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My Trade List

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Subject: My Trade List   PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:00 am Reply with quote

TCO doesn't seem to have complete cards lists of some sets so I thought I'd post my complete list here.

I'm just collecting now and I've already got every common, uncommon, and rare in DBZ (I don't collect the GT cards.). All I need is some ultra rares and a few promos which are on my wants list.

Promo Cards
Saiyan Saga:
P4 Goku LV 4 (Misprint)

Buu Saga:
P3 Majin Buu’s Fury
P5 Kid Trunks, the Fighter LV 2

Fusion Saga:
P3 Heroic Head Throw

ULTRA RARES: (I only want limited original Ultra Rares in near mint to mint condition. None of the Alt. or reprint Foils)

Saiyan Saga:
#249 Medic Kit (I have an Unlimited Copy I can include as part of a trade for this.)

Frieza Saga:
#125 Super Saiyan Goku LV 4

Trunks Saga:
#157 Where There's Life There's Hope (I have an Unlimited Copy I can include as part of a trade for this.)
#158 Villains True Power

Cell Saga:
#157 Z Warriors Gather
#158 Cell's Presence (Have a reprint Copy I can include as part of a trade for this.)
#159 Vegeta, the Revitalized LV 5
#160 Goku, the All Powerful LV 5

Cell Games Saga:
#124 Trunks, the Battler LV 5
#125 Piccolo, the Defender LV 5

World Games Saga:
#159 Goku, the Galaxy's Hero LV 5

Babidi Saga:
#123 Majin Vegeta, the Malevolent LV 5

Buu Saga:
#152 Goku, Super Saiyan 3 LV 5
#153 Master Roshi Sensei

K1 King Kai LV 1
K2 King Kai LV 2
K3 King Kai LV 3
K4 Gohan’s Power Hit
K5 Trunk’s Speedy Flight

SZ2 Victorious
SZ3 Champion Drill
SZ6 Champions Aura
SZ7 Let the Games Begin
SZ8 World Champion Punch
SZ9 DBZ Ultimate Champion

A1 True Grit
F5 Blue Energy Eruption Drill
F6 Regeneration Drill


DBGT Omega Shenron Unlimited Starter Deck

Cards vary in condition from heavily played to mint. If you’d like to know the condition of a card, please ask.

Ultra Rares that I will only trade for their limited edition original foil versions.
Medic Kit (UL)
Where There’s Life There’s Hope (UL)
Cell's Presence (LE Reprint)

Ultra Rares that I can trade for any of my wants.
Evil Presence Drill (LE Reprint)

STARTER DECK PERSONALITIES (Includes levels 1,2,3. May include high tech card or have a level replaced by a high tech card.)

Saiyan Saga:
Raditz LE 1-3 + UL HT
Nappa LE 1-3
Goku LE 1-3
Goku LE 1- UL 2 & 3
Vegeta LE 2 & 3 + HT
Piccolo UL 2 & 3 + LE HT

Trunks Saga:
Goku (Reforged) LE 1-3
Gohan LE (Reforged) 1 & original 2 & 3
Piccolo LE (Reforged) 1-3

Cell Saga:
Goku UL 1+2 & HT
Vegeta UL 1-3

World Games Saga:
Goku LE 1-3 + HT
Goten LE 1&2 UL 3 + HT
Maraikoh UL 1-3 + HT
Maraikoh UL 2 & 3 + HT
Videl UL 2 & 3 + HT

Buu Saga:
Goten UL 1-3 + GFHT
Majin Buu UL 1-3 + LE GFHT (Includes both versions of GFHT)
Majin Dabura UL 1-3 + HT
Majin Dabura LE 1 & 3 + HT

