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Canceled user

Subject: THE CORNER OF THE HERALD   PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 2:59 pm Reply with quote

Hello to all:

From this Topic that today it begins I you will be informing it brings over of the innovations of the own web with regard to Magic: The Gathering, principally updates that things that still are absent in Spanish or raised images that previously were not and you sew this way.

I ask for help you in order that you indicate me if you have some problem on having visualized certain card or any problem that you have detected on having used this web. But only those problems relating to Magic: The Gathering.

Regards, gassman525 (Herald of Magic: The Gathering)

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:09 pm Reply with quote

I have just published in the web the decks of the Top 8 of the following tilts of maximum level:

Pro Tours
Los Angeles
(October 28-30, 2005) - Extended

Grand Prix
Kitakyuushuu, Japan
(November 5-6, 2005) - Extended
Copenhagen, Denmark (November 5-6, 2005) - Extended
Melbourne, Australia (November 5-6, 2005) - Extended
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:32 pm Reply with quote

I have just published all the official Banned and Restricted List of all the Magic Constructed's and Eternal´s formats.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 4:32 pm Reply with quote

I have just published in the web the decks of the Top 8 of the following tilts of maximum level:

Grand Prix Bilbao, España (Spain) (Noviembre 19-20, 2005) - Extendido
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:00 am Reply with quote

A new topic that I will try to have always updated: The Best of Decks of LEGACY.

I have just published in the web the decks of the Top 8 of the following tilts of maximum level:

GP Philadelphia (E.E.U.U.) (Noviembre 12-13, 2005)
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:35 am Reply with quote

I have just raised to the web the list of Theme Decks "Guildpact" in his version so much in English like in Spanish.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 6:04 pm Reply with quote

In these moments I have finished the update of the list of FNM's Promo.

If you observe, it is possible that the text does not coincide with the one that is read in the letter. It is a motive is very easy to explain: the text of the letter has remained ancient and in the repicture "text" I indicate the last rules applied to this letter.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:14 pm Reply with quote

i am pro not a newbie
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:12 pm Reply with quote

Promo card (Complete Listing)

