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Fanmade BuddyFight Novel series

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Subject: Fanmade BuddyFight Novel series   PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:00 pm Reply with quote

Episode 1: The First Encounter
In the year of 2040, fighters in the Earth may able to enjoy BuddyFight, since threatens such as "Disasters", "Hundred Demons", "Project DDD", "Chaos" and else has been stopped by MiXXdo GXo. The world had also became peace ever after.
Except the annual WBC Cup, professional matches has also been released, and lots of young fighters aim to be a Pro Fighter. But only one of them did not want to be, instead, he had a objective, even greater than become the top fighter in the world.
But, he required something to reach his final goal.
"This will end you! Ultimate Smash!!!"
"Game End. Winner, Watanabe Shun."
As the system A.I. declared the winner, both of the players left the fighting stage.
"Why...If I could have the extra life from Buddygift...I may survive in the last turn..."
As you can see, he did not have a Buddy yet.
"HA! You deserve this defeat, Rei!"
"Become a wanderer through Worlds of Monsters`???How could you travel when you *censored: not good* at fighting???"
"Try again when you have a Buddy...if you can find one!!!"
He didn`t cry, but stood up and shout.
"Same time, same place! At tomorrow!!"
His name is Nakamura Rei.
A youngster with passionate on everything. Especially on BuddyFight.
"See you tomorrow then, LOSER!!!!"
When the others focused on Rei`s act, no one realized there was a dragon watching above them.
"Not a bad kid..."
The dragon turned into a card and left, while Rei was leaving the mall.

About 8 in the night, Rei left his house for a walk after dinner.
Although he was calm when he declared a showdown with Shun-again, he felt panic after then.
"What should I do!? I have to face Watanabe again!? Why did I can`t control my brain and my mouth!?"
"Because your passionate were hard to tame with. That`s it."
" I know, but I..wait, what?"
Nakamura heard a another voice from nowhere.
Suddenly, a dragon flapped its wings and landed in front of Nakamura.
"I appreciate your courage, but it`s a shame that you have a rusty brain."
Rei felt shock and fell onto the ground.
"W-W-Who are you-u!?"
"...Why I have to team up with this little brat and become his Buddy?"
"What? Did you just..."
"I`m Demios."
The dragon introduced his name.
"Purgatory Knights Leader of Conviction, Geist Demios."
This, is how Rei met his first Buddy.

To be Continued
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