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Any Personal Interpretations to the Rules?

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Canceled user

Subject: Any Personal Interpretations to the Rules?   PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:20 pm Reply with quote

*(Edited 8/1/11)


I haven't been playing this card game for very long (and to be honest, before a couple weeks ago, I had NEVER played the card game before in my LIFE other than one unfinished game with my brother a long time ago), so I've only just begun to drown in some of these crazy rules the cards have. Shocked

Throughout these past several weeks of playing, however, I've poked and prodded at some of the crazier rules, trying to make desperate sense of them. This is what I've done. However, please don't think that this is what YOU should do. This is just my opinion. And I would appreciate your opinions as well. Very Happy

I figure that if there are any disagreements or confusion with the canon rules, it should be discussed via IM before the battle begins.

Let me stress that each of these opinions is up for debate.


1. The Digivolving cards are only used once in the Digivolving Phase, then discarded at the end of the Round after the proper points have been issued to the winner. (Except the Crest Tag, of course. You can use some Crests with it to seriously mess with someone before discarding it at the end of the Round.)

2. All Power Option cards go Offline after the Round in which they are used unless explicitly told not to.

3. Placing a Control Spire during the Digivolution Phase does not prevent the opponent's Digimon from Digivolving during the turn in which it was originally placed. The Control Spire card does not take full effect until the person who had played the card wins the Round. *(This means that the Control Spire card can not yet be voided by the Collapsed Control Spire card. I look at this like the "building stage" of that control spire. A control spire wasn't built in a turn, you know Very Happy--I really just said that, didn't I? Shocked)

4. Digimon without specific Digimon names in their Requirement Box can Digivolve from every Digimon. (Examples include: Ebonwumon, Zhuquiaomon, etc., who only have the word 'Ultimate' in their Requirements Box. My reasoning is that some Ultimate Digimon with DNA Digivolving Requirements can use a specific Ultimate and any Ultimate. Pukumon, for example, requires MarineDevimon and any Ultimate, or Dragomon and any Ultimate.)

5. Apokarimon/Apocalymon can only Digivolve from an Ultimate or when using the Collapsed Control Spire card. (I think of this as a "safety" rule. You don't want a Rookie going right to a Mega, do you? Very Happy)

6. The player that chooses to pass once during the Option Card Phase prevents the use of any more Option Cards that round.

7. The Spiritual Crystal card only reduces the Digimon's natural power to zero, disregarding any Option Cards affecting the power of the Digimon. (This just means that the Option Card giving a Digimon +50 power would now have 50 power after the Spiritual Crystal card is played. I look at this as a convenient restraint on the power of the Spiritual Crystal card. In my opinion, there should be no card that automatically wins the Round nor the Game for that matter.)

8. --If a player is able to discard the opponent's Rookie using The Digital Gate card, the player instantly wins the Round of the Game (following exactly the rules on the card for discarding a Digimon) IF the opponent doesn't have a Rookie in hand that he or she can replace using the Digi-Beetle card with the now discarded Digimon in the Duel Zone. If the player has neither a Digi-Beetle card nor a Rookie card, award the points to the winner in regard to the highest level Digimon discarded and proceed to the Regrouping Phase. *It does not win the player the entire Game.--

*Let me make things a little clearer. There have been arguments between players that the Digital Gate automatically wins the entire GAME for the player. I don't agree with that. Instead as a compromise, I say that Digital Gate wins the Round for the player. Oh, I thought it went without saying, but all normal rules for this card apply.*

9. Cards can only be played when it designates on the card. Placing a card on the Power Zone is the same thing as playing it.

10. Discard and pick up as many cards as you or the opponent wishes during either the Preparation or the Regrouping Phase so long as both players continue to have 10 cards in their hand. *(Standard rules apply when out of Online cards. However, you may only reshuffle your Online Deck once per Phase. If you or the opponent is left with a single card Online, leave it regardless of the number of cards in hand until the next Regroup Phase.)

11. The Rook Device card only applies to the Digimon's natural power (as with the Spiritual Crystal card). Therefore, the Spiritual Crystal card is able to negate the Rook Device card and bring the Digimon's natural power down to zero.


12. The Crest Tag card, the Shining Digivolution card, the Ultra Digivolution card, and any card like them do not exempt the Digimon's name in Digivolution if they, in fact, have a name. (I see the Digimon's name as a restriction on Digivolution, not a Requirement). The Crest Tag card and those like it are only used to exempt the rest of the text in the Requirement Box.