Saiyan Saga:
186 Earth Dragon Ball 6
187 Earth Dragon Ball 7
189 Earth Dragon Ball Combat X2
190 Enraged X2
191 A Beginner’s Heart is Dedicated
192 Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
193 Respect the Spirit
194 Unselfish Behavior is Best X2
195 Hero Advantage
200 Cutting the Tail
201 The Tail Grows Back X2
202 Goku’s Lucky Break
203 Saiyan Truce Card
205 Grabbing the Tail
208 Terrible Wounds X3
209 Broken Scouter X2
212 Piccolo’s Flight
214 Gohan’s Father Save X4 (1 Foil)
219 Raditz Energy Burst X4
220 Vegeta's Stance (Foil)
223 Bulma Finds a Drill
225 Baba’s Energy Blast
226 T-Rex Defense
227 T-Rex Offense X3
229 Ally Wins X2
230 Chiaotzu’s Drill X4
231 Goku’s Mixing Drill
232 Red Life Attack Drill
236 Saiyan Power Drill
237 Goku’s Capturing Drill
239 Roshi's Calming
244 Saibaimen LV 2
245 Saibaimen LV 3
246 Saibaimen LV 4

Frieza Saga:
90 Krillin on Namek LV 4
91 Nappa Restored LV 4
93 Goku on Namek LV 4
94 Piccolo LV 4
97 Straining Force Positioning Move
104 Power
109 Captain Ginyu’s Sacrifice
112 Black Swift Elbow Strike X2
114 Gohan's Stomp
115 Piccolo’s Stomp
116 Goku's Quickness X2
Preview 6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear

Trunks Saga:
112 Guru As Your Ally
115 Namek Dragon Ball Combat
116 Guru Fades
117 Frieza’s Featherlight Touch X3
118 What Was I Thinking
120 Thought Comes Before Action X2
122 An Amusing Trick
124 Hero’s Way
125 Don’t You Just Hate That X2
126 Vegeta Scans The City X2
127 Goku’s Battle Ready X3
128 Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill X2
130 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (Foil, but bent top right corner)
132 Nail Takes Extra Effort
133 Roshi’s Thoughts X4
134 King Kai’s Thoughts
137 Nail Combat Drill X4 (1 Foil)
138 Orange Energy Dan Drill
139 Orange Junction Energy Blast X3
142 Red Evasion Drill X5
147 Namekian Style Mastery
153 Piccolo Enraged LV 4 X2
155 Krillin Enraged LV 2
Preview 6 Trunks Finds the Answer

Androids Saga:
91 Android 19's Distress X3
93 Winter Countryside
97 Black Mischievous Drill X2
98 Black Scout Maneuver
99 Blue Terror
101 Knockout Drill
103 Namekian Teamwork
105 Orange Rage
108 Red Counter Strike X3
110 Saiyan Face Stomp
112 Severe Bruises
113 Tien’s Flight X3
116 Android 18 LV 1
119 Piccolo the Trained LV 1 X2
122 Yajirobe LV 4

Cell Saga:
116 Stunned
118 Mr. Popo’s Calming
123 Cell’s Power Drain
128 Blueprints
131 Red Style Mastery
143 Blue Elbow Drop
144 Blue Diving Punch Drill
146 Orange City Destruction X4
147 Orange Haulting Drill
153 Namekian Energy Focus

Cell Games Saga:
93 Blue Windup Blast X2
94 Cell Jr. 1 LV 1 X3
95 Injured X2
96 Saiyan Face Smash
98 Cell Jr. 2 LV 1 X3
100 Korin's Tower X2
103 Orange Energy Smash X3
105 Double Teaming X2
106 Straining Rebirth Move X2
108 Aura Clash
112 Vegeta's Anger Drill X2
113 Who’s da Man! X3
114 Dende LV 2 X2
115 Cell Jr. 1 LV 2 X3
119 Gohan’s Elbow Block X3
120 Straining Destruction Move X4
122 Chiaotzu LV 2 X3
123 Dragon’s Victory
Preview 6 Chi-Chi on the Attack X2 (1 Foil)