Thank you very much to you "star_man_20" for your help

A1-2007 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage [Resale]
A2-2008 Brion Stoutarm [Resale]
A3-2009 Broodmate Dragon [Resale]
A4-2010 Retaliator Griffin [Resale]
A5-2010 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood [Resale]
A6-2010 Loam Lion [Resale]
A7-2010 Goblin Chieftan [Resale]
APAC-01 Forest [APAC Lands: China]
APAC-02 Forest [APAC Lands: Japan]
APAC-03 Forest [APAC Lands: Korea]
APAC-04 Island [APAC Lands: Hong Kong]
APAC-05 Island [APAC Lands: Japan]
APAC-06 Island [APAC Lands: Singapore]
APAC-07 Mountain [APAC Lands: Japan]
APAC-08 Mountain [APAC Lands: Rice Terrace]
APAC-09 Mountain [APAC Lands: Taiwan]
APAC-10 Plains [APAC Lands: Australia]
APAC-11 Plains [APAC Lands: China]
APAC-12 Plains [APAC Lands: Japan]
APAC-13 Swamp [APAC Lands: Indonesia]
APAC-14 Swamp [APAC Lands: Japan]
APAC-15 Swamp [APAC Lands: New Zealand]
ARE-01 Arc Lightning [Arena]
ARE-02 Ashnod's Coupon [Arena]
ARE-03 Bonesplitter [Arena]
ARE-04 Booster Tutor [Arena]
ARE-05 Castigate [Arena]
ARE-06 Chill [Arena]
ARE-07 Circle of Protection: Art [Arena]
ARE-08 Coiling Oracle [Arena]
ARE-09 Counterspell [Arena]
ARE-10 Creeping Mold [Arena]
ARE-11 Dauthi Slayer [Arena]
ARE-12 Diabolic Edict [Arena]
ARE-13 Disenchant [Arena]
ARE-14 Dismiss [Arena]
ARE-15 Duress [Arena]
ARE-16 Elvish Aberration [Arena]
ARE-18 Empyrial Armor [Arena]
ARE-19 Enlightened Tutor [Arena]
ARE-20 Fling [Arena]
ARE-21 Forest [Arena-1996]
ARE-24 Forest [Arena-2005]
ARE-25 Forest [Arena-2006]
ARE-26 Forest [Arena-Beta]
ARE-27 Forest [Arena-Ice Age]
ARE-28 Forest [Arena-Urza's Saga]
ARE-29 Gaea's Blessing [Arena]
ARE-30 Genju of the Spires [Arena]
ARE-31 Glacial Ray [Arena]
ARE-32 Goblin Mime [Arena]
ARE-33 Granny's Payback [Arena]
ARE-34 Island [Arena-1996]
ARE-37 Island [Arena-2005]
ARE-38 Island [Arena-2006]
ARE-39 Island [Arena-Beta]
ARE-40 Island [Arena-Ice Age]
ARE-41 Island [Arena-Urza's Saga]
ARE-42 Karn, Silver Golem [Arena]
ARE-44 Man-o'-War [Arena]
ARE-45 Mise [Arena]
ARE-46 Mountain [Arena-1996]
ARE-49 Mountain [Arena-2005]
ARE-50 Mountain [Arena-2006]
ARE-51 Mountain [Arena-Ice Age]
ARE-52 Mountain [Arena-Urza's Saga]
ARE-53 Okina Nightwatch [Arena]
ARE-54 Pillage [Arena]
ARE-55 Plains [Arena-1996]
ARE-58 Plains [Arena-2005]
ARE-59 Plains [Arena-2006]
ARE-60 Plains [Arena-Ice Age]
ARE-61 Plains [Arena-Urza's Saga]
ARE-62 Pouncing Jaguar [Arena]
ARE-63 Rewind [Arena]
ARE-64 Serum Visions [Arena]
ARE-66 Skittering Skirge [Arena]
ARE-67 Skyknight Legionnaire [Arena]
ARE-68 Stupor [Arena]
ARE-69 Surging Flame [Arena]
ARE-70 Swamp [Arena-1996]
ARE-73 Swamp [Arena-2005]
ARE-74 Swamp [Arena-2006]
ARE-75 Swamp [Arena-Ice Age]
ARE-76 Swamp [Arena-Urza's Saga]
ARE-77 Uktabi Orangutan [Arena]
ARE-78 Wee Dragonauts [Arena]
BOX-001 Honor of the Pure [Magic 2010 Buy a Box]
BOX-002 Day of Judgment [Zendikar Buy a Box]
BOX-003 Celestial Colonnade [Worldwake Buy a Box]
BOX-004 Guul Draz Assassin [Rise of the Eldrazi Buy a Box]
BOX-005 Birds of Paradise [Magic 2011 Buy a Box]
CHP-001 Electrolyze [Expanded Art]