So this is how I've interpreted these cards crazy rules. That said, I'm curious how other players have interpreted these rules, or even other rules. And I'm especially interested in the interpretation of the Power Freeze card Shocked That card is seriously messed up.

I mean, sure it voids a Digivolve card, but if the Digivolution has already taken place, then what's the point? Do you play it in the Digivolve Phase? But it's a Power Option card, so you shouldn't be able to do that Neutral

Is it possible that any Power Option card can be played in the Digivolution Phase so long as it pertains to the Digivolution??

I've found so many mixed reviews on this that it makes my head spin Shocked

P.S. Make sure you PM me or reply to this topic if you want to add your own two cents! Even if it's just to chew me out, I won't mind. Don't think I will just let it slide, though. Be prepared for some friendly fire. Twisted Evil

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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:43 am Reply with quote

Well let me try to shed some light here. I have actually recently purchased the Digimon card game 2 Player set box and it came with everything one needs for 2 people to pick up and play quickly. The rule book that came with the box explains everything somewhat clearly so let me try to further explain the rulings here.

Everything you have stated is correct except for 2, 6-8 and 12.

2. Alot of Power Blast cards stay in play after being used; Like "Flay Away" and "Iron Drill". However if you lose the Duel having used cards like those then they MUST go Offline.

6. When a Player says "pass" but the Opponent plays a card, the Player is still able to play a Option Card if he/she wishes. However if the Players says "pass" and the Opponent says "pass" then the Player can't play anything and must battle.

7. "Spiritual Crystal" decreases the all of the Opponent's Digimon Powers to 0, and I mean ALL of the Digimon power. However if the Opponent plays a Power Blast card afterward the Digimon will gain the power.
*Example: Players uses "Spiritual Crystal", Opponent uses "Black Gears". Opponent's Digimon is left with 100 Digimon Power because "Black Gears" was played AFTER "Spiritual Crystal"

8. "Digital Gate" does NOT win the round for the Player at all. The second effect only activates if the Opponent has more than 1 Rookie in the Duel Zone. Rookies are NEVER sent Offline unless being switched or by "Digital Gate's" effect (But there MUST be 2 Rookies in the Opponent's Duel Zone).

12. "Crest Tag", "Shining Digivolution", "Ultra Digivolution" DO in fact allow the Player's Digimon to Digivolve to the a next level Digimon no matter what!
The reason why that is is because the Rule Book states that the Box above the Digimon Graphic is indeed the requirements for Digivolving (Names and all!).
*Example: Player uses "Ultra Digivolve" to Digivolve "Greymon" to "Weregarurumon".

I hope this clears up any confusion for anyone who would like to play or is currently playing the game right now.
Also if anyone would like a crash course on how to play or would like to just play with someone, PM me and I'll be MORE then happy to play a match with anyone who wants to! XD
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:00 pm Reply with quote

I'm sorry, but it seems you misunderstood the intent of this article and have neglected to read some of the finer points of the personal alterations I've written here.

The title of this article, as implied by what I've said above, is a grouping of ambiguous rules and personal alterations/interpretations. Perhaps I never made this clear. When I say "personal alterations" I mean that I've changed some of the listed rules to make them more clear and more fluid to my overall personal playing experience. I never meant to say that any of these rules are absolute truth and anyone who wants to play this game MUST follow these rules.

Furthermore, this topic was not an endeavor to seek help, but an endeavor to create a discussion about ambiguous rules and personal alterations. After struggling with some of the stranger rules and after reading up on some of the players' opinions on them, it occurred to me that I couldn't be the only one confused with Bandai's wording and lack of direction. I apologize if my own topic was ambiguous in any way.


And for the record, I have a copy of the original rules right here in my hand, and in the Battle Phase it says, and I quote, "Continue taking turns until a player runs out of Power Option cards to play, or decides to stop playing them, and says 'Pass.' The other player may continue to play Power Option cards until he or she runs out of cards or decides to stop."

Now, from what I've interpreted the former sentence as, a player may play Power Option cards until he or she says "Pass". My personal opinion is that as soon as a player says pass, he or she should not be able to change his or her mind afterward and continue to play cards. It is my opinion that not only does this apply a reasonable restriction on the Battle Phase but also increases the level of challenge and strategy when playing (something that I attempt to do in all areas of my life, I regret to say).