World Games Saga:
119 Black Style Mastery X2
120 Blue Style Mastery X2
121 Capsule Corp. X2
122 Chapuchai LV 1 X2
123 Chapuchai, The Tiny LV 2
124 Chapuchai the Tenacious LV3 X2
126 Freestyle Mastery X4
127 Froug LV 1 X2
130 Gohan the Energized LV 4
131 Goku the King’s Pupil LV 4 X2
132 Grand Kai LV 1
136 Majin Spopovich LV 1 X2
138 Majin Spopovich the Revitalized LV 3
139 Namekian Style Mastery
141 Olibu, the Honorable LV 4
142 Orange Style Mastery
144 Torbie the Prepared LV 2 X2
145 Torbie Unleashed LV 3 X2
148 Saiyan Style Mastery X3
149 South Kai Sensei X3
150 Tapkar LV 1 (Foil)
151 Tapkar the Speedy LV 2
152 Tapkar the Fastest LV 3 X2
154 Arqua, the Agile LV 2
156 West Kai Sensei
157 World Tournament

Majin Babidi Saga:
93 Android 18 the Mom X2
97 Daughter’s Joy X2
99 Goku the legendary LV 5 X2
100 Hercule’s Close Save
101 Heroic Force
102 Initiative X2
106 Majin Babidi, the Evil Genius LV 3 X3 (1 Foil)
108 Red Face Slap X5
109 Majin Dabura, Meditated
111 Blue Trapped Strike
112 Heroic Sword Catch X4 (1 Foil)
121 Supreme Kai the Mentor LV 2

Majin Buu Saga:
115 Korin LV 1
116 Goku Super Saiyan Ascended LV 4 X2
118 Goten LV 4 X2
119 Majin Dabura, DOA LV 4
120 Majin Babidi LV 4 X2
121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6
123 Black Front Punch
124 Black Right Kick X5 (2 Foil)
125 Black Royal Flush Drill
126 Black Style Mastery
127 Blue Electrical Gunk X2
128 Blue Style Mastery
129 Deal!
131 Freestyle Mastery
132 Gotenk's Flight
133 Hercule LV 3 X2
134 Losing Battle
135 Majin Buu’s Body Slam X2
140 Oolong LV 1
142 Orange Style Mastery
145 Saiyan Pressure Technique
146 Saiyan Style Mastery X2
148 Supreme Kai’s Ki Push X2
Preview 5 Vegeta's Pride Drill
Preview 6 Gohan, Mystic LV 4

Fusion Saga:
93 Black Energy Swirl X2
96 Blue leapfrog Drill X2
98 Dazed
99 Den-Goku LV 1 X3
100 Gohan Earth’s Protector LV 5
101 Gohan, Mystic Empowered LV 4
109 Hercule-Goku Lv 1
104 Last Ditch Effort (Foil)
105 Majin Buu Gohan Absorbed LV 5
107 Majin Buu's Energy Spray X2
110 Majin Planet Destruction Blast X4
111 Majin Thrust X3
115 Red Drop X3
118 Red Whiplash X5
120 Straining Power Move
121 Transformation X2
123 Vegito LV 1 X2
Preview 6 Devastation Drill

Kid Buu Saga:
94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 X3
95 Black Chaos Detonation X2
97 Black Drop Kick
100 Fond Memories
103 Hercule’s Dream Sequence
104 King Kai, Earth's Mentor LV 1
105 Kid Buu Majin Buu LV 4
106 Kid Buu Majin Buu LV 5
109 Orange Intense Power
112 Red Axe Heel Kick
115 Red Voltage Missile X2
119 Saiyan Lurch X2
PV5 The Might of Shenron X2

Saiyan Saga:
189 Earth Dragon Ball Combat
191 A Beginner's Heart is Dedicated
195 Hero Advantage
199 Dream Fighting
201 The Tail Grows Back
203 Saiyan Truce Card
213 Plant Two Saibaimen
230 Chiaotzu’s Drill
231 Goku’s Mixing Drill
238 King Kai’s Calming X2
242 Dream machine Battle
245 Saibaimen LV 3

Frieza Saga:
89 Vegeta on Namek LV 4
91 Nappa Restored LV 4
92 Raditz Restored LV 4 X3 (1 foil)
93 Goku on Namek LV 4
94 Piccolo LV 4 X3
96 Nail the Namekian LV 1
97 Straining Force Positioning Move
101 Hero Teamwork Drill
107 Piccolo’s Wisdom
109 Captain Ginyu’s Sacrifice X3
110 Nail the Namekian Hero LV 3
112 Black Swift Elbow Strike X4
114 Gohan’s Stomp x3
117 Nail Inspired LV 2
120 Bulma's Scouter
122 Focusing Is Everything X4
123 Red Foot Jolt X4
Preview 5 The Luck of Trunks X4 (1 Foil)
Preview 6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear X3