CHP-002 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind [Expanded Art]
CHP-003 Rakdos Guildmage [Expanded Art]
CHP-004 Serra Avenger [Expanded Art]
CHP-005 Urza's Factory [Expanded Art]
CHP-006 Voidslime [Expanded Art]
CHP-007 Blood Knight [Expanded Art]
CHP-008 Groundbreaker [Expanded Art]
CHP-009 Doran, the Siege Tower [Expanded Art]
CHP-010 Imperious Perfect [Expanded Art]
CHP-011 Bramblewood Paragon [Expanded Art]
CHP-012 Mutavault [Expanded Art]
DCI-001 Fireball [DCI Promo]
DL-01 Scent of Cinder [Duelist]
DLM-01 Counterspell [Legend Membership]
DLM-02 Incinerate [Legend Membership]
DP-001 Garruk Wildspeaker [Duels of the Planeswalkers]
DRC-001 Nalathni Dragon [DragonCon 1994]
EUR-004 Forest (Euro Set Blue: Germany)
EUR-005 Forest (Euro Set Red: France)
EUR-006 Forest (Euro Set Purple: U.K.)
EUR-010 Island (Euro Set Blue: Scandinavia)
EUR-011 Island (Euro Set Red: Italy)
EUR-012 Island (Euro Set Purple: U.K.)
EUR-016 Mountain (Euro Set Blue: Italy)
EUR-017 Mountain (Euro Set Red: Spain)
EUR-018 Mountain (Euro Set Purple: France)
EUR-022 Plains (Euro Set Blue: U.K.)
EUR-023 Plains (Euro Set Red: Netherlands)
EUR-024 Plains (Euro Set Purple: Russia)
EUR-028 Swamp (Euro Set Blue: Belgium)
EUR-029 Swamp (Euro Set Red: U.K.)
EUR-030 Swamp (Euro Set Purple: France)
FNM-001 Accumulated Knowledge [FNM]
FNM-002 Albino Troll [FNM]
FNM-003 Armadillo Cloack [FNM]
FNM-004 Arrogant Wurm [FNM]
FNM-005 Astral Slide [FNM]
FNM-006 Aura of Silence [FNM]
FNM-007 Avalanche Riders [FNM]
FNM-008 Basking Rootwalla [FNM]
FNM-009 Black Knight [FNM]
FNM-010 Blastoderm [FNM]
FNM-011 Bottle Gnomes [FNM]
FNM-012 Brainstorm [FNM]
FNM-013 Cabal Coffers [FNM]
FNM-014 Cabal Therapy [FNM]
FNM-015 Capsize [FNM]
FNM-016 Carnophage [FNM]
FNM-017 Carrion Feeder [FNM]
FNM-018 Chainer's Edict [FNM]
FNM-019 Circle of Protection: Red [FNM]
FNM-020 Circular Logic [FNM]
FNM-021 Counterspell [FNM]
FNM-022 Crystalline Sliver [FNM]
FNM-023 Deep Analysis [FNM]
FNM-024 Disenchant [FNM]
FNM-025 Dissipate [FNM]
FNM-026 Drain Life [FNM]
FNM-027 Duress [FNM]
FNM-028 Elves of Deep Shadow [FNM]
FNM-029 Engineered Plague [FNM]
FNM-030 Eternal Witness [FNM]
FNM-031 Fact or Fiction [FNM]
FNM-032 Fire/Ice [FNM]
FNM-033 Fireblast [FNM]
FNM-034 Firebolt [FNM]
FNM-035 Fireslinger [FNM]
FNM-036 Flametongue Kavu [FNM]
FNM-037 Forbid [FNM]
FNM-038 Force Spike [FNM]
FNM-039 Gerrard's Verdict [FNM]
FNM-040 Giant Growth [FNM]
FNM-041 Goblin Bombardment [FNM]
FNM-042 Goblin Legionnaire [FNM]
FNM-043 Goblin Ringleader [FNM]
FNM-044 Goblin Warchief [FNM]
FNM-045 Icy Manipulator [FNM]
FNM-046 Impulse [FNM]
FNM-047 Jackal Pup [FNM]
FNM-048 Juggernaut [FNM]
FNM-049 Kird Ape [FNM]
FNM-050 Krosan Tusker [FNM]
FNM-051 Krosan Warchief [FNM]
FNM-052 Life//Death [FNM]
FNM-053 Lightning Rift [FNM]
FNM-054 Llanowar Elves [FNM]
FNM-055 Lobotomy [FNM]
FNM-056 Longbow Archer [FNM]
FNM-057 Mind Warp [FNM]
FNM-058 Mogg Fanatic [FNM]
FNM-059 Mother of Runes [FNM]
FNM-060 Muscle Sliver [FNM]
FNM-061 Ophidian [FNM]
FNM-062 Pendelhaven [FNM]
FNM-063 Priest of Titania [FNM]
FNM-064 Prodigal Sorcerer [FNM]
FNM-065 Quirion Ranger [FNM]
