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I need a strategy at my deck

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Canceled user

Subject: I need a strategy at my deck   PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:05 am Reply with quote

My deck "final power" have some weakness (for example it can t win against a six samurai deck or a fast summon deck ). I need some advises to make it better and to have the power and the strategy to win against best strategy decks.
that contain my deck:

- 3 alexandrite dragon;
- 1 ancient gear Knight;
- 2 ape fighters;
- 1 black horn of heaven;
- 2 blizzard dragons;
- 1 blowback dragon;
- 2 brain control;
- 1 call of the hunted;
- 2 card rotator;
- 1 chainsaw insect;
- 1 chiron the mage;
- 1 d.d assailant;
- 1 dark bribe;
- 1 dark hole;
- 1 dark valkyria;
- 1 darkwold shackles;
- 1 different dimension capsule;
- 2 dimensional prison;
- 1 divine wrath;
- 1 draining shield;
- 1 ekibyo drakmord;
- 2 fissure;
- 2 gene warped warwolf;
- 1 heavy storm;
- 2 jar of greed;
- 1 jetroid;
- 1 kyocoo the ghost destroyer;
- 1 lancer lindwurm;
- 3 lightening vortex;
- 2 magic cylinder;
- 1 magin drain;
- 2 mack of restrict;
- 1 michizure;
- 3 mirage dragon;
- 2 mirror force;
- 1 mist body;
- 2 monster reborn;
- 2 mistical space typhoon;
- 1 nightmare wheel;
- 3 pitch-black warwolf;
- 1 poison of the old man;
- 1 question;
- 2 raigei break;
- 2 reflect bounder;
- 1 rescue rabbit;
- 1 royal oppression;
- 1 save zone;
- 2 scrap-iron scarecrow;
- 1 skilled dark magician ;
- 1 snipe hunter;
- 1 spirit barrier;
- 1 tardy orc;
- 1 the tricky;
- 1 threatening roar;
- 1 time machine;
- 2 trap reactor*Y FI;
- 2 tribute to the doomed;
- 1 united we stand;
- 1 vorse rider;
- 2 wave-motion cannon;
- 1 zubaba knight;
- 1 kachi kochi dragon;
- 1 number 39: utopia;


advise /future changing/comments/rating/or something, are always good because i can upgrade my deck Cool Cool
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:27 am Reply with quote

This deck is... well, it's... I see you were rather enthusiastic when it came to throwing in cards.

I'll start with the simple stuff:

1. You cannot have an 88 card deck. The maximum deck size in Yugioh is 60, so it's already completely illegal for a start.
2. It's worthwhile paying attention to the Limited and Forbidden list. Brain Control is banned and Monster Reborn is Limited, so you cannot have 2 copies of each in the deck. Royal Oppression is also banned.
3. There is no such thing as a "power deck", not really. The only time I've ever heard that phrase bandied around is in the anime, where it's a term that means "an inconsistent mess with no actual strategy". You need to realise that the decks used by characters in the anime are awful, and would not win games in real life.

The first thing to do is to chop this deck in half - is there a reason to make this deck more than 40 cards? I believe that a number of variations of the Gagdet deck require 42 - 45 cards, but that's to ensure an even distribution of those decks' key cards, the Gadgets, and is backed up with solid mathematics relating to statistical distribution. The larger your deck, the harder it is to draw the cards you need when you need them. 40 is a good number. Aim for 40. Grow to love the number 40. If you find yourself wanting to make a deck with nearer to 50, or, sweet Kuriboh forbid, 60 cards, consider taking the excess cards and using them as the starting point for another deck. Of 40 cards. Forty. 40!

It seems to me that what you want is a beatdown deck. The current trend in Yugioh is, and has been for a very long time, to have monsters relatively low in ATK, but with strong effects. Since you are not running many monsters with powerful effects, you want to level the playing field - your best bet is Skill Drain. While your opponent's monsters are sat there looking sad and useless because Skill Drain has negated their effects, you high ATK monsters can be beating face and taking names.

I suggest you trawl the ol' Internets and have a look for other people's recipes for Skill Drain beatdown decks, even if you don't have all the cards that most of those people would recommend, it'll give you an idea of what sort of cards to look for in future. In the meantime, you just use whatever cards you have that have the closets effects/ATK and DEF to whatever they recommend.

That's probably enough to be getting on with for the moment. One last thing though: never, ever use Jar of Greed unless you have a 40-card deck. It's pointless. Really pointless. You're playing a card... to draw you a single card. You could achieve the same effect by not playing Jar of Greed in the first place - then, instead of drawing Jar of Greed, you'll draw that card you WOULD have got with the Jar a turn BEFORE Jar would let you draw it.
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Canceled user

Subject: ok   PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:27 am Reply with quote

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