Trunks Saga:
112 Guru As Your Ally
116 Guru Fades X3
117 Frieza’s Featherlight Touch
118 What Was I Thinking
120 Thought Comes Before Action X3
121 A Hero's Heart is Strong
122 An Amusing Trick X2
127 Goku’s Battle Ready X2
129 Piccolo And Heroes Gather
130 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast X2 (both fairly worn)
132 Nail Takes Extra Effort X5 (2 Foil)
133 Roshi's Thoughts X3
134 King Kai’s Thoughts X2
135 Namek Dragon Ball Wish
137 Nail Combat Drill
138 Orange Energy Dan Drill X3 (1 Foil)
140 Black Smoothness Drill (Foil)
142 Red Evasion Drill
146 Orange Style Mastery
147 Namekian Style Mastery X2
148 Saiyan Style Mastery
152 Gohan Empowered LV 4
154 Krillin LV 1
Preview 5 Too Late X2
Preview 6 Trunks Finds the Answer

Androids Saga:
89 Android 17 Smirks X2
91 Android 19's Distress
92 City in Turmoil X2
93 Winter Countryside
94 Kami's Floating Island (Foil)
95 Defenseless Beach
96 Dying Planet
97 Black Mischievous Drill X3
101 Knockout Drill X4
104 Orange Eye Beam X2
106 Orange Searching Maneuver (Foil)
109 Red Tactical Drill X2
112 Severe Bruises X4
113 Tien’s Flight
117 Android 19 LV 1
119 Piccolo, the Trained LV 1 (Foil)
120 Tien the Watcher LV 4 X2
122 Yajirobe LV 4 X2
123 Yamcha LV 4
Preview C6 Cell’s Threatening Position

Cell Saga:
112 Namekian Dash Attack
113 Madness! X4 (1 Foil)
114 Chi-Chi the Wife LV 3 X3
115 Focusing X2
116 Stunned X6
117 Blue Assistance Drill X4 (1 Foil)
118 Mr. Popo’s Calming X4
119 Namekian Preparation Drill X2
122 Dende Dragon Ball 7
123 Cell’s Power Drain
125 Run Away X3
128 Blueprints X3
130 Saiyan Style Mastery X2
131 Red Style Mastery
132 Piccolo, the Namek LV 4
133 Android 18 LV 4 (Foil)
135 Goku LV 4 X3
136 Cell, the Master LV 5
140 Orange Style Mastery
141 Namekian Style Mastery
142 Red Feint
144 Blue Diving Punch Drill X4
146 Orange City Destruction X2
147 Orange Haulting Drill (Foil)
148 Saiyan Offensive Rush
149 Namekian Fusion
150 Android 16's Battle Charge X3
151 Namekian Fist Smash
155 Saiyan Rapid Fire
Preview 5 Heroes’ Battleground

Cell Games Saga:
94 Cell Jr. 1 LV 1
96 Saiyan Face Smash X3
97 Surprise Hit X2
98 Cell Jr. 2 LV 1 X4 (1 Foil)
99 Goku's Farewell
101 The Power of the Dragon X2 (1 Foil)
104 Blue Fist Smash
105 Double Teaming X5 (1 Foil)
106 Straining Rebirth Move X3 (1 Foil)
107 Android 18's Effect
108 Aura Clash
110 Orange Focused Attack X2
111 Caught off Guard Drill X4 (2 Foil)
112 Vegeta's Anger Drill
113 Who’s da Man X2
114 Dende LV 2 X3
115 Cell Jr. 1 LV 2 (Foil)
116 Goku's Dragon Ball Quest X2 (1 Foil)
117 Chazke Village
118 Vegeta's Surprised X2
119 Gohan’s Elbow Block X3
120 Straining Destruction Move X4
122 Chiaotzu LV 2
123 Dragon’s Victory X3
Preview 6 Chi-Chi on the Attack! X2