FNM-066 Rancor [FNM]
FNM-067 Reanimate [FNM]
FNM-068 Remand [FNM]
FNM-069 River Boa [FNM]
FNM-070 Roar of the Wurm [FNM]
FNM-071 Scragnoth [FNM]
FNM-072 Seal of Cleansing [FNM]
FNM-073 Shock [FNM]
FNM-074 Silver Knight [FNM]
FNM-075 Slice and Dice [FNM]
FNM-076 Smother [FNM]
FNM-077 Soltari Priest [FNM]
FNM-078 Sparksmith [FNM]
FNM-079 Spike Feeder [FNM]
FNM-080 Staunch Defenders [FNM]
FNM-081 Stone Rain [FNM]
FNM-082 Swords to Plowshares [FNM]
FNM-083 Tendrils of Agony [FNM]
FNM-084 Terminate [FNM]
FNM-085 Terror [FNM]
FNM-086 Tormod's Crypt [FNM]
FNM-087 Treetop Village [FNM]
FNM-088 Volcanic Geyser [FNM]
FNM-089 Wall of Blossoms [FNM]
FNM-090 Whipcorder [FNM]
FNM-091 White Knight [FNM]
FNM-092 Wild Mongrel [FNM]
FNM-093 Willbender [FNM]
FNM-094 Wing Shards [FNM]
FNM-095 Withered Wretch [FNM]
FNM-096 Wonder [FNM]
FNM-097 Resurrection [FNM]
FNM-098 Desert [FNM]
FNM-099 Wall of Roots [FNM]
FNM-100 Serrated Arrows [FNM]
FNM-101 Thirst For Knowledge [FNM]
FNM-102 Isochron Scepter [FNM]
FNM-103 Shrapnel Blast [FNM]
FNM-104 Magma Jet [FNM]
FNM-105 Myr Enforcer [FNM]
FNM-106 Kitchen Finks [FNM]
FNM-107 Merrow Reejerey [FNM]
FNM-108 Wren's Run Vanquisher [FNM]
FNM-109 Mulldrifter [FNM]
FNM-110 Murderous Redcap [FNM]
FNM-111 Lightning Greaves [FNM]
FNM-112 Watchwolf [FNM]
FNM-113 Browbeat [FNM]
FNM-114 Oblivion Ring [FNM]
FNM-115 Sakura-Tribe Elder [FNM]
FNM-116 Tidehollow Sculler [FNM]
FNM-117 Ghostly Prison [FNM]
FNM-118 Ancient Ziggurat [FNM]
FNM-119 Bloodbraid Elf [FNM]
FNM-120 Cloudpost [FNM]
FNM-121 Elvish Visionary [FNM]
FNM-122 Anathemancer [FNM]
FNM-123 Krosan Grip [FNM]
FNM-124 Qasali Pridemage [FNM]
G1998-1 Lightning Bolt [Judge]
G1998-2 Stroke of Genius [Judge]
G1998-3 Gaea's Cradle [Judge]
G1999-1 Memory Lapse [Judge]
G2000-1 Counterspell [Judge]
G2000-2 Vampiric Tutor [Judge]
G2001-1 Tradewind Rider [Judge]
G2001-2 Ball Lightning [Judge]
G2001-3 Hammer of Bogardan [Judge]
G2001-4 Oath of Druids [Judge]
G2003-1 Intuition [Judge]
G2003-2 Argothian Enchantress [Judge]
G2003-3 Living Death [Judge]
G2004-1 Armageddon [Juzge]
G2004-2 Balance [Juzge]
G2004-3 Time Warp [Juzge]
G2004-4 Phyrexian Negator [Juzge]
G2004-5 Deranged Hermit [Juzge]
G2004-6 Hermit Druid [Juzge]
G2005-1 Gemstone Mine [Juzge]
G2005-2 Regrowth [Juzge]
G2005-3 Sol Ring [Juzge]
G2005-4 Mishra's Factory [Juzge]
G2006-1 Exalted Angel [Judge]
G2006-2 Grim Lavamancer [Judge]
G2006-3 Meddling Mage [Judge]
G2006-4 Pernicious Deed [Judge]
G2007-1 Ravenous Baloth [Judge]
G2007-2 Cunning Wish [Judge]
G2007-3 Yawgmoth's Will [Judge]
G2007-4 Vindicate [Judge]
G2007-5 Decree of Justice [Judge]
G2008-1 Orim's Chant [Juzge]
G2008-2 Mind's Desire [Juzge]
G2008-3 Demonic Tutor [Juzge]
G2008-4 Goblin Piledriver [Judge]
G2008-5 Living Wish [Juzge]
G2009-1 Dark Ritual [Juzge]
G2009-2 Maze of Ith [Juzge]
G2009-3 Stifle [Juzge]
G2009-4 Bloodstained Mire [Judge]
G2009-5 Windswept Heath [Juzge]
G2009-6 Wooded Foothills [Judge]
G2010-1 Burning Wish [Juzge]
G2010-2 Survival of the Fittest [Judge]
G2010-3 Flooded Strand [Juzge]
G2010-4 Polluted Delta [Judge]
G2010-5 Natural Order [Juzge]