My second personal alteration/interpretation is more of a restatement of the obvious. Please note that nowhere did I say that all cards had to go Offline. In fact, I said, and once again I quote, "All Power Option cards go Offline after play unless EXPLICITLY TOLD NOT TO." Fly Away and Iron Drill would be examples of what I say by "EXPLICITLY TELLING YOU NOT TO." As in, "EXPLICITLY TELLING YOU NOT TO SEND THIS CARD OFFLINE IF YOU WIN THE MATCH."

It seems that once again you stumble into my vague use of the word "personal." The Spiritual Crystal and the Digital Gate are both altered by myself during personal play. I am not, as you seem to think I am, trying to say that these rules are correct. I am only saying that they are a personal interpretation of what I've read. Much in the way that you or anyone else have developed opinions on food or TV shows, I have developed opinions on card games.

And above all, I will never allow myself, or anyone else I play with for that matter, Digivolve into anything they please. This is the only rule that I defend as canon. Not only is it cheating, it makes things too easy.

And I hate easy.

As you undoubtedly read, I said that I view the Digimon's name as a restriction, not a requirement.

Finally, you seem to think that my interpretation for the Digital Gate card doesn't include the original rules. Well, I do, in fact, include them. I just thought it went without saying. But I will edit them in anyway so as to not confuse anyone else.

My only reason for mentioning the Digital Gate card was that some people have argued that if you don't have a Rookie Digimon in hand, and you can't replace the old Rookie, then the Game is automatically won.


I have started this topic not to ask for any help--I never asked for your help--but, in fact, to discuss how people play the game. So, don't assume so much, lessermontamer, and don't think that I wouldn't respect your opinion if it were stated in a more opinionated manner with a more liberal use of the blessed word 'I.'

I apologize for sounding so pompous, but this is just the way I talk when I'm miffed. :d
People don't like people who dash other people's opinions on sharp rocks.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:50 pm Reply with quote

LOL Sry if I insulted you in anyway buddy. I thought the topic was basically for seeing if the rules you interperated for yourself were correct or not. But whatever Its totally cool.

However I MUST disagree with you that "Shining Digivolution" & "Ultra Digivolution" Make the game easy...
Although they allow one Digimon to Digivolve into any next level Digimon they have a cost to set back the player that uses the card.
For example "Ultra Digivolve" Requires the player to Offline his/her entire hand after use. Sure you're getting a next level Digimon but the Player now has no Hand so if the Opponent has cards to Power up the Player is now Screwed...

But I DO see how "Crest Tag" can be a little broken. But you DO need a Champion Digimon to go into Ultimate which isn't as common as it could be.

But yeah sorry if I annoyed you in any way, I was just trying to help a fellow Digimon Player.
Anyways I've been thinking that there are some Cards which are SUPER broken and make the game unfair for others who do not have the card in the deck.
So I was thinking if you would like to help me make a Ban list for Super Broken Cards.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:49 pm Reply with quote

Nah, it's good that I was so insulted. This way I can learn how to cut out my next inevitable angry rant from a post before I actually post it. :p I had no excuse to overreact like that xD

I must also stand firm against the Shining/Ultra Digivolution thing, though. Stupid impasse. And though I'm not exactly saying that it'd make the game extremely easy, I am saying that it does make things a little too convenient for my taste :/

I suppose it doesn't matter. If I, say, battle with someone who insists to use those cards in their preferred way, I'd still use them in my preferred way. Worse comes to worst and I'm at a slight disadvantage.

Your idea to make a Super Broken Card Ban sounds interesting. Although, I'd say it'd be worth the pain to instead make a list of mutually agreed upon rules for some of the cards. That way we'd still be able to use each card to its fullest potential and we wouldn't have to throw out any just because we couldn't make it work.


Bah. I think that still might be too much work. And it would undoubtedly lead to an exhausting amount of other impasses. I'd say that if enough people were to play this card game, we could use a specific topic where people might post all of their confusions, ideas, interpretations--whatever. Then maybe we could lump them all together in different categories and have people vote on their favorites.

Of course, that idea is pretty useless unless a huge number of people become spontaneously attracted to this site and TCG :/

I suppose the simplest thing everyone can do is just discuss a couple of the weirder rules with each other prior to playing. Back at square one, eh? xD I just love to talk myself in circles...

So, about a list of Banned Cards...well, I suppose it carries the same problems as the list of mutually agreed upon rules does. It won't matter what everyone does if there aren't enough people playing. They could just talk to each other before the match about which cards they agree not to use.

