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Back From The Grave!!! THE DBZ LIST LIVES AGAIN!!!

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Subject: Back From The Grave!!! THE DBZ LIST LIVES AGAIN!!!   PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:14 pm Reply with quote

Wow I cant believe Iím posting for Dragonball Z cards again!! Crazy!!!

Donít rip and have fun.
UR for UR! Unless you can offer me something insane.

If you want to contact me PM me, its faster, but I will check my posts.

----Majin Buu Wants----
Majin Buu, Evil Buu foil (Common)
Majin Buu, Super Buu foil (uncommon)
Majin Buu, Piccolo Absorbed foil (Rare)
Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorbed foil (Rare)
Kid Buu lvl 2 foil (uncommon)
Kid Buu lvl 4 foil (Rare)
Kid Buu lvl 5 foil (Rare)
Main Buuís House x 2 (uncommon)
Massacre of the Billions and Millions of Bountiful Mini Bitty Maleciously Baneful Majin Buus x 2 (uncommon)
Majin Buuís Assault
Majin Buuís Fury
Majin Buuís Restoration
Super Buuís Choke Hold x2
Super Buuís Absorption x2

Other Wants:
Trunks The Battler
Majin Vegeta Level 5
Piccolo Level 5
Blue Summoning Mastery
Namekian Mastery (Trunks)
True Grit x2
Goku 1-5 plus HT Cell
Goku 1-4 Trunks
Any MPS that are not Saiyan Saga or Frieza

Any MPS That interest me!

I WILL BUY CARDS!!! If the price is right

Iím sure I have more wants in mind but I donít know them yet. Im guessing Iím trying to complete sagas. Im only going up to ummm Shadow Dragon Saga any other Sagas after that is a no no for me cause I have no idea what they do. But if someone would like to enlighten me abou them or give me links to catch up on them that be cool


---------- Ultra Rares/Promos/Noteworthy----------
Victorious Drill
Let the Games Begin!
Earthís Spirit Bomb
Majin Buu Level 5 (Buu)
Eternal Dragonís Quest Limited
Pikkon, the Prized Fighter Alt Foil Limited
Piccolo Sensei Limited
Majin Vegeta Level 1

--------Super Android 13 Promos------
Android 18ís Palm Blast x3
Breakfall x3
Blue Android 15ís Energy Ball x3
Android 15 1-3
Android 14
Android 13 1-3
Trunks Swordplay Drill x4
Super Android 13ís Physical Resistance x3
Android Tag Team x3 (One is wrinkled cause water got on it though I trade for this so I didnt do it. Will trade this + rare for a better version)
Android 13ís Prepared Stance x3
Super Android 13ís Destruction Bomb x3
Gohanís Braced Energy Beam
Straining Spirit Bomb Move
Android 18ís Left Hook
Red Android 13ís Rapid Blasts

Namekian Precise Aim Drill
Power Transfer
Saiyan Charge x3
Saiyan Clothesline
Saiyan Cliff Slam
Saiyan Surprise
Broly, the Legendary Saiyan
Broly, the Unstoppable
Pure Defense
Broly, The Calm (Gold Foil) (Movie 8 promo)
Broly, Super Sayain (Will trade + plus alittle more for Gold Foil) (Movie 8 promo)
Broly, Empowered (Gold Foil) (Movie 8 promo)

----Cosmic Anthology----
Dr. Willow lv 1
Caterpy lv 1
Knowledge Transfer
Makyo Star
Blue Style Mastery

-----Bojack Promos-----
Snake Way
Black Eradication
Bojackís Left Palm Charge x3
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!
Tienís Focused Beam x3
Vegetaís Elbow Slam
Trunks Back Bash x2
Trunks Deadly Impact
The Sword of Trunks
Trunks, the Weaponsmaster

----Broly 2nd Coming----

----Majin Buu Season----
Majin Buu Season Wild Card
Power Napping
Supersonic Jabs
Tooth Maintenance
Spirit Shot
Piccolos, Piccolos Everywhere!
Staggering Super Slap
Majin Buuís Assualt x 3
Hideous Intent x 3

----Yamacha Season---
All Cards

----Gohan Season----
Energy Explosion

---- Vegeta Season----
Vegeta Season Wild Card
Sicí em Goku!
Vegetaís Percussion Concussion

----Saiyan Saga----
Nappa lvl 4
Gohan lvl 4

----Frieza Saga----
Frieza's Force Bubble x2
Red Blocking Hand x3

----Trunks Saga----
Confrontation x3
King Cold's Sword Trick
Tien Stands Ready

----Android Saga----
A Burst of Energy
Android 16 Smiles x4
Yamcha's Right Cross x2
Gokuís Relentless Spirit