World Games Saga:
119 Black Style Mastery
120 Blue Style Mastery
125 East Kai Sensei
126 Freestyle Mastery X2
128 Froug, the Underdog LV 2
131 Goku, the King's Pupil LV 4
139 Namekian Style Mastery X2 (1 Foil)
142 Orange Style Mastery X2 (1 Foil)
146 Pikkon the Hero LV 4
149 South Kai Sensei X2 (1 Foil)
152 Tapkar, the Fastest LV 3
153 Arqua, the Water Champion LV 1

Majin Babidi Saga:
94 Majin Babidi’s Power Extension
95 Black Pivot Kick
97 Daughter’s Joy X2
99 Goku the Legendary LV 5
101 Heroic Force
103 M X2 (Both Foil)
104 Majin Pui Pui, the Flashy LV 3 X4
105 Majin Yakon, the Absorber LV 3
106 Majin Babidi the Evil Genius LV 3
108 Red Face Slap X3
109 Majin Dabura Meditated LV 3
111 Blue Trapped Strike X3
112 Heroic Sword Catch
118 Red Sniping Shot

Majin Buu Saga:
125 Black Royal Flush Drill
131 Freestyle Mastery X2
133 Hercule LV 3
134 Losing Battle
135 Majin Buu's Body Slam
136 Majin Buu's Charged Attack X2
140 Oolong LV 1 X2
144 Red Style Mastery
145 Saiyan Pressure Technique
146 Saiyan Style Mastery

Fusion Saga:
96 Blue Leapfrog Drill
98 Dazed
101 Gohan Mystic Empowered LV 4
104 Last Ditch Effort
105 Majin Buu Gohan Absorbed LV 5
106 Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorbed LV 4
111 Majin Thrust X2
112 Namekian Door Explosion
113 Orange Reflex
115 Red Drop
118 Red Whiplash
119 Saiyan Overcharged Blast
121 Transformation
Preview 5 The Power of Porunga X2

Kid Buu Saga:
93 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 6
112 Red Axe Heel Kick
115 Red Voltage Missile X2
Preview 5 Goku, Young Again LV 1


RE-Z P3Alt. Art Vegeta's Galic Gun
RE-Z P25 Frieza Universal Evil

Saiyan Saga:
P2 Piccolo LV 4 X2 (Blueish/silver Foil)
P6 Krillin LV 4
BK1 Goku's Attack

Frieza Saga:
P16 Spice LV 1 HT (Wrapper Redemption)

Trunks Saga:
P4 Blue Battle Drill X2
P6 King Cold’s Sword Trick

Androids Saga:
P8 Yamcha’s Right Cross X4

Cell Saga:
P7 It’s All About Time (foil)
P10 Piccolo’s Fist Block X6

Cell Games Saga:
P1 Cell Jr.’s Flight X4
P4 Yamcha’s Revenge X18

World Games Saga:
P1 Celestial Battleground
P2 Chi-Chi LV 1 X8
P3 Heroic Block X4
P5 Majin’s Perfect Defense X10
P9 Tapkar on the Move X4

Majin Babidi Saga:
P3 Goku’s Energy Clash X3
P6 Majin Strength Maneuver X7
P7 Master Roshi’s Makeshift Background X2
P8 Outer Space X11
P9 Gohan’s Hidden Power
P10 Total Defense Drill X2

Buu Saga:
P2 Goku's Power Strike X2
P4 Deceptive Moves

Fusion Saga:
P1 Gotenks' Fast Action
P8 Orange Palm Technique X2
P10 Taking a Break X5

7 Star Rarity:
155 Gotenks Super Saiyan LV 2

Redemption Promos:
CR1 Interesting Information
CR2 Remote Control

1 Majin Buu's Loogie
2 A New Addition
4 Jawbreaker Hail Storm
X2 Vegeta's Energy Focus X5
X3 Motherly Rage X2
X4 Body Slam X3
CC1 Namekian Strike
CC2 Cell's Aerial Maneuvers
CC3 Homework Time ....
CC4 Impressive Power
CC6 Majin Funny Face
CC7 Unbelievable Strength
CC8 Namekian Sky Beam
CC9 Ki-Charged Palm Block