Though, if either option runs into problems with only two people, then they will most likely just keep arguing about one card or another for the rest of their lives. xD

It looks like it all comes down to the number of people who use this site for Digimon Digi-Battle. This game needs some better advertising xD Something to attract more of its fans to it. It is a shame. This is such a great game :d
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:13 pm Reply with quote

I completely agree!
There are just not enough people playing this game to be able to make an effective Ban list or Rules for Super Broken Cards.

I myself have actually tried to advertize this game to Digimon Fans in forums and stuff but not alot of people actually get into it.
I think it's mostly do to the hassle of Looking Up cards to put in your collection and then Looking up the cards again to put into your deck.
I actually found this process extremely annoying and actually almost gave up making a Deck just because I couldn't understand what to do...
Also not to mention when one is playing a glitch occurs which the Opponent cannot see the a Player's card at some point or something.

I think if this Site was made more accessible to new comers that more and more people would want to join and play because of the simplicity of being able to jump right in and play.
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Avatar for chibionineko

Joined: 05 Sep 2007
Posts: 430

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:30 am Reply with quote

People Talking in Digimon Shocked.

Ok, as for #8, as I have understood it:

First remeber that when you digivolve your rookie stays on the bottom of the pile, so by 2 or more digimon on the dual zone I feel it is refering to evolved digimon, for example a stack of Greymon and Agumon.

So you play Digital Gate and discard Agumon, but Greymon is still active, so unless you defeat it and discard the stack they still have a Digimon.

Now if you do defeat and discard Greymon they are left with no Rookie, and here is were Im gonna differ from my original review of the card, Lets just agree to consider a empty zone as empty, simple as that. No rookie, no problem, theres nothing for your opponent to defeat, and theres no points given for a less than rookie win.

So then whats the point to use gate? Well you can abuse the bonus points from digivolving to megas while your opponent speeds through their deck for a new rookie. Or you can just work on setting up an ultimate hand.

As for Crest Tag and Shining digivolution I go on the side of ignoring all requirements on them. mainly because they specificly say "regardless of Digivolve Requirements".

And Apoc, well I never had issues destroying it even if its dropped turn 1 using a well built deck. So I have no issues with it coming into play from a rookie.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:33 pm Reply with quote

I know! It's like some friggin' miracle.


Well, I like this explanation you give for the Digital Gate more than my own, I think. It makes more sense, and at least it doesn't seem like a win all, end all O.O

I've personally never come into contact with that card, so I haven't had as much experience as I would have liked xD This is all just speculation from what I've read on these cards...Not very reliable.

The same goes for Apokarimon. I just automatically figured that going right from Rookie to Mega would crush the average deck. Especially if they used some of those Mega-specific cards. It would be quite the challenge. At least it would be for me :d

But there you go and ruin the post. xD

What is with people and negating every last requirement for digivolving o.O? How depressing.

Ah, well. I suppose I've bent the rules there a bit, too (if you believe this sort of thing). Like during DNA digivolving. If I were to stick with my own idea, I would have to have both digimon in hand if I were to digivolve, instead I just chuck one of those digimon out and stick a Crest Tag in its place :d
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:41 am Reply with quote

Well the way I interpret number 8 is that it's only usable when a player has switched a Rookie and not Digivolved.
Since in the rule book it says that when one switches out a Rookie the previous one stays under the new one. But when the new Rookie digivolves the previous one is then sent Offline.
My idea for this to actually be useful is when an opponent has switched to a better Rookie like Impmon (Who can Warp Digivolve to Beelzemon) you can get rid of him and MAKE the opponent use the previous one.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2007
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:00 pm Reply with quote

Yea it can be had to interprate what is really supposed to happen and I guess I can enlighten you guys why since I'm sure your curious why some of the cards make absolutely no sense.

Bandai of America [BoA](Digi-Battle's publisher) was basicly given no authority by Bandai of Japan (the license's owner) to make any alterations to the cards from their original Japanese versions. This means that BoA had to translate all of the cards literally instead of properly. This resulted in alot of the cards, especially in the later sets when they had more complicated effects, ending up almost as confusing as a VCR manual from the 80's (which the same method of translation was often used.)
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Joined: 05 Sep 2007
Posts: 430

Subject: Follow-up   PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:03 am Reply with quote

I thought you 2 might find these articles interesting.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:55 pm Reply with quote

Ah, yes. That's where I originally got most of my opinions :d I read them awhile ago. There were also those card reviews, too, that were quite insightful on this very site Wink

But back to the previous post...

