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Wave Strikers

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Canceled user

Subject: Wave Strikers   PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:44 am Reply with quote

Wave Strikers is a feature that on the first look seems as if it can be translated into a decent deck but then when you play you suddenly feel the pressure for the wave strikers dont get their ability unless there are 3 wave strikers in the battle zone, i made two wave strikers deck but i am not quite satisfied.
do any1 here hav any better opinion about making a Wave Strikers deck and also what are your general opinion on these "Wave Strikers"??
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:38 pm Reply with quote

Wave Strikers are objectively better because of this baby:
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Avatar for qbius

Joined: 11 Nov 2009
Posts: 52

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:16 am Reply with quote

Don't listen to him
Kilstine suks dik, costs way too much and if you include more than 1 copy of it in a wave striker deck (and personally I don't like having even a single Kilstine) you're doing it wrong

ok she's kinda alright. I don't like her tho

wave strikers

you want a RYG, as in, you want a Fire/Light/Nature deck
basically what you do is you take this template here:

4x Sapian Tark, Flame Dervish
1-3x Flame Trooper Goliac (I recommend 2 but basically it comes down to how much destroy you already have and how quick you want your deck to be)

4x Merlee, the Oracle
4x Asra, Vizier of Safety
0-1x Kilstine, Nebula Elemental (Not recommended by me but can still win some games with an unexpected drop from mana using Soulswap)

4x Macho Melon
4x Uncanny Turnip
3-4x Soulswap (Soulswap is like the second best card in TCG but if all big creatures you have are the 2 Bombazars included in the template than you'll be ok with just 3 Soulswaps)

2x Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny (Why? It's the best card of TCG provided you don't use it stupidly and we already have Soulswap so why not)

which is 26-31 cards, and add whatever you want to fill it up till you got a 40-card deck.
Oh, right, people also always seem to include a few Pyrofighter Magnus.

You can add some very rushy stuff, I mean some really cheap yet cool creatures. Maybe some semi-game breaking spell, like Holy Awe or Rumble Gate. If you're planning to have your deck in either OCG or Hybrid, a Shaman Totem or two would be fantastic.
But if JPs are ok then there are so many possibilites that I honestly dunno what can you even do.

Within TCG Wave Strikers are one of the best decks available due to their extremely high Aggro potential with beastly field control due to Sapian Tark. As early as the 4th turn you can have a 6000 guy devastating everything your opponent puts in the battle zone.

They usually fare really well against slower controls without fire, which are simply unable to deal with the sudden barrage of powerful attacks.
They can also do really good against rushes and most aggros, including a Bombazar terminus, due to the already mentioned Sapian Tark. (And against a rush a Searing Wave or two couldn't hurt)

The only really negative matchup a RYG WS has in TCG is a standard RUB Control - or any control with fire really - due to the high pressure coming from the tremendous amount of cheap removals. Most of the time you'll be unable to reach the 3 Wave Strikers power spike due to your opponent constantly clearing your field from any WSes, either with a simple Crimson Hammer/Spastic Missile, or a more overwhelming spell like Searing Wave.

The key to playing Wave Strikers is to know when to play super aggresively and when to take the more defensive approach using the field control you have with Sapians.

But honestly, TCG speaking, they are unbelievably good. Not "decent". Unbelievably good.

Click me
A fairly standard RYG WS

Click me
My personal version in which I included and put some extra emphasis on Miraculous Rebirth
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:14 pm Reply with quote

I didn't say you should build your deck around Kilstine, having her just increases your lategame potential a lot, but adding more than 1-2 is obviously stupid. Having Kilstine in the battle zone along with few other Wave Strikers basically wins you the game, unless you have won it already.
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Avatar for qbius

Joined: 11 Nov 2009
Posts: 52

Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:45 am Reply with quote

I've been playing lots of wave strikers lately and I'm saying this from experience: getting to 6-7 mana is such a rare occurence that I honestly see no reason in ever getting 2 Kilstines.
I'm still considering adding one Kilstine for some of those unusual events (especially having in mind the fact that light is the hardest mana to come by), but the card itself just feels so dead in most situations.
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