G2010-6 Phyrexian Dreadnought [Juzge]
GC-001 Ancestral Recall [Gen-Con]
GC-002 Black Lotus [Gen-Con]
GC-003 Mox Jet [Gen-Con]
GC-004 Mox Pearl [Gen-Con]
GC-005 Timetwister [Gen-Con]
GD-001 Reya Dawnbringer [10th Edition Gameday Participant]
GD-002 Mycoid Shepherd [Expanted Art]
GD-003 Naya Sojourners [Magic 2010 Gameday Participant]
GD-004 Emeria Angel [Zendikar Gameday Top 8]
GD-005 Nissa's Chosen [Zendikar Gameday Participant]
GD-006 Kalastria Highborn [Worldwake Gameday Top 8]
GD-007 Hada Freeblade [Worldwake Gameday Participant]
GD-008 Deathless Angel [Rise of the Eldrazi Gameday Top 8]
GD-009 Staggershock [Rise of the Eldrazi Gameday Participant]
GD-010 Mitotic Slime [Magic 2011 Gameday Top 8]
GD-011 Liliana's Specter [Magic 2011 Gameday Participant]
GP-001 Spiritmonger [Grand Prix]
GP-002 Call of the Herd [Grand Prix]
GP-003 Chrome Mox [Grand Prix]
GP-004 Umezawa's Jitte [Grand Prix]
GTT-001 Thorn Elemental [Japanese Glossy Gotta Magazine]
GTW-001 Boomerang [GATEWAY]
GTW-002 Icatian Javelineers [GATEWAY]
GTW-003 Calciderm [GATEWAY]
GTW-004 Wood Elves [GATEWAY]
GTW-005 Fiery Temper [GATEWAY]
GTW-006 Llanowar Elves [GATEWAY]
GTW-007 Yixlid Jailer [GATEWAY]
GTW-008 Zoetic Cavern [GATEWAY]
GTW-009 Reckless Wurm [GATEWAY]
GTW-010 Mind Stone [GATEWAY]
GTW-011 Mogg Fanatic [GATEWAY]
GTW-012 Cenn's Tactician [GATEWAY]
GTW-013 Oona's Blackguard [GATEWAY]
GTW-014 Gravedigger [GATEWAY]
GTW-015 Boggart Ram-Gang [GATEWAY]
GTW-016 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers [GATEWAY]
GTW-017 Lava Axe [GATEWAY]
GTW-018 Duergar Hedge Mage [GATEWAY]
GUR-001 Plains [Guru Lands]
GUR-002 Island [Guru Lands]
GUR-003 Swamp [Guru Lands]
GUR-004 Mountain [Guru Lands]
GUR-005 Forest [Guru Lands]
HHL-001 Fruitcake Elemental [2006 Holiday Promo]
HHL-002 Gifts Given [2007 Holiday Promo]
HLL-003 Evil Presents [2008 Holiday Promo]
HPB-1 Arena [Mtg Book Card]
HPB-2 Giant Badger [Mtg Book Card]
HPB-3 Mana Crypt [Mtg Book Card]
HPB-4 Sewers of Estark [Mtg Book Card]
HPB-5 Windseeker Centaur [Mtg Book Card]
HPB-6 Jace Beleren [Mtg Book Card]
JGC-007 Phyrexian Negator [JGC]
JSS-01 City of Brass [JSS]
JSS-02 Crusade [JSS]
JSS-03 Elvish Lyrist [JSS]
JSS-04 Giant Growth [JSS]
JSS-05 Lord of Atlantis [JSS]
JSS-06 Royal Assassin [JSS]
JSS-07 Sakura-Tribe Elder [JSS]
JSS-08 Serra Avatar [JSS]
JSS-09 Shard Phoenix [JSS]
JSS-10 Slith Firewalker [JSS]
JSS-11 Thran Quarry [JSS]
JSS-12 Two-Headed Dragon [JSS]
JSS-13 Volcanic Hammer [JSS]
JSS-14 Soltari Priest [JSS]
MAG-TD1 Lightning Hounds [TopDeck #2 Magazine Addition]
MPR-001 Hypnotic Specter [Player Rewards]
MPR-002 Powder Keg [Player Rewards]
MPR-003 Psychatog [Player Rewards]
MPR-004 Voidmage Prodigy [Player Rewards]
MPR-005 Wasteland [Player Rewards]
MPS-001 Forest [The Golgari Swarm]
MPS-002 Forest [The Gruul Clans]
MPS-003 Forest [The Selesnya Conclave]
MPS-004 Forest [The Simic Combine]
MPS-005 Forest [MPS]
MPS-006 Island [The Azorius Senate]
MPS-007 Island [The House Dimir]
MPS-008 Island [The Izzet League]
MPS-009 Island [The Simic Combine]
MPS-010 Island [MPS]
MPS-011 Mountain [The Boros Legion]