----Cell Saga----
Land in Pain
It's All About Time

----Cell Games----
Cell Jr.ís Flight x 5
Cellís Charge
Gokuís House
Vegeta is Lurking

-----Worlds Games----
Trunks Sword Slice x4
Majinís Perfect Defense
Quick Recovery Drill
Learning the Moves

Power Through Might
Majin Strength Maneuver x 5
Outer Space
Total Defense Drill x 2

-----Majin Buu-----
Outburst Drill x 2
Gokuís Power Strike x4
Deceptive Moves x 3
Gotenks level 1

Gotenksí Fast Action x4
Orange Palm Technique x 3

----Kid Buu----
Herculeís Amazing Techniques x3
Porungaís Approval
Master Roshiís Scouting Drill

----Toy Promos----
Pikkonís Leg Catch x4
Tienís Power Stance
Blue Saving Catch Drill
Releasing the Sword
Babidiís Evil Plans
Black Upward Dodge

----Tuff Enuff----
Krillinís Coolness Drill
Are You Tuff Enuff???
Tien and Yamcha Strike x 4

----Capsule Corp Power Pack----
Red Overbearing Attack
Blue Happiness x 2
Orange Scatter Shot x 3
Saiyan Cross Punch
Gathering of Heros

Energy Preparation x3
Dual Shock Drill
Triples Whammy x 2
Valese x 5

Majin Rapid Fire x 3
Majin Bujuís Childish Taunt x 4

----Sayain Kraft----
Gohanís Power Hit x4
Piccolo's Power Ball x4

---------- Masteries----------
Baby- Saiyan Blitz and Supreme, Black Science and Energetic, Orange Technique (Flat Foil) and Aura, Red Rush and Blazing (Flat Foil), Blue Destruction
Buu Ė Orange, Red, Blue, Saiyan, Namekian, Black, Freestyle
World Games - Black, Saiyan, Freestyle, Orange (Foil), Red, Blue (Foil), Namekain
Cell Saga Ė Sayain, Red (Foil), Blue, Namekian (Foiled), Black, Orange
Trunks Ė Saiyan (Foil), Black, Orange, Blue, Red

----Lost Episodes Rares----
Blue Hostage Drill
Red Debt
Black Reflection
Impressive Entrance
Giru, the Rescuer

----Shadow Dragon Rares----
Blue Familiar Kamehameha
Red King Kaiís Observation
Red Wishing Drill Flat Foil
Saiyan Outcry Drill
Black Power Concussion
Accelerated Agility Drill

----Super 17 Rares----
Blue Scattershot Drill x2 1 Flat Foil
Red Disc Toss
Red Gatling Gun x 2
Red Old Friends
Orange Conference Drill
Saiyan Vegetaís Anger Release x 2
Black Morbid Cuisine Drill Flat Foil
Chi-Chiís Boom Bustle
Piccoloís Destruction Drill
Super Android 17ís Aerial Defense x2

----BABY RARES----
Blue Clobber
Red Fingertip Blast
Red Jumping Smash x 2
Red Tail Pull
Orange Augmenting Drill
Orange Escape Drill
Orange Removal System x3 1 Flat Foil
Saiyan Jump Kick
Saiyan Quest
Saiyan Trickery Drill

---------- Kid Buu Rares ----------
Blue Reverse x 5
Red Voltage Missiles x 3
Orange Head Smash
Orange Ki Assailment
Orange Massacre
Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam x2
Saiyan Lurch
Black Disarray Drill
Black Drop Kick
Black Swerve
Devastation Drill x 3
Fond Memories x 2 1 foil
Goku Sensei
Vile Energy

---------- Fusion Rares----------
Blue Backhand foil
Blue Lunge x3
Red Leverage Blast x2 1 Foil
Red Whiplash x 3
Saiyan Overcharged Blast x 2
Black Energy Swirl x2
Black Uppercut
Namekian Door Explosion
Vegetaís Pride Drill
Dazed x2
Potara Earrings x3
Transformation 1 foil
Vegetaís Fury

---------- Buu Rares ----------
Blue Electrical Gunk x 3
Red Cross Punch
Red Torso Chop
Orange Destruction Ball
Saiyan Pressure Technque x2
Black Royal Flush Drill x3 2 foil
Black Right Kick x2 1 foil
Black Front Punch
Losing Battle x2 1 foil
Supreme Kaiís Ki Push x3