Irwin Toys:
IR4 Videl's Head Kick
IR3 Play Fighting
IR11 Babidi’s Evil Plans
IR13 Saiyan Straight Shot
IR16 Saiyan Knee Block
IR17 Make a Wish
IR18 Goku’s Head Pull
IR19 Pose With Style

TF1 Black Smackdown
TF2 Blue Smackdown
TF5 Red Smackdown X5
TF6 Saiyan Smackdown X3
TF7 Garlic Jr.’s Palm Blast
TF8 Loser With Style Drill X3
TF10 Are You Tuff Enuff??? X2
TF11 Bubbles Drill X2
TF12 Namekian Side Swipe
TF14 Namekian Charging Stance X2
TF15 Blue Show Off
TF16 Straining Double Strike Move X3
TF17 Saiyan Anger Strike X3
TF18 Black Energy Stance
TF19 Blue Goku’s Power Kick X3
TF21 Black Transformation X3
TF22 Tien and Yamcha Strike X3

Capsule Corp. Power Pack:
CCPP2 Saiyan Conservation X2
CCPP4 Reserves X3
CCPP5 Unpredictable X2
CCPP9 Momentum
CCPP10 Blitz X2
CCPP11 Tuff Enuff Crush X3
CCPP12 A Helping Hand
INF1 Red Overbearing Attack X2
GB3 Orange Scatter Shot X5
GB5 Saiyan Cross Punch X2
GB9 Taunting Drill X2
CP1 King Kai LV 1 X2
CP2 King Kai LV 2 X3
CP3 King Kai LV 3 X3
CP4 Lord Slug LV 1
CP5 Lord Slug LV 2
CP6 Lord Slug LV 3
CP7 Master Roshi LV 1 X2
CP8 Master Roshi LV 2
CP9 Master Roshi LV 3
CP10 Future Gohan LV 1
CP13 Ginyu Force LV 1 X2
CP14 Ginyu Force LV 2 X2
CP15 Ginyu Force LV 3 X2
CP16 Bubbles LV 1
CP17 Bubbles LV 2
CP18 Bubbles LV 3
CP23 Bardock LV 2
CP24 Bardock LV 3
CP28 Android 17 LV 1
CP30 Krillin LV 1
CP31 King Kai, the Mentor LV 4
42 alt foil Breakthrough Drill

League Cards:
L1 Warrior’s Preparation (non-foil)
L1-0 Gohan Season Wild Card
L1-1 Showing Off your Power
L1-2 Multi-Form Training
L1-4 Blast From the Past X2
L1-5 Energy Explosion
L1-6 Pain Hurts
L1-7 Gohan's Defense Drill
L1-8 I'm a Popo in a Bottle..
L2 Line Up (Foil)
L2-1 Krillin’s Help
L2-6 Taunt
L3 Team Work Kamehameha X3 (All Foil)
L3-1 Defensive Stance
L3-3 Huge Strength Maneuver
L3-4 Yamcha's Practice Drill
L3-5 A Pair of Goodness
L3-7 Out for a Walk
L3-8 Mean Squeeze X2
L3-9 Yamcha Season You Win X2
L4 Goku's Relentless Spirit foil
L4-1 Smokin Barrels
L4-6 Wedding

Puppet Show:
PS1 Cell, the Puppet LV 1
PS2 Goku, the Puppet LV 1
PS4 Vegeta the Puppet LV 1 X2

Lost Villains:
LV1 King Cold the Boa****l LV 2
LV2 Frieza the Untouchable LV 1
LV7 Heroes En Masse

Super Android 13 Movie:
M11 Goku’s Defensive Drill
M19 Straining Spirit Bomb Move
M25 Android 18's Drop Kick
M26 Android 16's Grapple
M27 Breakfall
M29 Android Tag Team X2
M31 Android 19’s Dodge
M32 Android 18's Left Hook X3

Broly Movie:
5 Broly the Unstoppable LV 5
17 Saiyan Surprise
20 Goku’s Instant Teleportation
23 Power Smack
24 Pure Defense X2
28 Comet Kumoire X2
32 Heroic Double Team
33 Namekian Precise Aim Drill

Cosmic Anthologies:
CA17 Goku’s Power Pole X2
CA21 Goku’s Super Saiyan Catch
CA28 Goku’s Quick Dodge
CA35 A Hero's Heart is Strong

Bojack Unbound
12 Snake Way
26 Triple Torpedo
34 Bido's Charge

???? Inserts:
??? Uub LV 1
GT5 Goku, Young Again LV 1 (15 CCP) X2

COMMON/ UNCOMMON FOILS:(Unlimited unless otherwise noted!)

