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cardlest for set 4 of dragonball

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Subject: cardlest for set 4 of dragonball   PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 5:01 am Reply with quote

wa-144 Ox king
wa-145 Dende
Wa-146 Chi-Chi
Wa-147 Goten[super sayian]
Wa-148 Trunks[supersayian]
Wa-149 Gotenks
Wa-150 Goku ss GT
Wa-151 Gohan (ultimate)
Wa-152 Vegito
wa-153 Draculaman
wa-154 Guard Robot
Wa-155mummy man
Wa-156 A***an
Wa-157 Mecha Mercianry Tao
Wa-158 Android 14
Wa-159 Android 15
Wa-160 Android 13
Wa-161 Android 13 (united)
wa-162 King Yemma
wa-163 Captain Ginyu
Wa-164 Kibito
Wa-165 Naize
Wa-166 Doore
Wa-167 Captain Salza
Wa-168 Supreme Kai
Wa-169 Giant Ape [Battle suit]
Wa-170 Cooler(the 4th form)
wa-171 Giru
wa-172 Upa
Wa-173 Bora
Wa-174 Annin
Wa-175 Videl
Wa-176 Mumoto
Wa- 177 Trunks
Wa-178 ubb
Wa-179 Mighty Mask
wa-180 zoonama
wa-181 Lord Donkee
Wa-182 Shanso
Wa-183 Nicky
Wa-184 Ginger
Wa-185 Ledgic
Wa-186 King Piccolo
Wa-187 Evil Majin Buu
Wa-188 Majin Buu(fused)

Te-110 Continues Die Die Missile
Te-111 Cosmic Halo
Te-112 unstopable evolution
Te-113 Kai-ken x20
Te-114 Fusion
Te-115 Super Ghost kamikaze attack
Te-116 Porta Fusion
Te-117 Sneaky Footsteps
Te-118 Sucking blood
Te-119 Hidden Weapion
Te-120 Devilmite Beam
Te-121 Attack of the androids
Te-122 Super Dodonopa
Te-123 Self explosion"]Self explosion[/url]
Te-124 Exceptional Power
Te-125 Z sword
Te-126 Salza Blade
Te-127 Unexpected Outcome
Te-128 Dignity of the conquer
Te-129 Power Ball
Te-130 Final Flash
Te-131 Clever play
Te-132 Sudden Change
Te-133 Cheer from the godesses
Te-134 Succeded Talent
Te-135 8 arms tech
Te-136 Bashosen
Te-137 Buried Legacy
Te-138 Rage
Te-139 Malice
Te-140 Transformation Beam
Te-141 Charging the energy
Te-142 wipe out attack
Te-143 Wave Cannon
Te-144 Super evil wave explosion
Ev-65 Flexable way of thinking
Ev-66 Educated conscious mother
Ev-67 Training in other world
Ev-68 Practise pose
Ev-69 Unreasionale fee
Ev-70 Invisible opponet
Ev-71 Mysterious android
Ev-72 Lost Pride
Ev-73 Appointement to the force
Ev-74 Rule by evil
Ev-75 Quick wit of kibito kai
Ev-76 Proud Clan
Ev-77 Succeded Knowledge
Ev-78 New Pupil
Ev-79 wedding dress in flames
Ev-80 Orange star High school
Ev-81 New Majin
Ev-82 Lottery
Ev-83 Lost Dragonball
Ev-84 Fear by Majin
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 12:25 am Reply with quote

The cardlist for set 4 "Fusion" has been up for quite some time now... However, I did just add the images for the cards today.
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