MPS-012 Mountain [The Cult of Rakdos]
MPS-013 Mountain [The Gruul Clans]
MPS-014 Mountain [The Izzet League]
MPS-015 Mountain [MPS]
MPS-016 Plains [The Azorius Senate]
MPS-017 Plains [The Boros Legion]
MPS-018 Plains [The Orzhov Syndicate]
MPS-019 Plains [The Selesnya Conclave]
MPS-020 Plains [MPS]
MPS-021 Swamp [The Cult of Rakdos]
MPS-022 Swamp [The Golgari Swarm]
MPS-023 Swamp [The House Dimir]
MPS-024 Swamp [The Orzhov Syndicate]
MPS-025 Swamp [MPS]
MSS-01 Whirling Dervish [Scholarship Series]
PGI-1 Warmonger [Mercadian Masques Player's Guide Insert]
PRE-001 Dirtcowl Wurm [Tempest]
PRE-002 Revenant [Stronghold]
PRE-003 Monstrous Hound [Exodus]
PRE-004 Lu Bu, Master-at-Arms [Portal III]
PRE-005 Lightning Dragon [Urza's Saga]
PRE-006 Beast of Burden [Urza's Legacy]
PRE-007 False Prophet [Urza's Destiny]
PRE-008 Overtaker [Mercadian Masques]
PRE-009 Rathi Assassin [Nemesis]
PRE-010 Avatar of Hope [Prophecy]
PRE-011 Raging Kavu [Invasion]
PRE-012 Questing Phelddagrif [Planeshift]
PRE-013 Fungal Shambler [Apocalypse]
PRE-014 Stone-Tongue Basilisk [Odyssey]
PRE-015 Laquatus' Champion [Torment]
PRE-016 Glory [Judgment]
PRE-017 Silent Specter [Onslaught]
PRE-018 Feral Throwback [Legions]
PRE-019 Soul Collector [Scourge]
PRE-020 Sword of Kaldra [Mirrodin]
PRE-021 Shield of Kaldra [DarkSteel]
PRE-022 Helm of Kaldra [Fifth Dawn]
PRE-023 Ryusei, the Falling Star [Champions]
PRE-024 Ass Whuppin' [Unhinged]
PRE-025 Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni [Betrayers]
PRE-026 Kiyomaro, First to Stand [Saviors of Kamigawa]
PRE-027 Shivan Dragon [9th Edition]
PRE-028 Gleancrawler [Ravnica]
PRE-029 Djinn Illuminatus [Guildpact]
PRE-030 Avatar of Discord (Dissension)
PRE-031 Allosaurus Rider [Coldsnap]
PRE-032 Lotus Bloom [Time Spiral]
PRE-033 Oros, the Avenger [Planar Chaos]
PRE-034 Korlash, Heir to Blackblade [Future Sight]
PRE-035 Wren's Run Packmaster [Lorwyn]
PRE-036 Door of Destinies [Morningtide]
PRE-037 Demigod of Revenge [Shadowmoor]
PRE-038 Overbeing of Myth [Eventide]
PRE-039 Ajani Vengeant [Shards of Alara]
PRE-040 Malfegor [Conflux]
PRE-041 Dragon Broodmother [Alara Reborn]
PRE-042 Vampire Nocturnus [Magic 2010]
PRE-043 Rampaging Baloths [Zendikar]
PRE-044 Comet Storm [Worldwake]
PRE-045 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn [Rise of the Eldrazi]
PRE-046 Sun Titan [Magic 2011]
PT-001 Eternal Dragon [Pro Tour]
PT-002 Mirari's Wake [Pro Tour]
PT-003 Treva, the Renewer [Pro Tour]
PT-004 Avatar of Woe [Pro Tour]
REL-001 Rukh Egg [8th Edition Release]
REL-002 Budoka Pupil [Betrayers Release]
REL-003 Ghost-Lit Raider [Saviors Release]
REL-004 Force of Nature [9th Edition Release]
REL-005 Dimir Guildmage [Ravnica Release]
REL-006 Gruul Guildmage [Guildpact Release]
REL-007 Azorius Guildmage [Dissension Release]
REL-008 Marit Lage [Coldsnap Release]
REL-009 Sudden Shock [Time Spiral Release]
REL-010 Hedge Troll [Planar Chaos Release]
REL-011 Storm Entity [Release Future Sight]
REL-013 Shriekmaw [Lorwyn Release]
REL-014 Earwig Squad [Morningtide Release]
REL-015 Vexing Shusher [Shadowmoor Release]
