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MC cards! use them!

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Subject: MC cards! use them!   PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:32 am Reply with quote

posted on 2 places to get more people to play this game! and to value their MC cards.
Me might as well post it here then just posting the link to the other place.

Terribly late on posting this but its still good. Only thing is the MC Cards are no longer being sold with MC Donald's Happy Meals.
(lol TCO doesn't have the mc cards to use in your deck)

6 all new Power Rangers cards can be found in MC Donald's Happy Meals!
Cards with no effects can win you the game too! Find out the true power of the MC cards.
The first 3 cards are found with the Happy Meal toys from their respective Zords.

Let's take a look at the Red Megaforce Ranger, the leader of the Megaforce rangers. You'll want to play this card when you have 1 card in the Training Area. This card's two MAX powers are easy to assist into MAX if you roll a 3 or a 5, making just having one card in the Training Area a very safe play to get you to MAX easily.
The Black Megaforce Ranger gives Super Samurai from series 1 and 3 a run for their money, having their same MAX level placements but overall costing less cards to play this. You'll be able to take on any Super Samurai boasting multiple MAX with your own cheap costing MAX-packed card.
Blue Megaforce Ranger's MAX levels are spread out if you prefer them to not be clustered together.

The MC Rangers are similar to Guardians Of Justice's double MAX Red Rangers.

Zeo Ranger's effects take a while to set up and you have to be lucky to draw the right colors.
Mc Cards are similar to the Zeo rangers in that you have a 0 cost card with high chances of getting MAX but the Mc cards are ready for battle from turn 1 and do not need other cards to help them get to MAX.

Robo Knight MC-004 this card is found with the Lion Zord toy. It plays similar to P-160 but gives you the Rock symbol and more damage then the 0 cost rangers.

Take on the Samurai decks with confidence as your MC cards will not trigger these Samurai's effects.

Found with the Phoenix Zord toy, Gosei Great Megazord MC-005 has the same 5 cost and 4 damage as an average Megazord card

but you will find more MAX on this card then even GOJ's rare 2 MAX Megazords

Previously for 3 MAX on your Megazord card you had a very high cost of 8 cards! Now pay only 5 cards instead of 8, what a difference!

MC-005 even does more damage then most Team cards!

MC-006, the last card in this set and the only one with an effect is found with the Tiger Zord toy.

4 MAX is incredible! Only the ultra rare Team cards of Universe Of Hope have this much MAX but are a little tough to find in packs. The reason I like this Team card above the rest is the effect and being able to hit for 6 damage against any Rock Paper Scissors type. Watch out for Shield symbol cards when you're playing this card to get the most out of its effect.

6 cards is a lot of damage we're talking about. This game is played with 30 cards, 7 cards are taken out of your deck when you start the game. Your both player's decks now have 23 cards remaining. If you consider playing this card on the first turn - when this team card does its job, 6 cards are taken from your opponent, leaving them at 17 cards in their deck. The 6 cards taken are also in a way robbing your opponent of 3 turns of draws, leaving much more of an inpact of the game then just winning one turn 1 battle. Both players now have to draw 2 more cards to start the next turn, your own deck will be 21 cards, your opponent's deck has 15 cards, half their deck is gone and you still have more copies of this Team card at your command!

Your 4 MAX Team card against a regular card with 1 MAX is a 5.5% chance you will roll one of your non-MAX levels and they will roll their 1 level of MAX. Pretty good odds there to succeed on your Team card's sneak attack.
When you've used up all your hand to play this card, you can proceed to the next turn with confidence as you draw into the next MC ranger with all of its MAX on it too.

Consider giving the MC cards a spot in your deck and thanks for reading my review.
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