most Wanted
KoT Keepers of Tradition
LoB Legacies of Blood
LotN Lords of the Night
NoR Nights of Reckoning
Promo Promo cards
SW Sabbat War
SoC Sword of Caine
TR Twilight Rebellion
Third Third Edition
VTES V:TES (unlimited base set)

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