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Neopets Site: Your account & Neopoints

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Canceled user

Subject: Neopets Site: Your account & Neopoints   PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 6:45 pm Reply with quote

I love my account! *hugs it*
I have three pets, a baby shoyru, a faerie lenny, and a desert shoyru.
My friend gave me a desert paint brush when I was very poor and when she quit neopets. Then my other shoyru on a second account was zapped by boochi and turned into baby (ugh, so much stress in the transfer!) and then when I became richer I bought a faerie paint brush and made a lenny because the faerie lenny looks awesome (the faerie pteri rocks too!).

How many neopoints do you guys have?
I have 11,055,100nps in the bank and around 100,000nps invested in stocks.
I'm saving up to get the Adam Avatar. I'm only a few nps short!

Let's see. I don't like those galleries that have 'everything'. Have you seen them? They're like size 400 and they have either every single petpet out there or have every paint brush out there or have everything of whatever they like. I think that's a bit exaggerated and I wonder why they play neopets anymore if they have everything on there. Instead I keep my gallery to a size 5. I just put all of my favorite things in my gallery.
I have a desert paint brush (I really like desert themed things), a FQD, a golden nerkmid, four bottled faeries, a pink job coupon, a gold job coupon, an Alkenore, a Tralbak, a Mimbi, a piece of the secret laboratory map, a Kyrii Transmogrification Potion, Geisha Girl Usuki, Cooling Balm of the Warrior, Scroll of Benevolance, some books like the History of Meridell & Lost Spells of Neopia, and four codestones.

I bought petpets for my pets, I have a Tralbak for my Faerie Lenny, a Gallion (my favorite!!!) for my Desert Shoyru, and a Bika for my baby Shoyru.

What else... Hmm. I have 88 Secret Avatars and 6 trophies (not that much but that's okay).

My home is wicked awesome. Well, for me it is. ^_^
Again, I don't like it when homes are exaggerated with like fifty rooms and almost no items in them. So my home has three rooms and a garden, it is located in Brightvale and is made of chocolate (only because the chocolate has the effect like dark wood). The first room is the entrance. it has a fireplace and two tables together, I put a lot of things in there.) the second room is the bedroom, it has a cot for the baby shoyru and two beds for the lenny and the desert shoyru. I really like that room too. The third room is going to be a play area or something, I don't know, I haven't finished with it yet.

My goal on Neopets is to get 90 avatars, to not get frozen or hacked (now that is an increasing fear of mine), to buy a few paint brushes that are retired because the retired items like paint brushes will increase in price over time, to finish that last room in my home, and to get my guild up and active.

I have a guild too, I forgot. It has 15 members, I don't want any more so I made it private. basically I give out things to my members whenever I feel like it. I made a new account for the guild and that's where I keep the guild 'pages'. I made a donation shop on that second account so the nps from the guild don't mingle with my own. Now you might think that I scam my members but yeah right. Why the heck would I scam a few members out of a lousy 100k when I have over 11million? I don't need it.
I just made the donation shop so I could buy prizes for the members with that nps and not my own. i don't make anything from it, really.

Now I bet you're probably wondering why I'm posting all this.
yeah, you know you are.
Well, it's not that I want to brag, and it's not because I'm trying to be snotty. It's just because I have no one here who likes neopets. No one I know likes it, or has any interest in it whatsoever. So when I get happy about getting a new item or a random event who do I tell? No one here cares. So I just wanted to share with you all my happiness. That's it.

I want to hear about your own accounts and your pets and your plans for them.

I wanted to collect cards only on stuff that I want.
I went on ebay and bought five neopets cards.
~2x Lost Desert Paint Brushes (As I said, I really like them ^_^)
~Faerie Bottle
~Darigan Paint Brush
~Gallion (I bought this because I so wanted the petpet, now I have it and I like the card even more!)

Then I bought a few packs of cards of Neopets, but I didn't like the cards so I only kept the 'One Dubloon Coin' that I got from a pack.
I usually really like cards, either to collect or to have a deck of. Like with pokemon I liked to go around trading for cards I was missing like 'I have 45, 46, & 48, does anyone have 47?'. With yugioh I liked the cool combinations and building a strong deck. But with Neopets cards I just like cards of items from the site that I either have or want. Like I don't have the Darigan Paint Brush but I have the card because I do want it but don't want to buy it right away.

Okay, that's enough from me. Smile
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:45 pm Reply with quote

BA! I hate boochi! The week I painted my bori darigan, he zapped him! But he's back to normal now...anyway, what's your account name? Mine's darthvadersnewmaster
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 9:43 pm Reply with quote

Ack, I hate Boochi too! TWICE (both times fairly close) he thankfully missed my Eyrie who is also (thankfully if Boochi had hit) my lab pet (zapping for battle stats). The ONLY Baby pet I like is the Uni, but only because of that amusing "angry" face.

My username on there is fjorab, and I have a side account fjorab_teke.

My goal right now is a long get my Eyrie to be a really good battler and get him some weapons to really make him hit hard. I don't do 2-player BD fights, just 1-player. I want to beat the Space Faerie for that avatar! Plus, if I beat her, that means my Eyrie is well on his way to being a really impressive battler.

If I ever get satisfied enough with that, I think I will remodel my Neohome, get my Peophin's book-intelligence WAY up (yeah, he's a nerd), and see how many "Gallery" items I can get (it's kind-of random, though...Space Faerie and Electric Blue items).

And of course I play and collect the TCG. Smile It would be nice to get together with more people in my area who play or are interested.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 4:11 am Reply with quote

Im on the Neopets site too......feel free to look up up drop a neomail or friend request

id there is same as here jthrottle
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:20 pm Reply with quote

I'm darthvadersnewmaster btw
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 6:27 pm Reply with quote

my daughter is on Neopets.
She also has a guild

her screen name is ilkpckls (i think that is right) and I think theguild name is Illusen_rocks
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 8:27 pm Reply with quote

Yeah truly rocks!
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