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Digi-Battle Cards?

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Canceled user

Subject: Digi-Battle Cards?   PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 4:14 pm Reply with quote

OK. So something I've been wondering, where can I get Digi-Battle Cards locally? I know it's kinda an old game, but I'd like to find a store that would sell those. I don't want them so I can play the Digi-Battle card game, I want them for to act like a Digimon Tamer doing the Digimodify thing. (I've lost almost all my Digimon cards a long time ago.) Some JP version cards of it would be perfered, since only the JP version has the "Card Game" thingie on the back of the cards, like the Digimon Tamers have on their cards in the anime. I live in the USA btw.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 5:09 am Reply with quote

Unfortunately the cards were discontinued years ago, so there is pretty much no chance of finding them in your average store. Our only options for Digi-Battle cards would therefore be from those halcyon days years past (xd), or ebay...possibly garage sales or some thrift store. I've seen a whole myriad of decks and random cards over at ebay, but alas, I haven't bought any xD

In order to practice some of the decks I've made (since I didn't have the cards and didn't have money to buy the ones I needed) I ended up finding scans online and printing them off on card stock, lol. Not the best option, but if you need a more convenient way to practice your decks it's the simplest and most useful thing you could do (short of creating two accounts for yourself and practicing that way...which is frowned upon *cough**cough*).

Collecting the cards, however, has become a luxury for us Digimon fans. Same with collecting those old Tamagotchis. Short in supply, monster prices. Although, maybe that isn't such a great analogy, 'cause the prices for cards aren't too shabby. Some individual "rare" cards go for a couple dollars (up to being totally ridiculous), but the bulk bunches and some booster packs aren't too bad. Japanese versions of the cards, however, tend to stack up in the higher price ranges pretty dern fast. To the best of my knowledge, what you're looking for are the "alpha" stages of the JP cards--the ones with the cool... swirly...symbol...thing or whatever on the back. The newer card game in JP may or may not have changed that design.

Guess I went off on a rant <.<
Short answer: for all intents and purposes, it is impossible to buy Digimon cards locally. I'd recommend ebay or, if you can't buy from ebay, a good printer and some cardstock xd

Best of luck.

Edit: I take it all back. The cards on ebay are ridiculously expensive. Why anyone in there right mind would buy three cards for $50.00 is beyond me <.< It's all very strange, because just a couple months ago, there were lots of 50 cards for only $5.00 or something...
Anyway, my new recommendation: find yourself a printer and print off some scans xD
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Joined: 27 May 2010
Posts: 213

Subject:    PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 8:02 pm Reply with quote

I wouldn't lose all hope on buying locally, but perhaps you're looking in the wrong places. Anime or other related conventions might point you in the right direction (though sometimes might be more costly than they should be). You can also check comic book stores in smaller communities (where they dont see many customers). I know for a fact that the last time I went into my local comic book store, they had a few unopened boxes of the Digimon starter decks.

Best of luck to you though Smile
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Canceled user

Subject: Thanks.   PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 3:54 pm Reply with quote

Uh, thanks, you two. Still, to what the 1st guy said, I have no cardstock, and I have no working printer. The only printer I have at home, it's cord is defective, and hardly ever works with printing stuff. It still is a good copying machine though. And, I finally have lvled-up to level 1 at this site, quite a long time ago, but that's off-topic. Anyways, I better stop before this goes way off topic. Bye! ^^
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