REL-016 Figure of Destiny [Eventide Release]
REL-018 Obelisk of Alara [Conflux]
REL-019 Knight of New Alara [Alara Reborn Release]
REL-020 Ant Queen [Magic 2010 Release]
REL-021 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle [Zendikar Release]
REL-022 Joraga Warcaller [Worldwake Release]
REL-023 Lord of Shatterskull Pass [Rise of the Eldrazi]
REL-024 Nissa Revane [Duels of the Planeswalkers]
REL-025 Ancient Hellkite [Magic 2011]
REL-026 Plots That Span Centuries [Archenemy]
REW-002 Balduvian Horde [Judge]
SM-001 Fireball [Shadow Mage]
SM-002 Blue Elemental Blast [Shadow Mage]
SOA-250 Beast [Shards of Alara]
SOA-251 Dragon [Shards of Alara]
SOA-252 Goblin [Shards of Alara]
SOA-253 Homunculus [Shards of Alara]
SOA-254 Ooze [Shards of Alara]
SOA-255 Saproling [Shards of Alara]
SOA-256 Skeleton [Shards of Alara]
SOA-257 Soldier [Shards of Alara]
SOA-258 Thopter [Shards of Alara]
SOA-259 Zombie [Shards of Alara]
STT-001 Dauntless Dourbark [2008 States]
SUM-001 Faerie Conclave [SUMMER-07]
SUM-002 Treetop Village [SUMMER-07]
Text-001 Fireball [Textless]
Text-002 Pyroclasm [Textless]
Text-003 Reciprocate [Textless]
Text-004 Terror [Textless]
Text-005 Oxidize [Textless]
Text-006 Giant Growth [Textless]
Text-007 Hinder [Textless]
Text-008 Mana Leak [Textless]
Text-009 Putrefy [Textless]
Text-010 Condemn [Textless]
Text-011 Wrath of God [Textless]
Text-012 Mortify [Textless]
Text-013 Disenchant [Textless]
Text-014 Psionic Blast [Textless]
Text-015 Lightning Helix [Textless]
Text-016 Cruel Edict [Textless]
Text-017 Damnation [Textless]
Text-018 Harmonize [Textless]
Text-019 Incinerate [Textless]
Text-020 Mana Tithe [Textless]
Text-021 Recollect [Textless]
Text-022 Tidings [Textless]
Text-023 Zombify [Textless]
Text-024 Corrupt [Textless]
Text-025 Ponder [Textless]
Text-026 Cryptic Command [Textless]
Text-027 Flame Javelin [Textless]
Text-028 Unmake [Textless]
Text-029 Nameless Inversion [Textless]
Text-030 Remove Soul [Textless]
Text-031 Blightning [Textless]
Text-032 Rampant Growth [Textless]
Text-033 Negate [Textless]
Text-034 Terminate [Textless]
Text-035 Cancel [Textless]
Text-036 Lightning Bolt [Textless]
Text-037 Sign in Blood [Textless]
Text-038 Volcanic Fallout [Textless]
Text-039 Infest [Textless]
Text-040 Celestial Purge [Textless]
Text-041 Bituminous Blast [Textless]
Text-042 Burst Lightning [Textless]
Text-043 Harrow [Textless]
THG-001 Underworld Dreams [2HG]
WPN-001 Sprouting Thrinax [WPN]
WPN-002 Woolly Thoctar [WPN]
WPN-003 Duergar Hedge-Mage [WPN]
WPN-004 Selkie Hedge Mage [WPN]
WPN-005 Hellspark Elemental [WPN]
WPN-006 Path to Exile [WPN]
WPN-007 Marisi's Twinclaws [WPN]
WPN-008 Slave of Bolas [WPN]
WPN-009 Mind Control [WPN]
WPN-010 Rise from the Grave [WPN]
WPN-011 Kor Duelist [WPN]
WPN-012 Vampire Nighthawk [WPN]
WPN-013 Syphon Mind [WPN]
WPN-014 Kor Firewalker [WPN]
WPN-015 Leatherback Baloth [WPN]
WPN-016 Curse of Wizardry [WPN]
WPN-017 Pathrazer of Ulamog [WPN]
WPN-018 Fling [WPN]
WPN-019 Sylvan Ranger [WPN]
15A-001 Char [15th Anniversary]
15A-002 Kamahl, Pit Fighter [15th Anniversary]
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