----Babidi Rares----
Blue Trapped Strike
Blue Energy Dive x 3
Red Meditation Drill
Red Energy Rings x 3
Orange Backstab
Herculeís Close Call x2
Heroic Force
Heroic Sword Catch x2 1 foil
Risky Maneuver

----World Games Rare----
Red Jump Kick x2
South Kai Sensei x 2
North Kai Sensei x 2
Brothers in Training x3

----Cell Games Rares----
Blue Windup x 4
Orange Focused Attack x3 1 Foil
Heroís Battleground
Cellís Style
Korinís Tower
The Power of the Dragon x2
Double Teaming x2
Android 18ís Effect
Group Attack x3
Vegetaís Anger Drill foil
Whoís da Man!
Gokuís Dragon Ball Quest
Chazke Village
Gohanís Elbow Block
Cosmic Backlash
Dragonís Victory foil

----Cell Rares----
Blue Head Charge
Orange Haulting Drill
Saiyan Offensive Rush
Namekian Dash Attack x2 1 Foil
Namekian Energy Focus
Awful Abrasions
Cellís Threatening Position x2
Stunned x2
Krillin Unleashed x2
Cellís Power Drain x 2

----Android Rares----
Blue Terror
Red Tactical Drill
Orange Rage
Saiyan Lightning Dodge
Namekian Frienship
Android 19ís Distress x3
City in Turmoil x3
Winter Countryside
Defenseless Beach
Gokuís Heart Disease x2
Severe Bruises
Tienís Flight x 4

----Trunks Rares----
Orange Energy Dan Drill
Black Smoothness Drill
Too Late
Trunks Finds the Answer x2
Friezaís Featherlight Touch foil
Heroís Lucky Break
An Amusing Trick
Vegeta Scans The City
Gokuís Battle Ready
Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill

----Frieza Rares----
Blue Energy Outburst
Blue Stance x3 ALL FOIL
Kami As Your Ally
Dendeís Help
Yamchaís Good Wishes
Krillinís Power Tap
Gohanís Stomp

----Saiyan Rares-----
Blue Life Defense Drill x2 1 foil
Red Life Attack Drill x2 1 foil
Orange Focusing Drill x2
A Beginnerís Heart is Dedicated x 2
Hero Advantage x2
Dream Fighting
The Tail Grows Back
Battle Pausing x 2
Tien Mind Reading Trick x3
Plant Two Saibamen
Gohanís Father Save x2 1 foil
Ribs Broken
Unexpected Allies x 2
Vegetaís Quickness Drill x2
Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball
Bulm Finds a Drill
Baba Witch Viewing Drill
Babaís Energy Blast x 2
T-Rex Offense
Ally Wins! x 4
Gokuís Mixing Drill
King Kaiís Calming foil
Roshiís Calming

---------- PERSONALITIES----------
Android 16 1-3 and level 1 HT
Android 19 1-3 (Cell)
Cell 1-3 + Level 1 and 3 HT
Cell Jr. 1 Level One
Cell Jr. 1 Level Two
Dende, Guardian (Baby)
Dende Level 2 (Cell Games)
Dende Level 3 (Buu)
Froug Level 1 (World Games)
Gohan 1 and 4 (Trunks)
Gohan 1-5 + HT (Cell)
Gohan 1-3 + HT (World Games)
Gohan 1-3 + GFHT (Buu)
Gohan, Energized (Babidi)
Gohan, Mystic (Fusion)
Gohan, Released (Kraft)
Gohan, Mystic Empowered (Fusion)
Gohan, Earthís Protector (Fusion)
Gohan, the Bookworm (Kid Buu)
Goku, the Saiyan (Cell)
Goku, Earthís Hero HT (Cell)
Goku 1-4 Level 1 HT (World Games)
Goku 1-4 plus GFHT (Buu)
Goku the Legendary (Babidi)
Kid Trunks 4 (Buu)
Majin Pui Pui 1-3 (Babidi)
Majin Yackon 1-3 (Babidi)
Majin Vegeta 1-4 (Babidi) (Level 1 Foiled)
Nappa 1-4 +HT (Saiyan)
Oolong (Buu)
Pikkon 1-4 (Level 4 Foiled)
Supreme Kai, The Mentor Level 2
Tien 1-3 Cell
Tien 4 Android
Trunks 1 HT
Trunks 3 (HT Cell)
Trunks, the Powerful Level 4
Trunks 1-3 (Trunks Reforged, No HT)
Trunks, the Powerful (Cell)
Vegeta The Puppet (World Games)
Vegeta, the Celestial
Vegito foil (Fusion)
Yamcha 1-3 (Cell)
Yamcha 4 (Android)

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