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How to build and play?

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Subject: How to build and play?   PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:57 pm Reply with quote

I have been wanting to build a deck and play this game for a while, but I'm not sure on how to build a deck for this game, nor do I even know how to play. Any help for a newbie?
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:19 am Reply with quote

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Subject: Re: How to build and play?   PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:22 pm Reply with quote

zexionvi wrote:
I have been wanting to build a deck and play this game for a while, but I'm not sure on how to build a deck for this game, nor do I even know how to play. Any help for a newbie?

One good way to look at (block format) deck-building is to think of somebody you like. Let's say, for this example, that you're a huge fan of Hinata. And why not? Hinata's the best ninja. That's why I have a binder filled with her glory.

Anyways, now that you have her in mind you should search all the block sets for copies of her. THe block formats are:
    Path of Pain - POP
    The Gallant Sage - TGS
    Shattered Truth - ST
    Tournament Pack 2 - TP2
    Tournament Pack 3 - TP3
    Weapons of War - WW
    Invasion - I
    Sage's Legacy - SL
    Kage Summit - KS
    Tournament Pack 4 - TP4

We like Hinata, but we can only run 3 of her per the rulebook. Well what about things like "Hinata Hyuga (Awakened)"? We can run 3 of her too. If the title of the card is different, then the actual name doesn't matter. However that doesn't mean you can have 3 "Hinata Hyuga" N-1038 and 3 "Hinata Hyuga" N-1156. You can only run more than 3 if the title of the card is different. But you understood that, right?

Now let's look at our Hinata options, starting with "Hinata Hyuga" N-1038. I'm assuming you know how to play, so we won't worry about her entrance cost. Her effect, however, is super important. She discards a card or hurts your opponent. Perfect, right? Well yeah, it's a lose-lose for your opponent, but with Warhawk and Anko running rampant in the format it's not too much to discard 1 tiny card. So we begin our actual deck-building journey.

Search for common keywords or wordings. See how Hinata says "opponent discards 1 card"? Try searching for "opponent discard" or "discards 1". You should pull up more support. Toss those in a deck and look at it. It should form a good backbone to your deck. Now you have your main goal. Your opponent will have no hand.

Now for support themes. Every element has multiple themes. Be it Water's ambush or hand-drop, Earth's mental or hand-stomp, or Fire's mill or Uchiha. So early game for our Earth deck we should look at secondary themes. We should find one pretty easily with mental beatdown. Search for cards that start "Mental Power battles". You'll find this in the Nara clan. You have plenty of T0 Shikamarus to support mental, along with his mother Yoshino Nara. Add an Ino in for flavor and you're good. Of course this support gets support too in the form of Shikaku Nara and Choji Akimichi. Toss them in and your deck is looking good. Look for other good Earth cards, like "Koharu Utatane", "Yamato", or "The 1st Hokage". Now your ninja section is built.

We have our theme in mind, so missions should be easy. We see we need mental early on, so a Nara Clan is in order. We also see that we have some Hyuga on our side, so Hyuga Training or Hyuga Clan should look good in the deck. What about beatdown or shrinkage? Grab a Brooding Mood or a Lunchbox and drop it in. Every deck needs search, so grab a Shikamaru's Decision. Always look through the legal sets by setting a filter to search for the element of your choice, then peek at missions or jutsu that can further your win condition. I've just named some "staple" Earth cards. These should all support you and do very little to set you back. Always use your brain when making mission selections, as they form your deck. A card like Senju v. Uchiha, even though the elements match, should never find its way into an effect-heavy deck. Clients normally follow the same line of though as missions, though they're typically a waste of a mission space. Futaba and Giant Eagle match your elements, but they don't relate to the deck at all. Takamaru is nice, but he's better when you draw "Tupacamaru" over his name and stuff him in a binder.

Jutsu are the last thing you should consider in a deck. Look at possible user restrictions and turn restrictions. Things that fit your theme go pretty well together. "Byakugan" or "8 Trigrams" are really good jutsu for a Hinata deck, eh? Earth is a naturally defensive element, so getting something like "8 Trigrams Palms Rotation" and "Bravery" are good ideas.

Now you have a heap of cards and think you have a deck, right? No, decks are all balance. You can't play a jutsu with no users. Having 12 missions on the field means nothing when there's nothing to use them for. So here's the recommended deck-building numbers that I use for building "starters"/"test decks", or for building release tournament decks.

Ninja: 28-32
T0: 10-12
T1: 3-5
T2: 3-4
T3: 3-4
T4: 2-4
T5: 2-3
T6: 1-2
T7: 1-2

Missions: 8-14 (In this meta, it'll be closer to 12-14)

Jutsu: 4-9 (In this meta, it'll be around 7)

Reinforcements are another major deck-building thing, but they're easy. Look at all your Ninja and look through reinforcements until you find Squads/Reinforcements that relate. Ino-Shika-Cho's 3 man Squad is really good for this deck. Naruto/Yamato would kind of fit. Shikamaru/Asuma or Shikamaru/Choji would fit well too. Deidara (C0 Form) could be a possibility. Your reinforcements are kept separate from your deck and are limited to 15.

Now to mention "staples". This format has some cards that are vastly superior to others and can be splashed into any deck with no real issue. I would suggest the first two, but the 3rd and 4th staple don't apply to Earth decks.
1x Hydro-Pump
2x-3x Konohamaru Ninja Squad
2x Sasuke [Solo Attitude]
2x Karin [Absorption][/list][/list]
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