I wonder if it would be at all possible (but undoubtedly challenging if I or anyone else were to make the attempt) to get our hands on some of the original Digimon cards in Japanese for comparison to some of the more ambiguous English cards. Or at least some of their cognates. We could attempt a more fluid translation using everything from dictionaries to online translators xD And it would be 100% official...if I made sure to list the steps it took to get to the eventual translation.

Of course, such a feat would require at least amateur familiarity with the Japanese language...Hmm...Been meaning to learn Japanese for awhile now Very Happy
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:08 pm Reply with quote

That was really insightful however I cannot just simply follow this guys interpretation of the rules because it is also flawed.
Even though he said that the people at Customer Support had no idea what they were talking about at some point, he still followed some of the Q & A stuff he got from Gumby.

Also the whole thing about Ultra Digivolve and stuff still doesn't make complete sense to me.
I gotta give him credit for bringing up a strong argument but he still left out a part of that argument.
Let's say the player wants to Digivolve Greymon into Metalgreymon using Ultra Digivolve.
According to this guy, he says the next level Digimon cannot be placed in the Digivolve Zone unless the player has the correct Digivolve requirements.
Which means means even if you have Ultra Digivolve it can't be used because it's not a Digivice.
Anyways I still hold that Ultra Digivolve and Crest Tag DO allow the person to Digivolve to any next level Digimon.
Perhaps a rewrite of the rules will make it clear, which is what I'm thinking of doing soon which will include extras as to how and when cards can be played during which phases and also try to explain what "Attack Phase" means because it is not defined anywhere.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:47 pm Reply with quote

Here are the erratas that I use:

ST-141 Magnadramon now reads “when this card is in your hand you may reveal it to add 100 points to the power of digimon on your duel zone with dragon in the name. “ This does not apply to digimon with Drago or Dramon in their names. This does not apply to digimon who’s type is dragon, dark dragon, holy dragon, etc. (It is only useful with Imperialdramon Dragon Mode).

Digimon/Options (digital gate) that can send an opponent’s digimon offline can’t send rookie digimon offline unless there is another rookie under them.

Special effects reset at the beginning of every duel. You can’t loop offlining Terriermon cards to Lopmon for example.

PlatinumSukamon scores an ADDITIONAL 100 points when it wins the duel. MaloMyotismon and Apokarimon Creepymode Score an ADDITIONAL 200 points when they win the duel.

Hi-Andromon and Justimon change your opponent’s battle type to the chosen type.

Anubismon now reads “Increase your digimon power by 200 whenever your score decreases by 100 points.”

Soulmon’s special effect is the same as Bakemon’s special effect.

Orcamon sends the top 3 cards of your opponent’s online deck offline when it loses.

Taco Bell Promo Andromon can digivolve from Deputymon (Revolvermon is another version of his name).

Taco Bell Okuwamon’s digivolve requirements no longer contain flymon (the card was never printed). This has been substituted with Flybeemon.

Digimon with effects that say opponent must attack first mean that your opponent has the first chance to play option cards.

Decks containing two different card backs must be played in non-transparent sleeves of the same color.

DM-01 Omnimon’s translated attacks are (red) Defend, (green) Garuru Cannon, and (yellow) Grey Sword. It is a vaccine digimon and a Holy Knight. The Japanese digivolve requirements are the same as the English ones.

DM-02 “The Miracle Four” has been changed to a vaccine type since all the digimon depicted are vaccines. They are simultaneously considered Holy Dragon, Angel, and Warrior type digimon.

Fox Kids Paper Punch-Out cards and Hard Plastic Growlmon, Kyubimon, and Gargomon are not legal cards. They are just previews for the actual releases of the armor digimon depicted.

DP-C3 Digi-Trinity, DM-MGI Gallantmon, DM-MG 2 MegaGargomon, DP-MG-3 Sakuyamon, DP-Y1 Wargrowlmon, DP-Y2 Taomon, DP-Y3 Rapidmon, DP-X1 Guilmon, DP-X2 Renamon, DP-X3 Terriermon, and DP-R1 Impmon are not legal cards as they do not function with the game.

The Antylamon movie promo’s digivolve requirements have been changed to Endigomon.

Ebonwumon and Zhuqiaomon switch names and digimon types so that they are correct.

Cards that say do not use with a [digimon level] on duel zone refer to your duel zone and not your opponent’s.

Armageddemon halves the power of any digimon which reached its current level with DNA digivolving.

Power Freeze can be played during the digivolve phase, and option eater can be used to void it during the digivolve phase as well.
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