Saiyan Saga:
5 Orange Arm Bar
12 Blue Hip Spring Throw X2 (Both LE)
13 Blue Round Throw (LE)
18 Saiyan Arm Throw
21 Saiyan Neck Hold (LE)
22 Power Up!
25 Goku’s Physical Attack X4 (2 LE)
27 Tien’s Physical Attack (LE)
29 Yajirobe’s Physical Attack (LE)
34 Straining Off-Balancing Move
42 Straining Rolling Escape Move
44 Goku’s Body Throw
46 Goku’s Anger Attack X3 (LE)
56 Red Side Kick (LE)
66 Black Knife Hand Strike X2 (LE)
67 Black Elbow Strike (LE)
68 Black Front Kick (LE)
69 Black Side Kick (LE)
70 Black Turning Kick X3 (LE)
73 Black Rear Spin Kick (LE)
78 Roshi Training X2 (LE)
80 Saiyan Training (LE)
81 Saiyan Armor (LE)
87 Bulma LV 1 (LE)
88 King Kai Uniform X2 (1 LE)
93 Saiyan Mental Energy Attack
98 Power up the Most
103 Piccolo’s Honor Duel (LE)
107 Yajirobe LV 2
112 Krillin’s Physical Defense X2 (1 LE)
113 Krillin’s Energy Attack (LE)
114 Tien’s Energy Defense (LE)
118 Raditz Physical Defense (LE)
119 Vegeta’s Energy Blast
123 Chiaotzu’s Energy Manipulation (LE)
126 Orange Lifting Drill
131 Black Bear Hug Drill (LE)
134 Orange Off-Balancing Drill
137 Orange Spontaneous Drill (LE)
147 Black Striking Drill X2 (LE)
149 Meditation Drill
150 Blue Neck Restraint Drill (LE)
156 Ally Sacrifice (LE)
157 Eyes of the Dragon (LE)

Frieza Saga:
15 Gohan’s Temper
22 Straining Energy Move X4
23 Straining Defense Move (LE)
24 Straining Blocking Move
34 Saiyan Planet Explosion
35 Saiyan Focusing Power
54 Goku's Energy Absorbtion
68 Black Zarbon Transformation Drill

Trunks Saga: (No Reforged)
15 Orange Dashing Gut Punch
19 Black Finger Block
56 Frieza’s Tail Hold
87 Trunks Sword Position 1
89 Trunks Sword Position 3 X2
98 Trunks Strikes X2

Androids Saga:
1 Android 17's Neck Hold
3 Android 19’s Body Slam
10 Black Draining Aura X2
27 Orange Fist Catch
42 Android Attack Drill X2
59 Bulma's Looking Good
72 Orange Uppercut

Cell Saga:
3 Blue Fist Strike X2
9 Blue Flight
10 Saiyan Defensive Stance
12 Namekian Physical Stance
13 Namekian Destruction Blast
18 Saiyan Left Hook
19 Black Power Punch X2
20 Black Quick Blasts
22 Namekian Headbutt (LE)
23 Black Twin Blast
26 Black Forearm Block
30 Black Strike X2
34 Namekian Power Kick
43 Namekian Special Beam Cannon
44 Namekian Bash
47 Blue Evasion
52 Orange Energy Discharge
64 Black Side Block
68 Heroes’ Discovery X2
69 Piccolo’s Determination
70 The Car X3
79 Time Chamber Training
85 Yamcha, the Battler LV 2
87 Tien, the Leader LV 3
94 Namekian Side Kick X2
102 Straining Hand Blast Move
103 Tien, the Quick LV 2
104 Blue Straight Jab
105 Namekian Power Up X2
106 Android 16 Detects

