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Haves and Wants

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Joined: 29 Mar 2007
Posts: 77

Subject: Haves and Wants   PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:03 pm Reply with quote

My Wants:
Premiere Promo
Air Control Fans
Battle Standard
Conestoga Class
Corporate Agent
Critical Hit
Infrared Binoculars

Ressurection Promo
Defensive Position
I Thought You Were Dead!
M237 Enhanced Silencer
Rogue Assassin

Premier Rare
Adapt And Overcome
Dead End
Tighten The Perimeter
UA 571C Sentry Gun

Ressurection Rare
Hunter's Caster
Hunting Cloak
Pack Tactics
Silent Wraith
Sporting Chance

Ressurection Uncommon
Force Net

My Haves:
Have many commons and uncommons. Just ask.

Premier Rares
A Bad Feeling
At Any Price
At The Limit
Bishop X2
Black Marketeer
CN-20 Nerve Gas X2
Camouflage X2
Commited Posture
Display Of Skill X2
Emergency Escape Vessel
Experimental Rifle X2
Extremely Agitated
Field Promotion X2
Fire Alarm
Hardpoint X2
Hidey Hole
Hull Breach X2
Huntmaster X2
Lay Of The Land X2
Learning Experience
Masterful Shot
New Era In Science X2
Personal Data Locator
Power Outage
Primal Force
Ravaged Chamber
Security Station
Self Destruct Sequence X2
Sentry Gun Control
Twitchy Artificial Person
Welcome To The War

Ressurection Rares
Code 8
Recalibrate Ground Level

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Subject: Cards That I am Missing from the Premiere Set   PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:23 pm Reply with quote

Here is the list of cards I am missing and are interested in for Aliens Predator CCG. I don't have a single copy of these cards in my collection:

There is a total of 68 different cards on this list: (They are all from the Premiere Set, the first set released)

A Bad Feeling
Adapt and Overcome
Air Control Fans
Alien Birth
Battle Standard
Black Marketeer
Booby Trap
Burst Pipe
CN-20 Nerve Gas
Committed Posture
Conestoga Class
Corporate Agent
Cpl Hicks
Critical Hit
Dead End
Death from Above
Egg Sack Detachment
Emergency Escape Vessel
Facing Bad Luck
Field Promotion
Heroic Stand
Hidey Hole
Honored Elder
Hull Breach
Infrared Binoculars
Learning Experience
Lucky Break
M42A Scope Rifle
Marine Short Course
Masterful Shot
Mk 50 Compression Suit
Natural Selection
On a Roll
Power Outage
Predator Hybrid
Predator Mothership
Primal Force
Pvt Hudson
Ravaged Chamber
Right to the Wall
Second Chance
Security Chief
Security Station
Self Destruct Sequence
Small Arms
Somebody Wake Up Hicks
The Area Is Secure
The Will to Live
There's Something in Here
Twice As Deadly
Twitchy Artificial Person
Under Its Gaze
Warrior Queen
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