Cell Games Saga:
2 Black Fist Lock
3 Black Preparation
7 Flashback X2 (1 LE)
11 Namekian Fist Dodge
13 Namekian Foot Lunge (LE)
18 Red Drop Kick X3 (1 LE)
34 Black Double Attack Drill
37 Black Recovery
40 Black Wrist Block
43 Blue Energy Arrow
44 Blue Energy Blast
45 Blue Prepared Drill
46 Blue Recovery Drill
49 Blue Total Resistance X2 (LE)
51 Caught in the Act (LE)
52 Cell's Power Burst
54 Cell’s Swift Strike (LE)
60 Namekian Dragon Blast
62 Namekian Face Smack X3
65 Namekian Quick Blast
68 Namekian Scouting
69 Orange Beatdown X2 (LE)
72 Orange Energy Setup X2
73 Orange Energy Shot
74 Orange Fateful Attack X3 (LE)
81 Red Energy Drill
84 Red Overhand Slash
87 Saiyan Energy Drill

World Games Saga:
2 Black Defensive Stance X2 (LE)
4 Black Light Jab X2 (1 LE)
6 Black Reversal Strike X2 (LE)
14 Goten's Focused Blast X2
20 Namekian Surprise Attack
25 Orange Palm Block (LE)
36 Straining Diving Punch Move (LE)
39 Kid Trunks' Palm Blast (LE)
42 Black Duck
58 Hercule’s Drop Kick
99 Krillin the Father LV 1
83 Orange Diving Attack
117 Straining Focused Move X2 (1 LE)

Babidi Saga:
3 Black Palm Reversal (LE)
5 Black Power Catch X3
6 Black Quick kick X2
14 Heroic Shoulder Slam
17 Orange Dodge
27 Saiyan Energy Rupture
34 Android 18’s Throwing Drill
48 Chi-Chi's Cheering Drill
55 Goten's Flying Drill X3 (1 LE)
56 Hercule the World Champion LV 2
63 Majin Power Drill
65 Majin Pui Pui LV 1 X2
73 Majin Dabura LV 1
79 Paper, Rock, Scissors X2 (LE)
86 Red Tilted Punch X3 (2 LE)

Majin Buu Saga:
5 Black Floating Popo Defense X2 (1 LE)
23 Orange Energy Catch (LE)
37 West City X3 (2 LE)
44 Black Gravity Drop
48 Black Snap Kick
58 Blue Protective Bubble
80 Namekian Shuto
87 Orange Mouth Shot
113 Z Sword Plateau

Fusion Saga:
3 Black Shift Kick (LE)
8 Hercules Immunity
19 Release
48 Blue Weaving
51 Elder Kai's Sacrifice (LE)
59 Majin Buu's Bicycle Kick X3 (LE)
72 Red Cross Slash
90 Orange Charge Kick

Frieza Preview 3 No, Really Drill?
Cell Games Preview 3 Cell's Last Strike X3
Cell Games Preview 4 They're All There
World Games Preview 3 Gohan Meditates
World Games Preview 4 Gathering of Warriors
Fusion Preview 3 Orange 5-Finger Focus X2 (1 LE)

Trunks Reforged Cards
Orange Power Shifting Drill
Black Water Confusion Drill
Breakthrough Drill
Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill
Red Power Rush X2
Trunks Sword Position 3 X3
Expectant Trunks
Blue Leaving X2
Frieza's Featherlight Touch
King Cold's Sword Trick X3

Goku's Battle Ready X2
Piccolo and Heroes Gather X4
King Kai's Thoughts X3
Black Physical Focus X2

Damaged (but good) Cards:
Explanation: Received these in a trade. They were all creased through the middle from poor packaging. They were damaged so I couldn’t put them in my collection.)

Pure Defense (Broly subset)
Bido LV 1 (Bojack subset)
Trunks Deadly Impact (Bojack subset)
Zanya’s Entrapping Strings (Bojack subset)
Baited (Broly Second Coming)
Black Torture Hold (Broly Second Coming)
Uub’s Crushing Dive (kid buu promo P8 )
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